All in white: Holidays at the TUI BLUE Rocador

A holiday on Mallorca can make any season feel like the “most wonderful time of year.” We were lucky enough to visit the beautiful island twice this year. While our first trip took us to Palma, we now spent a few nights as guests at the TUI BLUE Rocador on the picturesque bay of Cala Gran in the southeast of Mallorca, and from there we got to discover the island from completely new perspectives.

tui blue rocador entrance
Palm trees, palm trees everywhere

Cala d’Or: The White City

The TUI BLUE Rocador lies in the middle of Cala d’Or. The town took us completely by surprise, as, unlike what we were used to from the rest of Mallorca, it is completely white. The architecture and gleaming white of the houses is reminiscent of Ibiza and is quite unique on the island. No wonder, then, that the TUI BLUE Rocador also appears like a stunning bayside citadel in white. From the beach, the resort complex looks almost like a cruise ship. Formerly, two hotel complexes were merged into one. We had the fabulous pleasure of having very large rooms with an impressive terrace and a beautiful view of the bay. Due to its perfect location, we could explore everything from the marina to bars, restaurants, and many small boutiques on foot. The small white city is ideal for strolling.

marina cala dor
The Cala d’Or marina.

Drift to sleep to the sound of the sea at the Rocador

Isn’t it just dreamy to fall asleep to the sound of the sea? We left the patio door open at night and were completely blown away. The TUI BLUE Rocador is an adults-only hotel, so you’ll find many couples here, both young and old. Here, guests can make use of the extensive spa or fitness facilities, or just relax in one of the many beach loungers by the pool or on the lawn. The bay is directly accessible from the hotel, and our absolute tip: the water is not only a brilliant blue, but also has this certain turquoise tint and is crystal clear. Our early morning and evening swims in the bay were terrific!

tui blue rocador balcony
Can I please take the balcony with this view home with me?

Mallorca: island of excursions

Many tips on excursions can be found in the well-known BLUE App or directly in the hotel from the BLUE Guides, and you can book organised trips right in the hotel. In any case, for those who want to discover even more beautiful places, we recommend a small island tour. Among other destinations, we explored Soller and Valldemossa, which reach heights of over 400 metres in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains in the northwest of the island. In Soller, the trip from the harbour to the old town in the traditional wooden tram is especially fun. If you’re not particularly fond of group tours, you can easily blaze your own trail by public transport or hired car from Cala d’Or. We also seized the opportunity to take a short bike ride to Parc natural de Mondragó. Here, too, the bay is simply perfect.

view west coast mallorca
The Serra de Tramuntana Mountains

Relaxation is guaranteed at the Rocador

From soaking up the sun, relaxing, and lounging, to adventures and sports activities, there’s plenty to do and discover in Cala d’Or. The TUI BLUE Rocador is the perfect place to relax, but if you still feel like your holiday could do with a bit of action and nightlife, you can always step out the door and be right in the middle of town. Vast fields and pristine natural spaces are also just a stone’s throw from the hotel, though if it were up to us, we’d stick to swimming in the bay all day. That clear water and the turquoise colour won’t soon be forgotten.

tui blue rocador garden
The garden at the TUI BLUE Rocador is the perfect place to unwind.

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