Indoor cycling: Why is it so much fun?!

As I browsed through some fitness magazines, I came across the subject again and again, and I also noticed more posts about it on social media – indoor cycling! It’s said to be the perfect workout for the body and mind. I, on the other hand, thought that it would be quite boring to cycle for 45 minutes in the same spot. But heck: Challenge accepted! After training with the fitness tracker in the BLUEf!t room, it’s time for another BLUEf!t self-experiment and my next blog post!

Tuesday evening, 5:15 pm, indoor cycling with our indoor cycling and mountain bike expert Alex. I found myself in front of the BLUEGym with the other participants at the TUI BLUE Palm Garden. Alex took the time to set up each bike with each participant individually. “Please stand next to the bike”. Said and done. “The seat is set too high for you. It should be set at waist height. Now get on the bike again,” said Alex. Indeed, everything seemed to be set perfectly for me – seat and handlebars.

indoor cycling bikes sun
Our bikes stand ready for action

Alex added that it is very important to adjust everything individually to prevent back pain or knee pain caused by incorrect posture. I noticed a small red knob on the bike, and asked Alex what it was and if I should turn it at some point to adjust something. Alex began to grin. He said that we would turn to it soon enough …

However, as an absolute cycling novice, I suspected nothing good!

Boredom? We cycled through mountains

All participants were ready and all the bikes properly adjusted. After Alex had reassured himself that everyone felt good and nobody had any physical ailments, he blared the music and we started to cycle slowly. My body began to feel the rhythm and the bike almost began to pedal itself – at least at first. “Now we leave the paved road and head up the hill! Everyone please turn the red knob once,” I heard Alex call out joyfully, exuding motivation.

indoor cycling red knob
The (red) knob of horror

Aha. I quickly learned that the red knob was for the resistance of the pedals. I knew that the red knob didn’t bode well, but I didn’t suspect that it would turn out to be a real devil. So we cycled and cycled and cycled. At Alex’s request we adjusted the pedal resistance, biking through the Taunus, through the Alps, and sometimes it almost felt like the Tour de France. With each exercise, the song changed, and I started to feel pretty exhausted!

I’m on the Highway to Hell

“I’m on the hiiiighwaaaay to heeeeell” the speakers loudly declared.

Yes, I thought to myself, you can say that again. And my legs burned like fire as we approached the next hill! Nevertheless, I had to laugh at myself. How could I believe that indoor cycling was boring – quite the contrary: I can really pump out and have a lot of fun! No trace of boredom! We continued cycling, sometimes faster and sometimes slower, sometimes over green meadows and sometimes up the mountains – depending on what Alex described to us.

indoor cycling trainer alex
Coach Alex, always in view

He motivated the group again and again, and I didn’t even realise that I had been cycling for 35 minutes. I increased the resistance a bit, because we were now on the last mountain stage and I wanted to give it my all! As the speakers played “Eye of the Tiger,” each participant pedaled fiercely. Finally we arrived and Alex showed us some mercy. I looked around. All my fellow sufferers were bathed in sweat, and at the same time seemed relaxed and satisfied – including me!

Indoor cycling: 2 in 1 – equal parts effort and relaxation

Wow! I was totally exhausted, my legs burned, I was completely out of breath, and thanks to the imaginary tour, I felt like a professional cyclist. The particularly great thing is I think that everyone can join, since the difficulty is individually adjustable – namely with the little red torture knob. It’s a great cardio workout with a significant fun factor, which simultaneously works the leg muscles, abs, and back muscles. Alex really spurred me on and invested a lot of energy. Indoor cycling definitely has the potential to become one of my favourite sports!

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