TUI BLUE sound: The top 5 songs for the holidays

You know that feeling when you hear a familiar song that reminds you instantly of the last vacation? Music evokes memories of wonderful experiences: whether it’s dance nights in the city clubs, relaxing days at the beach, or adrenaline-charged action on a mountain bike tour – everyone has at least one song that plays on a continuous loop during a vacation and immediately brings up that holiday feeling. But when the next holiday comes around, you need some new tracks for your trip’s playlist. So how will it sound? It doesn’t matter whether it’s pop or punk, rock or funk – the main thing is that it’s fun for you!

Our sound for the holidays

Just to get you a little inspiration, we dug around a bit in our virtual record box and our colleagues’ smartphones to catch a glimpse of their favorite songs. What came out of it not only sounds great, but also arouses that holiday anticipation!

1.Cups – Jean Simone
“I’ve got my ticket for the long way ’round / two bottle whiskey for the way”: With this song in your bag, you’re on vacation!

2.Lucius – Two of Us on the Run
The perfect song for a road trip to the sea: just start driving and listen to this relaxing tune.

3.Charles Bradley (ft. Menahan Street band) – Dusty Blue
Retro-soul at its best: With this track, you can daydream about your wonderful holiday.

4.Sun Is Shining – Bob Marley & the Wailers
A classic holiday song that ensures a sunny mood on vacation, even in rainy weather.

5.Can’t go home – Steve Aoki & Felix Jaehn (ft. Adam Lambert)
The title says it all – you really don’t want to go home. But with this track, the holiday can at least be extended in your mind…

Smartphone connects via Bluetooth to the sound system at TUI BLUEDoes that sound like the perfect holiday yet? Of course, a good song also needs a good playlist. Each room in our TUI BLUE hotels is therefore equipped with a multimedia device with which you can easily play your music: you can effortlessly connect your smartphone or tablet to the small Bose speakers via Bluetooth. Rather than just listening to your playlist through headphones, you can play your music out loud and enjoy excellent sound quality. It’s also possible on the TV sets from LG: they are equipped with Harman Kardon sound and can be easily connected to your personal mobile devices via Bluetooth sound sync.

So leave your headphones at home on your next holiday and just bring your ultimate holiday playlist. Which songs should we definitely not miss? Let us know about your favourite tracks in the comments!

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