Ziplining in Tučepi: Pure Adrenaline in the Canyon

The zipline in Tučepi is still relatively new. Only a few years ago, some courageous entrepreneurs decided to bring the trendy sport to the Makarska Riviera and to invest in the necessary infrastructure. I immediately tried this activity and was thrilled. On a total of four lines, I sped through the canyons on the Croatian Adriatic and chased that adrenaline rush to the limit. Now, a few years later, the zipline in Tučepi has grown a bit bigger. With two new lines, the latest of which is longer than any other, I couldn’t resist and decided to zip down the mountain once more on the thin steel with my entourage.

Uphill to the Zipline

“This time we’re walking!” I suggest, and my friends agree with me. Although it’s possible to drive from Tučepi to the zipline’s starting point, we decide to hike into the mountains. During our ascent we chat, joke, and take a look at the old hamlets. Mravičići, Šimići, Srida Sela – each of these stops is beautiful and invites you to linger with a refreshing water source. There’s a reason the place is called Tučepi, or “place on the springs” in the ancient Illyrian language.

view over tucepi
Tučepi between sea and olive trees

Preparation is Everything

At the top of the zipline, the employees of Tip Extreme, the operating company, are waiting for us. Preparations are fast. The attentive staff help us to adjust the equipment and helmets while our guide, Pierre Rogga, explains the procedure and safety precautions. Since Pierre is already known to some of the group, the instruction takes place in a very comfortable atmosphere with a small dose of dark humour. One friend doesn’t like the jokes about breaking lines and fatal falls into the abyss at all. She’s here for the first time and is a bit scared. Pierre assures her that all this is guaranteed to be fun and safe for all participants.

marko in zipline montage
Ready for take-off!

Adrenaline Rush

After getting ready, Pierre is the first to zip to the other side of the canyon. He’ll wait for everyone else to make sure they arrive safely and gently. “Who wants to go next?” asks one of Pierre’s helpers and I immediately jump forward. Being an old hand on the zipline, I trust the pros without a hint of doubt! And off I go – a little adrenaline rush and a few seconds later, I’m on the other side. A minute after that, the friend who was scared arrives. Her hands are shaking, but she was brave. “I just wanted to get it over with – the long wait would have been too painful!” She says with a smile on her face.

pierre from zipline tucepi
Specialist Pierre has an eye for every detail.

Off into the Canyon

On the second line, the hidden canyon of Tučepi shows itself in its full splendour. You can’t see this natural wonder from the sea or the roads that run through Tučepi. That’s why most locals still aren’t familiar with it to this day. I was also one of them until I tried the zipline. This time I try to be creative and jump off the edge, spreading my arms like wings, and fly!

our zipline troupe
The way from one rope to the other is also quite interesting.

Panoramic Descent

Having landed on the other side, we notice a cave behind us. What’s hidden in it? Who knows? Maybe wild animals live there. While we’re still thinking about the possible inhabitants of the grotto, we’ve already arrived at the next line. This one’s not so fast and you can enjoy the beautiful panorama during the descent. I’d like to slow down to enjoy the view, but I’m already at the next platform.

zipline group having fun
All happy faces without exception

This calls for a selfie

Before the next line, a picture frame is put in our hands for taking photos. All smiles, we put our heads in the frame and do a little photo session for Instagram and such. Afterwards, Pierre shows us a new move that only works on this descent. “We call this pose ‘Spider-Man’ – you can try it too,” after which he jumps off the edge, folds his legs over his head on the line, and flies away in the comics book hero’s recognisable pose. Of course I try it out right away and I can confirm: this pose is just awesome! With my head facing down, the trees from the canyon race by very close to my face – pure adrenaline!

zipline group photo selfie
But first, let me take a selfie!

Let Yourself Fall

It’s not far to the next line and Pierre’s assistant shows us how we need to do the next jump. “This is called the ‘Trust Fall’: You have to go to the edge and turn your back to the chasm. After that, let yourself fall loosely backwards.” This jump was a very interesting experience for me. When you fall so loosely off the edge, there are so many alarms going off in your body! Until you feel the pull of the line, you think you’re in danger, which makes this jump exhilarating! If you give it a try, I think you’ll fall in love with the experience too. Pun not intended ;-D

marko zipline departure
Close your eyes and let’s go!

Creative Ziplining

With the last very, very long line, we have the opportunity to get creative again. Some decide to combine the Trust Fall with the Spider-Man, others invent new jumps, and I hold the rope between my hands and just enjoy the fairytale view. What a gem of nature this canyon is!


zipline canyon by tucepi
Zipline in the middle of nature

I’ll be back!

At the end of the tour, a car takes all our stuff directly to the last descent. We have the choice of either being taken by car back to the TUI BLUE Jadran or taking another walk. Of course, we decide on another little hiking adventure to enjoy the beautiful nature around Tučepi and to discuss the great experiences at Zipline Tučepi. We say goodbye to Pierre and his small troupe and head downhill towards the sea. People, trust me and don’t be afraid! With the pros at Zipline Tučepi, this activity is 100% safe and 100% fun!

And if you don’t have enough adrenaline in your blood after this experience, you can let off steam during other action-packed activities in and around Tučepi, such as rafting.

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