Beach Holiday in Mallorca: The 4 Most Beautiful Bays on the Eastern Coast

Ah, Mallorca – you wonderful, dreamy island. Most Germans, like me, are already very familiar with the most popular of the five major Balearic Islands, since it could probably be unofficially considered the 17th German state. After all, Mallorca has it all: natural beauty, tourist attractions, island adventures, wellness… You’re guaranteed to find whatever you’re looking for on your vacation.

Eastern Mallorca in particular continues to impress me again and again. The Llevant region, as it’s called in Spanish, seems to be a compact version of the entire island, reflecting its most characteristic features. Formed by the coasts of Serra de Llevant, unique natural features have emerged over time, which – when combined with popular tourist resorts – offer the ideal conditions for a varied holiday. Although the hustle and bustle of the tourist spots has its charm, the wonderful bays and beaches on Mallorca’s eastern coast have particularly impressed me. This is paradise on earth. Around Cala d’Or, where the new TUI BLUE Rocador will opened in May 2018, I searched for the four most beautiful bays on the eastern coast of Mallorca.

Cala Mondrago: A Pearl of Nature

Cala Mondrago on Mallorca
Cala Mondrago | Source: – © Simon Dannhauer

Cala Mondrago is located in the southeast of Mallorca, surrounded by the protected natural area around the Mondrago Nature Park. The rich green of the pine trees harmoniously complements the barren rocks of the bay, framing the fine, white-sand beach. What’s special about the environment is the two falling streams typical of the island. The Torrent de Tomas and the Torrent d’en Roig drain from the high hinterland into the shimmering turquoise sea. So beautiful!

Cala Gran: Do You Dare?

Bay of Cala Gran, Mallorca
Cala Gran | Source: – © Simon Dannhauer

“Cala Gran” translates from Spanish as “Great Bay”. The name isn’t just a coincidence, because the bay – which is located right by the TUI BLUE Rocador – is flanked by vast, prominent headlands. This brings about a clear advantage: the geological feature protects the water in this section, making it particularly safe and ideal for swimming. Boating enthusiasts can take a pedal boat around the bay, or a speed boat out onto the open sea. A large catamaran regularly collects scuba divers and snorkelers to explore the best diving spots on the coast. If this isn’t enough action for you, I have a special tip: The local diving school offers supervised cliff diving from the rocks of Cala Gran. Who’s feeling daring? (Uh, I’m going to leave that to my two adrenaline-junkie colleagues Dirk and Miri, who like to plunge into the depths of valleys on ziplines or race down mountains on tricycles…but these are two other stories of their own!)

S’Illot Bay: Mallorcan Snorkelling Hotspot

Cala S'Illot on Mallorca
Cala S’Illot | Source: – © Simon Dannhauer

“The Islet”, as this bay is also called, is located at Alcudia on the peninsula of La Victoria in the northeast of Mallorca, and is known by many as Cala Moreia. The landscape of the bay is marked by bizarre rock formations. Some of the rocks, which are located on the pebbly beach and are considered to be the namesake of the place, are perfect for climbing. If you prefer to go on the water, take snorkelling gear and, for safety, water shoes. The seabed is covered with sharp stones and pieces of rock and it’s quite possible that you might encounter a sea urchin or two. But those who come well-prepared will be rewarded; the underwater world of S’Illot is stunning!

Cala Mitjana on Mallorca: Simply Switch Off

Bay of Cala Mitjana, Mallorca
Cala Mitjana | Source: – © Simon Dannhauer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the only person in the world? Well, the Cala Mitjana isn’t quite that secluded – the sandy bay is just north of the tourist centre of Cala d’Or, after all. Nevertheless, the beach is surrounded by a fragrant pine forest, it’s one of Mallorca’s last hidden gems, and it’s a true paradise for people like me who are looking for peace and quite during their holidays. If you’re there with your partner, this is the perfect place for a romantic picnic. Even if you’re on your own, you should stock up on supplies, because the beach isn’t managed by anyone. And who wants to lie on the beach with a rumbling stomach drowning out the soothing sounds of the sea?

By the way: The Cala Mitjana can be easily reached on foot from the neighbouring Cala Sa Nau.

There you have it: my top 4 most beautiful bays on Mallorca’s eastern coast, and I’ll bet you like them as much as I do. In addition to the top beaches of Mallorca, we also explored the hinterland on a jeep safari and investigated the question of whether an organised island tour of Mallorca was worthwhile. For the sporty, we have compiled the best hiking routes for Mallorca.

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