Makarska Riviera: Visiting TUI BLUE Jadran

You’ll already start getting to know the Dalmatian region on the way from the Split Airport, on the drive into Tučepi along the Makarska Riviera. Along serpentine roads, the car will wind its way through the impressive Biokovo area. Mountains, ravines, and rocky cliffs can be found as far as the eye can see, making it a hiker’s paradise. From the town of Omiš, you’ll continue on one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Europe – mountain peaks rise up on the left, while crystal clear waters glitter beside small Adriatic towns to the right. This idyllic coastline is appropriately called the “Makarska Riviera”.

Tui blue jadran palm trees
Palm trees, palm trees, as far as the eye can see

Between the Elements

One of these small towns on the Makarska Riviera is Tučepi, where the TUI BLUE Jadran was opened in July 2017. The hotel is one of the most traditional hotels of the Croatian Adriatic, and its historic façade seems to have sprung from the picturesque panorama of azure waters and massive mountains. This union of the two natural elements, along with the union of ease and substance, can be found throughout the hotel grounds. The 80-year-old palm garden lends lushness to the timeless rock-hewn facade, laced with stone terraces and pools, while the ultra-modern and stylish interior stuns with state-of-the-art technology and clean lines. That alone is already impressive, but the best is yet to come!

tui blue jadran room
The rooms, as stylish as the rest of the hotel

While there are two large sun terraces with swimming pools near the beach, the guests of the swim-up suites can expect a very special highlight: their own pool. Wow! The terrace of the suite dips directly into the pool, which is perfectly equipped for both swimming laps and relaxed splashing. And if you need even more relaxation, you can relax in the whirlpool areas. The private sundeck is the icing on the cake of these suites. You remember the palm garden? The swim-up suites‘ private sundecks are now shaded by these impressive trees. Anyone who knows us knows that we love palm trees! After 80 years of growth, these palm trees are the best shade dispensers ever, with their imposing size and abundance. While you make yourself comfortable here, your view can wander unobstructed over the sea of ​​the Makarska Riviera and is only distracted by the small sailing boats with their colourful sails.

tui blue jadran swim-up suite
From the private terrace directly into the pool

A trip from the hotel

But, one should also leave the sun sometimes, and for this Tučepi is ready with many charming highlights. A short walk from the palm garden leads to the resort’s beach promenade on the Makarska Riviera. During the walk, you’ll discover an ice cream shop with the most delicious and imaginative varieties: “Waffle or cup? One or two scoops?” You know it’s a good day if these are the toughest decisions you’ll make. You’ll also find tempting Dalmatian street food á la spicy corn on the cob, several small shops to scour for souvenirs, cafes and restaurants, or small green areas populated with aloe vera plants and cacti – all of which invite you to linger. On the way back it is worthwhile to branch off from the beach promenade into the small side streets and enjoy the typical, tranquil houses and gardens of the Makarska Riviera.

makarska riviera kiosk
Locals and tourists talk at one of the numerous kiosks

Surprises of the Makarska Riviera

For the very attentive, a special focal point can be found down these side streets. Along the modern driveway to the TUI BLUE Jadran, you could almost literally stumble over a small, picturesque cathedral and its forecourt. And when I say small, I really mean small. The interior houses just 4 prayer benches and a small altar. Even during the Roman Empire a (then minority) Christian cathedral sat at this spot, though it was eventually destroyed. In 1311, the present cathedral was built on the old ruins of the first on the Makarska Riviera, and dedicated to St. George. Since then, neither storms nor architectural changes in Tučepi have managed to affect the little cathedral. Now surrounded by modern hotel facilities, the timeless cathedral seems both foreign and completely natural to the surroundings.

tucepi makarska riviera cathedral
The small cathedral, nestled by the hotel

Cuisine for everyone

Back at TUI BLUE Jadran, the roof terrace of the main restaurant, “The Restaurant”, offered the hungry among us a unique view of the spectacular sunset over the Mediterranean on the Makarska Riviera. While a shallow breeze danced around us, we enjoyed the wine that comes mostly from Croatia. In addition, Croatian-Dalmatian dishes were freshly prepared before our eyes. And if this sounds too meat- and fish-heavy, I can only recommend the varied vegan and vegetarian menu.

tui blue jadran restaurant
The restaurant has something for every taste, including vegetarian and vegan

Modern, reliable, always up to date: the BLUE App

In the evening, the varied entertainment programme invited us to the poolside hotel bar. With live music in my ears and a fruity cocktail in hand, I watched from a daybed as the day perfectly faded away, and gathered strength for the other destinations on the Makarska Riviera. Find your inspiration in the easy-to-use and clearly arranged BLUE App, which can also be used to book sports equipment, the various workshops on offer, or destinations such as Omiš. A morning yoga class on the beach makes up for the second scoop of ice cream. In addition, the app provides all the useful information about the hotel, check-in and check-out times, breakfast and dinner times, or simply the weather forecasts. Make your holiday in Tučepi special!

woman tui blue app
The BLUE App, the mobile know-it-all

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