Fuerteventura Beaches: the 4 best beaches in the East of Fuerteventura

Looking at the beach in front of the TUI BLUE RIU Calypso in Fuerteventura, you’d be forgiven for thinking “Why go far when the good stuff is so close.” There’s certainly some truth to that. There are magnificent views on the way from the hotel to the beautiful beach and Playa del Matorral with its turquoise waters itself is huge and far from crowded.

Fuerteventura: Beautiful beach at the TUI BLUE RIU Calypso
Fuerteventura: Beautiful beach at the TUI BLUE RIU Calypso

Here beach lovers can relax, enjoy the sun and listen to the sea. But this dream beach is not the only beautiful beach on the east coast of the island. There are countless larger and smaller, pebble and sandy beaches, and sometimes they are right next to one of the small towns or a fishing village, while other times they are secluded and isolated.

Today I would like to introduce you to some of the best-known and most beautiful sandy beaches in the east of Fuerteventura. But since reading alone doesn’t help, I’ve put together a rental car tour for you that takes you from your hotel in the south up to the well-known large and dreamlike dune beaches on the north-west coast.

Is it safe to swim in the sea in Fuerteventura?

The great advantage of the beaches on the east coast of Fuerteventura is that you can also swim here. While the western beaches on the west coast like Playa de Esquinzo are impressively wild but have strong rip currents, the quieter sandy beaches of the east coast leave nothing to be desired for a family outing. Moreover, the beaches in the east are not black-sand beaches. That’s what some children are afraid of. So what are you waiting for:

Pack your swimming trunks and let’s go in search of your dream beach on the east coast of Fuerteventura.

The 4 best beaches in the east of Fuerteventura on the map

These are the dream beaches we will visit in Fuerteventura

The most beautiful beaches in Fuerteventura in the east of this Canary Island.

  • Start and destination: TUI BLUE RIU Calypso (S)
  • Playa de Jandia (1)
  • Risco del Paso at Playa de Sotavento (2)
  • The big dune beaches (3)
  • Flag Beach (4)
  • …and a delicious dinner (5)

Who has the choice, has the agony

How simple it could be if there was only one stunning Fuerteventura beach. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, this is not the case. As barren as the island’s landscape may be, the beaches on the east coast of this Canary island are impossibly beautiful. Come and see for yourselves with me and decide which of the beaches in the east of Fuerteventura is your dream beach. Maybe you know of others that are worth mentioning. Please feel free to do so in the comments section below. In any case, I’m looking forward to hearing your opinion.

Fuerteventura: Not only the beach of Matorral is dreamlike
Fuerteventura’s East: Not only the beach of Matorral is dreamlike

Before we start our tour together to the east coast of Fuerteventura, I would like to share some advice with you

5 tips for your car hire tour in Fuerteventura:

      1. The right rental car: When renting a car, remember that it is also allowed to drive off the paved roads of Fuerteventura. Some roads are more like dirt tracks. This way you will be safe on the road and won’t get into trouble with the rental car company afterwards.
      2. Protect yourself from the sun: Not every beach offers the possibility to rent beach chairs and umbrellas. If you are staying for a longer period of time, you should have effective sun protection with you. In many places, you can buy sunshades for little money.
      3. Don’t forget towels: A beautiful beach is even more beautiful when seen from the sea. So take towels with you to sit on and use to dry off.
      4. Don’t forget the drinks: The steady wind can make you forget about the sun and the heat. Remember to bring enough drinks. On the way, you can of course stop at a supermarket and replenish your supply if necessary.
      5. Camera or smartphone: You are visiting the most beautiful dream beaches on Fuerteventura, so photos, selfies and posts on Facebook, Instagram and the like are a must. But don’t forget #tuiblue ?
      6. Our driving route in Fuerteventura

        So let’s not waste any time. Let’s go. Let’s visit the most beautiful beaches of Fuerteventura on the east coast.

        1. Playa de Jandia in the very south of Fuerteventura

        You’re right, to get to this beach on the east coast of Fuerteventura, we really don’t need a rental car now. It can be reached easily with a longer walk on the beach and is located on the Jandia peninsula. It is known for its fine sand. But we want to take the opportunity to make a first stop here. It doesn’t have to be long, but if you haven’t walked this far along the beach before, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

        East coast Fuerteventura: The whale skeleton is our first stop
        Fuerteventura: The whale skeleton is our first stop

        We simply park near the whale skeleton and take one of the designated paths to the beach. Please do not trample through the vegetation. If you’re lucky, you’ll see some of these little friends along the way.

        Please do not feed!
        Also loves golden sand on Fuerteventura’s beaches but please do not feed!

        As cute as they are, please do not feed them. You’re really not doing the animals any favours. After a few metres we reach the fine sandy beach near the Jandia lighthouse. Whether we stay longer or not, we can now be sure that a longer walk on the beach will definitely be worthwhile on one of the following days. And even if it gets too tiring or too hot, we now know that there are a few places to eat or drink on the other side of the road.

        Fuerteventura: Dream beach Playa de Jandia
        The most beautiful beach in the east of Fuerteventura: Dream beach Playa de Jandia

        But we want to see more than what is within walking distance of the hotel. That’s why we go back to the car and take the main road north. After about 20 minutes we reach the

        2. Playa Risco del Paso, Playas de Sotavento

        Risco del Paso is a stretch of beach at Playa de Sotavento. The other is called Playa Barca, but we will not visit it on our tour of the east coast beaches of Fuerteventura. We reach the white sand beach via a gravel road that leads us directly to a car park. Please note that your rental car may be used for such roads. There is a persistent rumour that car rental companies send employees to such beaches from time to time to catch holidaymakers violating the rental conditions.

        From the car park we go directly to the Sotavento beach. There we see a large sand dune on the right. Climbing this is definitely worthwhile. On the one hand because of the great view over this section of the east coast of Fuerteventura and on the other hand because you can take great photos from there.

        Fuerteventura: The dream beach Risco del Paso
        Fuerteventura Beaches East: The dream beach Risco del Paso

        Risco del Paso is a real family beach with shallow waters on the east coast of Fuerteventura, as children of all ages can enjoy a wide range of activities here. If you look north, you will see an offshore sandbank that can be reached by swimming and walking. Together with the beach, this forms a kind of natural pool in which you can learn water sports like surfing and in which children can safely splash around without suddenly being surprised by a wave.

        During my last visit, there was no possibility to rent sunbeds or umbrellas on the natural beach. So please don’t forget your sunscreen.

        Fuerteventura: Creative use of jetsam
        Creative use of jetsam

        But this should not be the last natural beach in Fuerteventura’s east for today. So let’s pack up our seven things, head back to the car and continue up the east coast of Fuerteventura north past Costa Calma, Pozo Negro, the airport, Caleta de Fuste with its Playa de Caleta de Fuste, Playa Blanca with fine sand and Puerto del Rosario until we finally reach the long beaches.

        3. The large dune beaches of Corralejo – the postcard motif of Fuerteventura

        The fantastically beautiful white sand dune beaches of Corralejo are probably the most popular postcard motif of Fuerteventura. We can’t miss the beaches in the north, because as soon as we see the first light sand blowing onto the road, we are already at our destination in the Parque Natural de las Dunas de Corralejo. The huge dunes don’t care about roads and can be found on both sides of them. We can now look for a parking space on the road and walk towards the spectacular beaches. But I can recommend you to drive to the two hotels. There is a public car park there. If we have forgotten something, we will also find some shops at the turn-off to the car park.

        Once we arrive at the car park, we walk between the two hotels towards the beach and we are at our destination. Its sheer size, the light fine sand and the rushing turquoise waters make this place my absolute dream beach in the east of the island Fuerteventura.

        Fuerteventura: The big dune beach - an absolute dream beach
        Fuerteventura Beaches East: The big dune beach – an absolute dream beach

        Depending on the weather, the sea is sometimes a bit wilder and sometimes very calm. If you look towards the sea, you will see Lobos island, the seal island, which is hardly inhabited. You can also see Lanzarote from here. As darkness falls, the promenade lighting of the neighbouring Spanish island forms a beautiful backdrop.

        So we settle in on the beach and let the beach, sea and sun have their effect on us and relax. You can really unwind here.

        4. Flag Beach – one of the surfing beaches on Fuerteventura

        If you walk north along the beach, i.e. to the left, around the hotel on the sea side, you will come to Flag Beach, another surfer beach in the east of Fuerteventura. This stretches between the large hotel and the town of Corralejo at the northern end and is very popular with windsurfers and kitesurfers.

        Fuerteventura: Flag Beach, a beach not just for surfing
        Fuerteventura: Flag Beach, a beach not just for surfing

        This one is a bit more rustic and I personally feel that the sea is a bit wilder there. I wouldn’t recommend it for a visit with children, as the large dune beach is much better suited. The best beach for families is still Risco del Paso or the beach directly at the TUI BLUE RIU Calypso.

        We have been on the road all day now and slowly hunger is making itself felt. So we make our way to the car and have to decide: Back to the hotel? Or eat something locally in Corralejo?

        5. Dinner in Corralejo on Fuerteventura

        If you want to eat out in Corralejo, I highly recommend the Avenida restaurant. The portions are not only cheap and generous, they are also incredibly tasty. My definite restaurant tip for Fuerteventura. The restaurant is located in the north-western part of the village, a little off the main road.

        Sunbathed and full, we make our way back to Morro Jable. Thanks to the very well-developed north-south connection, we can get to our hotel very quickly:

        TUI BLUE Riu Calypso
        For Two
        Fuerteventura . Spain

        A day full of beaches is behind us and I have shown you my fantastic four, the most beautiful beaches of Fuerteventura on the east coast.

        Which one is your favourite? Did I maybe even forget one? We look forward to your comments below this post.

        Muchos Saludos y hasta pronto!

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