Beach Holidays with TUI BLUE: Discover Our New Hotels

Maybe you’ve already heard that TUI BLUE is opening four new hotels in Mallorca, Djerba and in Portugal next year. With that in mind, I compiled some of the best of what you will find in the various regions if you decide to go on a beach holidays with TUI BLUE.

TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace – Beach Holidays Beneath the Palm Trees

The first hotel I’d like to introduce you to is located on the island of Djerba, off the east coast of Tunisia. As the name suggests, our hotel is situated right on the coast. If you don’t want to spend all day swimming in the refreshing Mediterranean, Djerba has more to offer than just beaches: cafés, tavernas, and restaurants are all within walking distance.

tui blue palm beach palace beach holidays djerba
The TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace features Islamic architecture.

For those who want to go further inland, the nearby major road leads to all the main sights. Djerba’s capital, Houmt Souk, is less than half an hour away by car and will satisfy all your shopping needs. For even more fun excursions, I’ve put together a list of my top three activities:

  1. Djerbahood. 150 artists have transformed a village into an open-air museum. On the simple walls, you can find colourful works from different nations with unique stories. A long walk through the small village is definitely worth a day trip!
  2. Crocodile Farm. The African island of Djerba is home to exotic reptiles, like crocodiles. You can admire the animals from a safe distance at one of the many crocodile farms. Another special highlight is getting to feed the great beasts.
  3. Horseback Riding. If you’ve ever wanted to go for a ride on a beach, this dream can come true in Djerba. Horseback riding across the countryside is also offered, and not just for experienced riders, but also for beginners.
tui blue beach holidays horseback riding beach djerba
A romantic ride on the beach? That’s no problem on Djerba © Petra Eckerl –

From a colourful village of artists, to realised childhood dreams, to exciting reptile farms, there’s something for everyone on Tunisia’s eastern island of Djerba. Whether you’re interested in culture or your own relaxation, make beach holidays with TUI BLUE whatever you want!

TUI BLUE Rocador – Beach Holidays Surrounded by Idyllic Nature

The second of our four new TUI BLUE hotels is located on the largest of the Balearic Islands: Mallorca, the paradise for beach holidays par excellence.

tui blue rocador beach holidays mallorca
The TUI BLUE Rocador is located on one of the most beautiful bays in Mallorca.

From the TUI BLUE Rocador, you can easily reach the small town centre. Here, just at first glance, there are several starting points for extensive shopping tours. You’ll find perfumeries, jewelers, fashion shops, and – a highlight for the sugar junkies out there – a confectionery shop. Restaurants, tapas bars, pizzerias, and cafes will keep you nourished so you don’t have to wander the streets of Mallorca on an empty stomach. Anyone who wants to swing a putter can then head to the mini-golf place. Not enough for you? Then check out the following excursion tips:

  1. Cala Gran. As fast as you can enter the city centre, you can also reach the beach of Cala Gran (“Big Bay”). It’s a popular destination for a reason. As you might expect from beach holidays in Mallorca or from the TV, you can see the bottom of the sea through the clear, turquoise-blue water. A trip to the bay is worthwhile not just during the day, but also for an unforgettable sunset.
  2. Party, Party, Party. If you’re more of a classic island partier, you’ll love the unique evening options available to you. Irish pubs and cocktail bars invite you to linger and get warmed up. For those who want to go farther than a bar visit, the nearby nightclubs are also within easy walking distance.
  3. Diving Class. This tip isn’t just for seasoned divers; even beginners are catered to in the waters around Mallorca. The selection of diving and snorkeling classes is huge. Let yourself be enchanted by the fauna and flora under the surface of Mallorca. Our BLUE Guides are already looking forward to helping you select and organise your trip.
tui blue beach holidays bay cala gran mallorca
Enjoy the turquoise waters of the Balearic Islands © lunamarina –

Whether diving, partying, or spending the day at one of the most beautiful bays in Mallorca, this is where everyone looking for sun is guaranteed a good time.

TUI BLUE Falesia – Beach Strolls and Surfing Action

Last but not least, I would like to introduce you to the TUI BLUE Falesia. For this, we turn to the sunny south of Portugal, in the Algarve.

tui blue falesia beach holidays algarve
The TUI BLUE Falesia promises spectacular views

Nestled in the stunning landscape and flanked by an inviting beach, the TUI BLUE Falesia is still central. Local shopping streets are within walking distance and easy reach. Of course, I’ve also selected some tips for your beach holidays in the south of Portugal:

  1. Praia da Falesia. For me, beach holidays are only beach holidays when I can walk along the coast for kilometres and really switch off. You can spend a day on the steep coastal beach of “Praia da Falesia” and experience exactly that. Here, you’ll walk over fine sands from red rock formations. As a break, a cool dip in the sea is, of course, perfect. Everything you need for your beach hike should fit comfortably in your backpack: plenty of liquids, sun cream, swimwear, and open shoes that allow you to walk comfortably, but still be protected from the sun.
  2. Learn Surfing. Why not spend a day on the sea instead of by the sea? There are plenty of water sports on the coast of Portugal. From canoeing and kayaking to surfing, which has attracted many tourists because of the optimal conditions. Even if you’ve never been on a surfboard, I’m sure that with some patience, you’ll soon be riding the waves!
  3. Rides with the Tuk Tuk. Let yourself be driven around by the locals in the well-known vehicle from Southeast Asia to see hidden streets and the most beautiful corners of the Algarve. Who could show you more charming places in a new country than someone who grew up here? Jump in, drive around, and admire the surroundings in the best company.
tui blue beach holidays algarve steep coast
Experience unforgettable beach walks on Portugal’s steep coast © aniad –

Whether it’s surfing on the sea, strolling along the beach with ice cream in your hand, or riding on a motorised rickshaw through the streets of the Algarve – Portugal has a lot to offer!

I hope I was able to give you some good tips for your next beach holidays in one of the new TUI BLUE Hotels. In any case, I’m already eager for the opening ceremonies, and I’m already making holiday plans for the coming year. See you at TUI BLUE!

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