Holidays on Zanzibar: welcome to Paradise

Endless white sandy beaches lined with large palm trees, exotic gardens, and a fantastic view of the turquoise Indian Ocean – welcome to a picture-perfect dream holiday in Zanzibar. The TUI BLUE Bahari Zanzibar, newly opened in July 2020, offers you an idyllic stay on one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world.

In the palatial 5-star Zanzibar hotel, you can not only spend an unforgettable honeymoon or a romantic holiday with your partner, but also fantastic family holidays or getaways with friends. Here in the blog I give you some introductory insights into the new TUI BLUE hotel, as well as valuable travel tips for your holiday on Zanzibar. #wanderlust

TUI BLUE Zanzibar sunbeds beach
Dream or reality? Simply paradisiacal.


Tanzania’s East African dream island

Off the East African coast in the Indian Ocean lies the paradise of Zanzibar.
The area belongs to the country of Tanzania and consists of the main island Unguja (also called Zanzibar) and the neighbouring island of Pemba with some small side islands.
The islands enjoy a year-round tropical climate with temperatures around 30 degrees and pleasantly warm water at 25 degrees – a sunny holiday destination for every season.

The TUI BLUE Bahari Zanzibar Hotel – an island paradise

About one hour from the Abeid Amani Karume International Airport is the village of Kiwengwa in Zanzibar. Here the white sand beaches with their regal coconut palms radiate a summer holiday feeling. In the middle of this tropical paradise lies the new addition to the TUI BLUE family: the TUI BLUE Bahari Zanzibar. The 5-star hotel is located directly on the beach of Kiwengwa on the north-east coast of Zanzibar – in the middle of stunning gardens with a view of the Indian Ocean. Guests are greeted here with “Jambo” and “Karibu,” which mean “hello” and “welcome” in Swahili. The people of Zanzibar radiate friendliness and joie de vivre and welcome visitors with wide smiles – here you will feel right at home!

By the way, life on Zanzibar is totally relaxed. “Hakuna Matata,” – no worries – is the life motto here. Thus, the holiday plan on Zanzibar is essentially: simply sit back, relax, and enjoy. Does it get any better? 😉



Welcome to the African-Arabic palace style

Warm colours, modern ambience, and African-Arabic accessories – the deliberately chosen accents of the TUI BLUE Bahari Zanzibar Hotel reflect the flair of the intertwined cultures.

Hotel complex Lobby TUI BLUE Zanzibar
I feel as if I have arrived directly in the vacation country.


Cosy four-poster beds, luxurious furniture, and spacious terraces make the rooms an oasis of retreat during your holidays on Zanzibar. You can stay in the residential villas on the exotic gardens in a deluxe room or in a junior suite.

Rooms at TUI BLUE Zanzibar
Who loves it as much as I do, when you come into the room and it is so beautifully decorated? 🙂


Are you more of a beach or pool type?

When I go out into the sun, I am completely drawn to the beach. Each individual destination’s beaches can be so different and yet still uniquely, fantastically beautiful. However, I am completely blown away by the beaches on Zanzibar: powder-soft white sand glides through my hand while I look at the turquoise and clear water where the sun’s rays are reflected – surrounded by big mighty palm trees whose shadows stretch almost to the sea. I have truly never seen such impressive tropical scenery.


Another fascinating aspect is that the tide is very strong here, which is why the sea disappears for a few hours after the tides. If you keep an eye on the tide, you can walk several kilometres across the seabed at low tide and experience the vibrant, colourful coral reefs up close.


By the way, TUI BLUE actually operates a stretch of private beach – ideal for serene and unbothered sun tanning. The rustic thatched sunshades on the beach loungers make the holiday paradise perfect.

Hotel complex Palms Stairs Zanzibar
Straight to the beach!


Are you more of a pool fan? I must say, the large pool area in the hotel also impresses me. Families can splash around with their kids in the specially designed kids’ pool, while the “grownups” among you can swim some laps in the large pool. Fancy a drink? Order your favourite cocktail at the pool bar and chill out on the sunbeds, which offer plenty of shade thanks to their large umbrellas – cheers to your holiday!

Pool TUI BLUE Zanzibar
1,2,3 – I am the first in the pool.


Enjoy a feel-good culinary programme on your Zanzibar holiday

Fresh fruit, the delicious aroma of spices, sweet pastries, and delicious African specialties – in the five different restaurants and three bars of the TUI BLUE Bahari Zanzibar Hotel on Zanzibar all culinary wishes are covered. In the morning, at lunchtime, and in the evening there are varied buffets with a large selection of international and regional African dishes. A land of milk and honey! East African favourites include delicious fish dishes and tasty spicy dishes like the tasty Urojo soup (also called Zanzibar Mix), which is prepared with wheat flour, pureed mangoes, potatoes, coconut milk, turmeric, and chilli spices.

TUI BLUE Zanzibar
So exotic!


On select evenings you can enjoy a barbecue at the beach bar or live cooking and enjoy the view of the shimmering sea. Deliciously spiced specialties with fish, chicken, or seafood are prepared for you right before your eyes. Here everyone gets their money’s worth! At the Swahili Station you will be offered aromatic African delicacies such as Mchuzi wa kamba, shrimp in coconut milk and spiced with pepper – you must try it! There are also culinary themed evenings with magnificently decorated cooking stations and romantic ambience.

TUI BLUE Zanzibar Live Cooking
I love Live Cooking!


Getting fit in paradise – bring it on!

Forget small, crowded, musty fitness rooms: at the TUI BLUE Bahari Zanzibar Hotel, you can train on an outdoor fitness platform under the bright blue sky. With such a dreamy view of paradise, even the last set of squats feels like a treat! With the BLUEf!t programme you can work on your beach body seven days a week. There are also great group fitness courses such as fascia training, Aquafit, or yoga. You should definitely try out table tennis, squash, or volleyball on the outdoor courts! Between exotic palm trees, tropical sea air, and bright sunshine, it’s like playing on cloud nine. You can also make new friends and get inspired with tips from other guests for your perfect holiday on Zanzibar.

TUI BLUE Zanzibar Volleyball Holiday on zanzibar
Fancy a game of volleyball?


Water sports activities can also be booked for a small fee. Via the BLUE App  you can check out current offers for your holiday on Zanzibar and book directly. If you are in the mood for exercising your balance, you can put yourself to the test while surfing. Or how about a dive through the fantastic underwater world of the Indian Ocean? Excursions on the wooden dhow boats to Mnemba Island or to Prison Island are highly recommended. Here you can enjoy solitary sandy beaches and swim with turtles.

Turtle vacation on Zanzibar
Wie süß!

Experience the countless coral reefs and the colourful hustle and bustle of fish and starfish up close. The clear water and the year-round warm temperatures make Zanzibar an ideal snorkelling area for beginners and professionals. So, who’s ready to find Nemo? ?

Diving zanzibar
Want to explore the underwater world?


Romantic massages, nourishing wellness treatments and fresh sea air

Sensual, fragrant care rituals, relaxing steam baths, and a heavenly setting – sounds like a dream? These dreams will come true on holiday in Zanzibar! In the wellness area of ​​the TUI BLUE Bahari Zanzibar, traditional care treatments and various relaxation options are offered to pamper your body and senses. My favourites: Take a break in the whirlpool and try out the massages in the spa. Very romantic, especially for couples. The wellness or beauty treatments can easily be booked via the BLUE App. The spa pool is a real insider tip for anyone looking for relaxation. #quietoasis

Spa TUI BLUE Zanzibar
Feet up and call it a day! I’m going to take a break now.


Exploration tours on your Zanzibar holiday

In addition to endless dream beaches, there is a lot of history, nature, and culture to discover on Zanzibar. During a visit to the old town of Stone Town the capital Zanzibar City, you can see British churches, sultan’s palaces, museums, and experience African markets. What makes it special? The architecture of the old town reflects the various Indian, European, and Arab cultural influences. This unique cultural mix has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. Here you will find unique photo opportunities for Instagram or your next photo book. 😉

Once the main centre of the slave trade on the East African coast, today moving monuments and museums in Stone Town serve as a reminder of the human trafficking of that time. Stories of the royal families of Zanzibar are told in the Beit-el-Sahel, the palace of the Sultan, which is now a historical museum.

Stone Town Sansibar
Hello Stone Town!


As the world’s largest producer of many spices in the mid-19th century, Zanzibar gained fame under the nickname “Spice Island”.

Even today, spices such as pepper, cloves, nutmeg, chilli, vanilla, or cinnamon are grown, which is why a visit to one of the spice farms on holiday in Zanzibar is a must. On half-day tours to the spice plantations you can learn everything you want to know about spice cultivation. Between the splendid colours and aromatic scents of the farms, you’ll also learn about the various uses of the spices, for example in local dishes, medicines, and at ceremonies.

Spices Zanzibar
If a blog article could smell….;)


Pristine nature and unique flora and fauna can be observed in the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park. In the forest of Jozani you can find rare species of monkeys, colourful birds, bush pigs, over 50 different species of butterflies, and tropical tree species such as mangroves. In particular, the rare Zanzibar colobus monkeys and the Zanzibar duiker antelopes are unique worldwide and only native to Zanzibar. Cuddly bush babies, also called galagos, cavort with nimble monkeys and white-throated lemurs in the lush green treetops and are wonderfully cute to watch. But be careful if you want to take snapshots home with you: the monkeys are attracted to technology and could quickly steal the camera out of your hand.

Colobus monkey Zanzibar
Hello you little monkey!


Are you longing for a dream holiday with a gorgeous tropical backdrop? Then discover the spice island of Zanzibar at the TUI BLUE Bahari Zanzibar. Experience the idyllic, tropical paradise on your next long-distance trip. I wish you a lot of fun on your dream vacation!

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