BLUEf!t TV: A look behind the scenes

For two years, the TUI BLUE Palm Garden was my adopted home. Here I worked out, sweated and laughed along with the guests. Whether in the fresh morning temperatures or in the midday hours at a hot 35°C in the shade, whether at a sweaty BLUEf!t Camp or while lazily relaxing on the grass during
Autogenic Training, the hours spent together were exciting, intense and fun at the same time. In short, it was a fantastic time. Now I am sitting in Hanover, my desk is huge. It is piled high with notes and files about future projects. The winter sun shines weakly through the large window. It gives me the impression that it may never again shine powerfully enough to dispel the thick snow-laden clouds. It’s December, it will still be cold outside for months, but inside I’m on fire for a new project: BLUEf!t TV.

tui blue fleesensee winter
The TUI BLUE Fleesensee in winter


Of stage fright and slip-ups

After weeks of preparations, the time has come. Together with a top-notch team, we are standing in the BLUEf!tGym of the TUI BLUE Fleesensee. The joy of reuniting with the BLUEf!tGuide Marc who works there is great, he will also support us. The team is in place. The camera is aligned, the sound is running and the TRX sling is hanging. We’re ready to go. I blithely babble on, only to stumble over my own words a little later. I quickly pick myself up again and try to catch up with an even faster flow of words. Not without serious consequences, of course. “Aren’t I talking way too fast?” it flashes through my mind, “Will they even understand me? – Oh what the hell, I’ll just start over.”

I'm nervous about the first video
I’m nervous about the first video


Basically, BLUEf!t TV is like a normal course lesson in a hotel. The team members are my guests and the film camera is the camera of a guest’s smartphone who is watching and taking holiday photos. “Just stay yourself,” I think to myself, after all, BLUEf!t TV is supposed to be as close to reality as possible. And then, all of a sudden, I feel transported back to the TUI BLUE Palm Garden. The sun is shining, the palm leaves and pine branches rustle in the wind and the many birds are chirping. I can feel all the summer sensations again. I feel a sense of lightness and carefree, I feel euphoria and relaxation and last but not least I feel vacation. Now I’m completely in my element and then it clicks. Little by little, one clip after the other lands in the box.

bluefit tv lars cameraman
Full concentration and eyes straight into the camera


BLUEf!t TV in Tandem

And then Marc shows up with a broad, cheerful smile. He just had a stretching course with guests. Now he has time for us and repeats the course right away. Marc also feels visibly comfortable in this new field of activity. Then we both get down to business. The belly-legs-butt-course is on the agenda. Together we go “water skiing” in the training room, enjoy the sun and the water splashing in our faces and are finally chased by mean sharks. After this short story our thighs are burning from all the squats and squat jumps. We now decide to tackle the crunches. Here, unlike the squats, it’s more about knowledge transfer. Slow practice, close attention and correction. The many tips on BLUEf!t TV should help to have a correct execution of the techniques at home. And then, after a short time, that little mean burning sensation also appears on the belly.

bluefit tv lars and marc
Marc and I going through the sequence of the next video


Back at the Desk

A few days later I’m sitting at my desk again and reflecting on this great experience. Four days full of action. I like to think of the moments when the funny outtakes were created, when the tongue just wouldn’t obey and we needed a good dozen attempts to produce a decent sentence. Along with all the fun, though, there was some very serious work going on. And so we followed one of the most important guiding principles of the BLUEf!t concept: “Quality before quantity.” Our guest should get the same quality at home with BLUEf!t TV that they are used to from our on-site courses.

bluefit tv lars marc cameraman
Sometimes you also have to help out behind the camera as a leading actor


I am happy about this project because it means so much. Finally, guests can continue what they have come to know and love there after their vacation. Thanks to this team, this is now possible: BLUEf!t TV is coming into the living rooms. I enthusiastically watch the last seconds of the first video before it ends. I smile with satisfaction. A tingle runs through my body, because the camera has captured this very special holiday atmosphere for BLUEf!t TV.

bluefit tv lars cameraman 2
Cameraman Oliver patiently shows me the results of our work


I’ll call it a day. I slowly rise from my desk, feeling every inch of my body. Damn, where do these sore muscles come from?

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BLUEf!t TV is released every Wednesday. All episodes can be found here.

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