Eating sustainably: Stress-free, on holiday with TUI BLUE

Everyone is talking about sustainability – less plastic, less CO2, but what about our diet? Eating sustainably is more important than ever, because our planet is what we eat. I’m sure many of you are thinking: “Not another environmental issue, I already have enough stress in my life, thanks very much!” Well, you don’t have to deal with it on holiday with TUI BLUE, we’ll do that for you. You can simply continue to concentrate on what makes your holiday fun and restful – worry-free enjoyment. Find out how we ensure that we offer sustainable holidays and what you can do to help (if you wish) in this blog article.

tui blue rocador chef javier
For Hotel Manager Adel and Chef Javier, sustainable management is essential.

Sustainable food, carefree enjoyment

The TUI BLUE Rocador on Mallorca is one of many TUI BLUE Hotels which attaches particular importance to sustainable nutrition and tries to avoid food waste as much as possible. Firstly, the hotel offers live cooking stations, which enable a better overview of demand and avoid the common problem of the eyes being bigger than the stomach – which leads to heapings of food on plates winding up in the bin. On the other hand, there are small, appealing portions at the buffet that invite you to taste a little of everything. In addition, the hotel’s own herb garden provides fresh plants and spices. We want to show you how easy it is to eat sustainably. Choosing healthy, environmentally friendly and resource-saving food is hardly rocket science. That’s why we devote ourselves intensively to providing for the vegetarian and vegan diet.

sustainable eating small portions
Small portions invite you to sample, which is also sustainable.

Of course, it’s about more than what we serve or how much – how we serve our guests also matters. For example, we’ve completely switched to environmentally friendly straws. These are no longer made of plastic, but are mainly made from corn and other plant starches and are therefore biodegradable. So you are actively involved – without doing anything – to make the world a little bit more environmentally friendly.

live cooking tui blue
At our live cooking stations, we conjure up the most beautiful plates for you – sustainably!

Careful handling of plastic

Eating sustainably is definitely a good thing, but we mustn’t ignore the use of plastic. That’s why the TUI BLUE Rocador regularly hosts environmental campaigns that draw attention to the topic. With the support of our guests, we’ve already planted trees and cleaned the beach of plastic waste in the past. In this way, we come a little bit closer to our goal of opening completely plastic-free in 2020 and improving the recycling process a lot.

beach cleaning tui blue rocador
We clean the beach so that many generations to come can experience it in all its splendour.

The project “Plastic-Free Balearic Islands” is currently on everyone’s lips. Among other things, the infinite consumption of plastic bags will be counteracted. In Spain alone, one person uses 144 bags per year, 90 percent of which are single use only. This material, which is usually only used for a few minutes, takes between 100 and 500 years to decompose. From 2020, thick plastic bags must contain at least 50% recycled plastic; by 2021, thin plastic bags will be completely banned. Because plastic often ends up in the oceans, it is then consumed by sea creatures and winds up on our dinner tables – ugh!

How can I eat sustainably?

A legitimate question, after all, rethinking doesn’t just start in the supermarket. It makes sense to create a menu plan. “What do I want to eat in the coming days?” and “What do I still have in the fridge?” Also, you shouldn’t let yourself be unnecessarily tempted in the store. Check the origin of the food, opt for regional products and, if possible, use organic products.

fresh regional fruit
Fresh, Mallorcan fruit is the first choice at the TUI BLUE Rocador.

Purchases should not be transported in disposable bags and the route should ideally be taken on foot, by bicycle, or by public transport. At home, it is important to store the food properly. This way, the products will last longer and you will have to throw away less. Instead of hauling plastic or glass bottles, drink tap water. And if you don’t want to do without carbonation, invest in a water carbonator. Those who live sustainably can ultimately save money. And it’s best to teach your kids these simple tips along the way!

tui blue rocador table with food
Our guests don’t have to do without anything…

Of course, the world won’t be saved overnight, but if we each adjust our attitudes and behaviour even minimally, our small changes can make a big difference overall. Want to get an idea of how sustainable food works? Then hopefully we’ll see you soon, on your holiday in the TUI BLUE Rocador!

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