Best February holiday destinations: 11 tips for holidays in February

February  holiday destinations are more diverse than one might think when looking out of the window. Both for those who prefer a February holiday in the sun and for winter sports. For many destinations, February is the best time to travel. Here come the most beautiful February holiday destinations from Europe and all over the world.

February holiday destinations with perfect weather

February is the optimal travel time for e.g.

  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Maldives
  • Mexico
  • Cape Verde
  • Dominican Republic
  • Dubai
  • Panama
  • Brazil
  • Sri Lanka
  • South Africa
  • Zanzibar
  • For a skiing holiday in Austria, February is the best time to travel because the snow conditions are ideal


Where can I go on holiday in February for sun?

Popular destinations for a beach holiday in February include:

  • Thailand
  • Maldives
  • Mexico
  • Cape Verde
  • Vietnam
  • Dominican Republic
  • Egypt
  • Canary Islands


1. Egypt: February is the “coldest” month

egypt mahmya island beach
Winter? There’s no such thing at the Red Sea!


Whether Marsa Alam, Makadi Bay, Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh – a warm weather holiday destination in February is Egypt. For sun worshippers, water sports enthusiasts and culture vultures, Egypt offers plenty, plus pleasant temperatures of up to 24 degrees and 9 hours of sunshine. The summer months would definitely be too hot for a holiday in Egypt. The sea is a little chilly at 21 degrees. But it’s enough for a short swim. A nice side effect in February: the prices are cheap. If a beach holiday on the Red Sea is not enough for you, you can combine the trip with a Nile cruise in the North African country.

Flight time from UK to Hurghada: approx. 5.5 h

Average temperature in February in Hurghada/Egypt:

  • Maximum temperature during the day: 24 degrees Celsius
  • Night temperature: 10 degrees
  • Water temperature: 21 degrees
  • Number of rainy days: 1


All-inclusive-Hotels in Egypt

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Hurghada . Egypt
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Hurghada . Egypt
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Hurghada . Egypt
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Sharm El Sheikh . Egypt

2nd Canary Islands: Lots of sun, lots of variety

Tenerife Canary Island El Teide National Park Holiday
Hiking in El Teide National Park in Tenerife


Warm temperatures all year round – that’s what the Canary Islands are known for. In February, the sea around the Canaries is relatively cool. For a quick dip (which is what the locals do) and some sun, 22 degrees in the afternoon in Tenerife or Fuerteventura are still great. A better destination with a short flight time and warm temperatures is perhaps only to be found in Egypt. But if you want to go hiking among green hills or do other activities, the Canary Islands are definitely a better choice than Egypt. The warmest region of the Canaries is the south coast of Tenerife. Another highlight in February: Carnival time on Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

Flight time from UK to Tenerife: approx. 4 to 5 h

Average temperature in February in Tenerife South: .

  • Maximum daytime temperature: 22 degrees Celsius
  • Night temperature: 15 degrees
  • Water temperature: 18 degrees
  • Number of rainy days: 4


Fantastic hotels in the Canary Islands

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3. Thailand: February is best time to travel

khao lak beach aerial view
One of the dream beaches at Khao Lak


Thailand is always warm, but not always humid! In February, Thailand is in the middle of the driest months and monsoon season is yet to come. It’s hot, but not stuffy. Perfect for visiting temples, swimming in waterfalls or just lying in a hammock on the golden beaches. Thailand is simply a stunning destination. My tip for Thailand is Khao Lak. There you will find pure relaxation and untouched nature. Fantastic beaches and evergreen national parks beckon.

Flight time from UK to Phuket: approx. 12 h

Average temperature in Phuket in February:

  • Maximum daytime temperature: 30° Celsius
  • Night temperature: 24°
  • Water temperature: 28°
  • Number of rainy days: 4


4. Dominican Republic: sunshine galore in Punta Cana

bavaro beach
The beaches of Punta Cana are just what Europeans need in February!


The perfect holiday destination in February is the Dominican Republic: tropical temperatures, white sand on the endless white sandy beaches and turquoise sea. The popular resort of Punta Cana offers luxurious hotel resorts with all-inclusive catering for a carefree holiday in February. On the Caribbean island you can completely forget about winter blues.

Flight time from UK to Punta Cana: approx. 9 h

Average temperature in Punta Cana in February:

  • Maximum daytime temperature: 30° Celsius
  • Night temperature: 20°
  • Water temperature: 27°
  • Number of rainy days: 7


Luxury holidays for the whole family in Punta Cana

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Punta Cana . Dominican Republic

5. most beautiful February holiday destinations: Mexico

riviera maya mexico beach
This is what your Riviera Maya beach could look like


For February holidays in the sun, Mexico is one of the best destinations. In the middle of the dry season, a Caribbean paradise with many hours of sunshine and just 2 rainy days in February awaits you on the Yucatan Peninsula with its centuries old Mayan culture. Whether stunning beaches, snorkelling in cenotes or the party life of Playa del Carmen: The coast south of Cancun will not disappoint you.

Flight time direct flights from UK to Cancun: approx. 10-11 h

Average temperature in February in Cancun/Mexico:

  • Maximum daytime temperature: 29° Celsius
  • Night temperature: 17°
  • Water temperature: 25°
  • Number of rainy days: 2


Romantic Adults-only Hotel on the Riviera Maya

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Riviera Maya . Mexico

6. Cape Verde

sal strand concelho do sal
This is what it looks like all over Sal


In terms of temperature, the Cape Verde Islands are somewhere between the Canary Islands and the tropics in February. Considering that you reach the archipelago in the Atlantic after only 6 to 7 hours flight, 23 degrees and sunshine from early to late are a tempting option for a warm holiday in February. The most beautiful beaches of Cape Verde can be found on the island of Sal.

Flight time from UK to Sal: approx. 6 h

Average temperature in February on Sal/Cape Verde:

  • Maximum temperature during the day: 23° Celsius
  • Night temperature: 17°
  • Water temperature: 20°
  • Number of rainy days: 0


Adults-only hotel on Sal

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Sal . Cape Verde

7. Maldives: Ideal February holiday destination

tui blue olhuveli aerial view
The TUI BLUE Olhuveli Romance resort in the South Malé Atoll of the Maldives


The group of islands in the Indian Ocean is a true paradise and one of the best beach destinations in February! Whether snorkelling, diving, enjoying, honeymooning, switching off…. February is the dry season in the Maldives and therefore the best time to travel. Of course, this also means high season with corresponding prices. The sea is nice and calm in the European winter and therefore perfect for diving and enjoying the natural beauty of the sea. Once in your life you should treat yourself to the Maldives, preferably a overwater villa with pool!

Flight time from UK to Malé: approx. 11-12 h

Average temperature in February in the Maldives:

  • Maximum daytime temperature: 30°
  • Night temperature: 26°
  • Water temperature: 27°
  • Number of rainy days: 4


Dream Resort in Maldives

TUI BLUE Olhuveli Romance
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South Malé atoll . Maldives

8. Zanzibar: In the height of summer

Jambiani beach zanzibar
Definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Zanzibar – Jambiani Beach


February is the best month to travel to Zanzibar and therefore one of the absolute travel tips for February! With only 4 days of rain, February is the driest time with endless sunshine on the most beautiful beaches you’re likely to see. In addition to lounging on the beach, you can go diving, snorkelling and wildlife spotting. A great beach extension after a safari in Kenya or Tanzania!

Flight time from UK to Zanzibar: approx. 12 h

Average temperature in February on Zanzibar:

  • Maximum temperature during the day: 33° Celsius
  • Night temperature: 23°
  • Water temperature: 28°
  • Number of rainy days: 4


Super rated resort in Zanzibar

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Zanzibar . Tansania

9. Vietnam: Best weather for a round trip in February

Golden Bridge Vietnam
Spectacular! The Golden Bridge in central Vietnam.


The weather is good enough for a round trip in all parts of Vietnam in February, which is rare considering the geographical spread from north to south. In the south it starts to get humid in March, in the north it is still a bit cool and central Vietnam has pleasant temperatures for sightseeing in Hoi An and a subsequent bathing extension. Definitely one of the best destinations in Southeast Asia in February.

Flight time from UK to Vietnam: approx. 11 to 12 h

Average temperature in February in Central Vietnam:

  • Maximum daytime temperature: 26° Celsius
  • Night temperature: 19°
  • Water temperature: 23°
  • Number of rainy days: 6


Beach Hotel near Hoi An

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Hoi An . Vietnam

Which city break in February?

Are the bustling cities of Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans with its Mardi Gras, Kuala Lumpur or Cape Town a little too far for you for a city break only? My recommendation for city breaks in February is Marrakesh in Morocco.

10. Marrakech: Winter Getaway for Connoisseurs

Dar Si Said Museum Marrakech
True masters were at work in the Dar Si Said. Today the sight is a museum.


Sightseeing at 20 degrees is really fun in Marrakech. Strolling through the souks in pleasant temperatures, admiring the splendour of the flowers in the parks or enjoying the view of the bustling square Djemaa el-Fna with a sweet mint tea – Morocco’s royal city is one of the most popular destinations for city trips in February.

Flight time from UK to Marrakech: approx. 3.5 h

Average temperature in February in Marrakech: 

  • Maximum temperature during the day: 20° Celsius
  • Night temperature: 8°C
  • Number of rainy days: 4


Your wellness oasis in Marrakech

TUI BLUE Medina Gardens
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Marrakech . Morocco
TUI BLUE Riu Tikida Garden
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Marrakech . Morocco

Which part of Europe is best to visit in February?

Unless you count the Canary Islands as part of Europe, warm destinations in Europe in February look meagre. However, there are ideal conditions for a skiing holiday in the Alps or a wellness holiday in Germany.

11. Austria: Skiing holidays in February

Skiing Winter Holiday Packing List
Skiing in the Pillerseetal in Austria – © Tourism Association Kitzbüheler Alpen


Lots of snow, lots of sun and the right ski resort for everyone: Austria is so popular for a ski holiday because of its diversity and great infrastructure. February is in the depths of winter, you can expect ideal conditions for skiing, snowboarding and alternative winter sports activities such as fatbike, dog sledding or torch hikes. The days are getting longer, the sun glistens on the thick blanket of snow. The price-performance ratio also speaks more in favour of a skiing holiday in Austria than in Switzerland. Attention: February is the month for a family holiday because of the school holidays, so book quickly!


Skihotels in Austria

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Tyrol . Austria
TUI BLUE Montafon
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Silvretta Montafon . Austria
TUI BLUE Schladming
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Styria . Austria

Where is hot and cheap in February?

The cheapest places to go on holiday in February are Egypt and the Canary Islands. A real bargain in February is the Turkish Riviera. It may not be the ideal time to travel, but a holiday to the Turkish Riviera is worthwhile even in winter.

Where is it hot in February short flight time

The warm destinations in February with short flight times include the Canary Islands and Egypt, each with a flight time of 4 to 5 hours from the UK. A flight to Cape Verde, which boasts summer temperatures, takes only a little longer.

Which countries are hot in February?

Holiday destinations in February with temperatures above 30 degrees include Sri Lanka, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Panama, the Maldives, Cape Verde, Thailand and the south of Vietnam.

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