Where is it hot in December? The best warm destinations in December

You can leave the European winter behind after a few hours of flying and take a holiday in the sun in December. Here you’ll find all the details on warm destinations in December. From medium-haul with pleasant temperatures to long-haul with tropical temperatures – you can find the perfect destinations in December including climate table, flight time and offers in this article.

Check the Foreign travel advice of the UK government for the latest travel restrictions and info about quarantine.

Where is the warmest place to go in December?

Of the warm destinations in December featured in this article, Mexico, Cape Verde, Zanzibar, Thailand and the Dominican Republic crack the 30-degree mark in December with their tropical climates. In Egypt, it can get up to 30 degrees on a hot day at the Red Sea in December, but tending to be a bit “cooler”.

What holiday destinations are hot in December?

Depends on how you feel about the cold. If the water temperature should be at least 25 degrees, only long-haul destinations in Southeast Asia, Africa and the Caribbean come into question. If a short dip in the sea or an unheated pool is enough, the Canary Islands and Egypt are very good choices for warm destinations in December because they are only 4 to 5 hours away by plane.

Where is it hot and cheap for Christmas?

Hot Christmas instead of white Christmas: It is hot in December in the classic winter destinations for Europeans such as Thailand, the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean. But hot and cheap for Christmas? Unfortunately, the time around Christmas and New Year’s Eve is the peak tourist season and thus the most expensive time to travel. You’d have to book very early or be very lucky to get a spontaneous bargain. All in all, the all-inclusive resorts in Egypt still offer good value for money for Christmas under palm trees.

Where is a warm place to go for New Year’s Eve?

The same as for destinations for Christmas also applies to hot destinations for New Year’s Eve. On the long-haul route you will find the really warm holiday destinations for the end of December. Either you can get hold of remaining places or you have booked in good time. The locals in Mexico or Vietnam also want to treat themselves to a special experience at the turn of the year, so accommodation is often booked out well in advance or is correspondingly expensive. If money is no object, you’ll have a real party in Mexico and the Dominician Republic. In the Caribbean they know how to party properly 😉

However, here is an overview of the warm destinations in December.

Canaries: Pleasant temperatures in December

tenerife playa de las teresitas
The most beautiful beach on Tenerife: Playa de las Teresitas


With mild temperatures, a trip to the Canary Islands doesn’t feel like a winter holiday at all! Warm temperatures all year round make the archipelago, just a 4 to 5 hour flight from Europe and off the coast of Africa, one of the most popular warm destinations in December. Each Every Canary island has its own character and offers just the right thing for hikers, party people and lazy people. It’s not really hot in the Canaries in December, but it’s a mild climate. It is warmest on the south side of the volcanic island of Tenerife.

Flight time from UK to Tenerife: approx. 4 to 5 h

Average temperature in December in Tenerife South: 

  • Maximum daytime temperature: 23 degrees Celsius
  • Night temperature: 15 degrees
  • Water temperature: 20 degrees
  • Number of rainy days: 5


Fantastic hotels in the Canary Islands

TUI BLUE Flamingo Beach
For Family
Lanzarote . Spain
TUI BLUE Las Pitas
For Family
Gran Canaria . Spain
TUI BLUE Los Gigantes
For Two
Tenerife . Spain


Egypt: the quintessential December travel destination

Snorkelling Egypt
Snorkelling on the reef, sunshine galore – Egypt has something for everyone


You’ll get many hours of sunshine and summer temperatures in Egypt in December. It’s not hot as hell because of the constant breeze, but the Red Sea is still warm enough for a short snorkelling trip around the coral reefs. For the divers in wetsuits, certainly! If you want to spend Christmas or New Year’s Eve under palm trees with a relatively short journey and a very good choice of all-inclusive hotels with house reefs, Egypt is a top choice among the warm destinations in December. I was in Egypt once for Christmas and Santa came by the beach on a camel 😀 The wind can be a bit chilly, but the beachfront resorts usually have a windbreak on the beach. Of course, you can also combine your Egypt beach holiday with a Nile cruise or trips to the pyramids. Afterwards, you can enjoy the “winter sun” on the beach at Makadi Bay or Sharm El-Sheikh.

Flight time from UK to Hurghada: approx. 5.5 h

Average temperature in December in Hurghada/Egypt:

  • Maximum temperature during the day: 26 degrees Celsius
  • Night temperature: 12 degrees
  • Water temperature: 24 degrees
  • Number of rainy days: 1


All-inclusive Hotels in Egypt

TUI BLUE Crystal Bay
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Hurghada . Egypt
For Two
Hurghada . Egypt
TUI BLUE Makadi Gardens
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Hurghada . Egypt
TUI BLUE Sensatori Coral Sea
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Sharm El Sheikh . Egypt


December beach holidays in the Caribbean: Mexico

riviera maya mexico beach
This is what your Riviera Maya beach could look like


Not only a warm destination in December, but actually the best time to travel to much of Mexico is December. On the Caribbean coast between Cancun and Tulum, the hurricane season is over and the sun is shining from morning to evening. Diving and snorkelling in a cenote, a trip to the stunning Isla Mujeres or just chilling by the pool – the Riviera Maya is simply dreamlike. Add to that the infectious joie de vivre of the Mexicans… I want to go there immediately! Book early, because the country is also known as one of the best warm destinations in December with Canadians and Americans and the best hotels are booked up quickly, especially at Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Flight time direct flights from UK to Cancun: approx. 10-11 h

Average temperature in December in Cancun/Mexico:

  • Maximum daytime temperature: 28° Celsius
  • Night temperature: 18°
  • Water temperature: 25°
  • Number of rainy days: 3


Romantic Adults-only Hotel on the Riviera Maya

TUI BLUE El Dorado Seaside Suites
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Riviera Maya . Mexico


Warm destinations in the Atlantic in December: Cape Verde

sal kapverde beach ponta preta
One of Sal’s endless sandy beaches


Winter season is the best time to travel to the archipelago of Cape Verde. The islands lie off the coast of West Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. As Cape Verde is even further south than the Canary Islands, it has high summer temperatures all year round. In summer, the oppressive humid heat clouds the holiday pleasure in Cape Verde, whereas in December it is dry and warm. The volcanic islands of Fogo, Antao and Santiago are mountainous and perfect for hikers. Sal is the sun-worshipper’s island, consisting practically only of an endless sandy beach. Here you will find the most beautiful hotel resorts with all inclusive where you can relax in style at the wide beaches. My personal tip for a warm destination in December, because it is summery warm and dry with many hours of sunshine, but the flight time is still within limits.

Flight time from UK to Sal: approx. 6 h

Average temperature in December on Sal/Cape Verde:

  • Maximum temperature during the day: 27° Celsius
  • Night temperature: 20°
  • Water temperature: 22°
  • Number of rainy days: 0

Romantic Adults-only Hotel on Sal

TUI BLUE Cabo Verde
For Two
Sal . Cape Verde

Hot in December: Zanzibar

kiwengwa beach tui blu bahari zanzibar
The gorgeous Kiwengwa Beach – directly behind it is the TUI BLUE Bahari Zanzibar hotel
In November and December, the small wet season brings showers and high humidity to the island again and again. If this does not bother you and you are looking forward to warm weather with temperatures of over 30 degrees, I recommend the tropical island of Zanzibar as an option for a warm destination in December. The combination “safari in Tanzania + beach extension Zanzibar” is popular, but the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar is also worth the long journey alone. There’s more here than the perfect picture-book beaches with snow-white sand, turquoise waters and the most beautiful snorkelling spots. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the old quarter of Stone Town has produced a fascinating mix of cultures and architectural styles spanning several centuries. Oh how beautiful is Zanzibar 😉

Flight time from UK to Zanzibar: approx. 12 h

Average temperature in December in Zanzibar: 

  • Maximum temperature during the day: 31° Celsius
  • Night temperature: 23°
  • Water temperature: 28°
  • Number of rainy days: 12

Highly rated resort in Zanzibar

TUI BLUE Bahari Zanzibar
For All
Zanzibar . Tansania


Vietnam holiday in December

Golden Bridge Vietnam
Spectacular! The Golden Bridge in Vietnam.


Roughly speaking, it gets warmer in Vietnam from north to south in December. For a round trip in Vietnam, December is a good time to travel because it is dry and temperate enough for trekking in the north and bathing weather further south. It can still rain, even though the rainy season is mostly over. If you want to be on the safe side, travel to Vietnam in January or February. After a round trip, a beach holiday is a great way to round off the trip. From Hoi An to Phu Quoc, there are countless beaches and great hotels. An exciting warm destination for December!

Flight time from UK to Vietnam: approx. 11 to 12 h

Average temperature in December in South Vietnam: 

  • Maximum temperature during the day: 30° Celsius
  • Night temperature: 21°
  • Water temperature: 28°
  • Number of rainy days: 7


Beach Hotel near Hoi An

For All
Hoi An . Vietnam


Thailand again at last

The world famous James Bond rock of Krabi


Sawaddi kha! Finally, we are heading back to Thailand. The heavy downpours, monsoon clouds and high humidity have mostly cleared and in December Thailand’s beaches beckon with palm trees, blue waters sunshine and hot temperatures. Add to this a fiery Thai green curry and the Thailand holiday feeling is perfect! Whether a cultural tour in Thailand’s north or “just” a beach holiday on one of the many islands – Thailand is Asia for beginners and repeaters and one of the best warm destinations in December. The islands of Koh Samui and Phuket as well as the area around Khao Lak have the best tourist infrastructure for “comfortable normal tourists” in the country. The trip is also possible and fun with children.

Flight time from UK to Phuket: approx. 12 h

Average temperature in Phuket in December:

  • Maximum daytime temperature: 31° Celsius
  • Night temperature: 23°
  • Water temperature: 27°
  • Number of rainy days: 9



Dominican Republic: A Caribbean Dream

TUI BLUE Sensatori Cap Cana
The luxurious TUI BLUE Sensatori Cap Cana near Punta Cana


The Dominican Republic is a winter classic and Punta Cana has beaches at least as beautiful as Zanzibar! In December, the hurricane season and rainy season are over and the warm Caribbean sea glows turquoise in the sun during the European winter months. Chill out all day under tall palm trees and sip a cocktail or two while Latin music lulls you to half-sleep in the background. I was there and I can tell you: it really does look like the photos. And no, it’s not life-threatening to leave the hotel complex, even if some like to claim that so that you spend more money in the hotel complex 😉 For me, one of the best warm destinations in December! Be sure to take a bottle of Brugal home with you for your holiday taste.

Flight time from UK to Punta Cana: approx. 9-10 h

Average temperature in December in Punta Cana:

  • Maximum daytime temperature: 28° Celsius
  • Night temperature: 22°
  • Water temperature: 27°
  • Number of rainy days: 11


Brand new all inclusive resort in Punta Cana

TUI BLUE Sensatori Cap Cana
For All
Punta Cana . Dominican Republic

The paradise islands of the Maldives

TUI BLUE Olhuveli Romance Maldives
SUP in the Maldives – you’ll be happy to fall in the water


The dream come true of an island paradise is definitely the Maldives. For the islands in the Indian Ocean, December is thebest time to travel. The rainy season is finally over. This means clear visibility and calm waters for snorkellers and divers. Perfect for enjoying the underwater world. For surf beginners, the moderate breeze in December in the Maldives is perfect. With 27 degrees water temperature, taking a dip in the sea feels comfortable and cosy. December to March is peak season in the Maldives. So book quickly if this is your favourite choice among the warm destinations in December!

Flight time from UK to Malé: approx. 11 h

Average temperature in December in the Maldives:

  • Maximum daytime temperature: 30 degrees Celsius
  • Night temperature: 24 degrees
  • Water temperature: 27 degrees
  • Number of rainy days: 4


Dream Resort in the Maldives

TUI BLUE Olhuveli Romance
For Two
South Malé atoll . Maldives

Workation: working in a warm destination in December

Beanbag Work TUI BLUE falesia
Getting creative in the TUI BLUE Falesia’s seating area


All your holiday days are used up or you don’t want to/can’t take a holiday between days and still fly to the warm? If your job and employer allow it, pack your laptop in addition to your swimming trunks and work in a quiet hotel room. Ideally, the WLAN is fast and stable and the time difference is not too great. Some hotels offer special rooms with a monitor and desk chair. Here you can find hotels for your work-holiday-workation.


Other popular warm destinations in December: for example Sri Lanka or Costa Rica or cities like Rio de Janeiro and Abu Dhabi. Here you can find the best warm travel destinations in November.

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