Winter Wellness Weekend on the Fleesensee

The frosty days of winter are not far away, and I long for cuddly warmth and a soothing spa. That’s why I treat myself to a relaxed “well-being” weekend at the BLUE Spa in the TUI BLUE Fleesensee.

Fleesensee Hotel BLUE Spa reception
My spa weekend starts with a cheerful smile at the reception desk of the BLUE Spa.

With Book and Bikini at the BLUE Spa

I don’t need anything more for my winter wellness weekend on the Fleesensee. First, I choose one of the thickly padded lounge chairs, which has a nice view from the large windows of the winter garden, then enjoy the summery 30° Celsius at the pool. Gorgeous… It feels like a holiday!

Fleesensee hotel indoor pool
At 30° Celsius ambient temperature, you can easily stay poolside.

I could spend hours lounging and reading, but since I have no pool, sauna, or salt grotto at home, I don’t want to waste any time. So down with the novel and into the pleasantly warm water for a few laps. Oh, a bubble bench! Wonderful. I opt to linger here for a few minutes before going into the first sauna to sweat. After all, I’m here to recharge my batteries during my spa weekend on the Fleesensee!

Thawing Out My Nose

I enjoy the hot air (“warm” would be understated at 90° Celsius), which heats me up from the inside with every breath. What a contrast to my icy winter walk for a few hours down by the lake. In the Finnish sauna at the BLUE Spa, my cold feet are quickly warmed up and my nose thaws again. I love the warm wood scent and the soft crackling of the stove. Beads of sweat trickle down my legs and tickle me. I could almost fall asleep. I have time. But it’s too hot for me too stay too long, and the hourglass is almost out. I prefer to sit up so that my circulation is activated.

woman wellness sauna fleesensee
Finally switching off…

Submerged – On a Waterbed

But first an (almost) cold shower. But I don’t dare to go under the water bucket. After cooling off, I feel a bit chilly again, so I head to the relaxation room with the waterbeds. Here, I cuddle up in my bathrobe and the prepared blankets. The light is dimmed and soothing music plays softly. The waterbed under me is very soft and I sink into it. I pay attention to taking deep breaths down into my belly, as I learned yesterday from BLUEfit Guide Marc at the Atem Fit course.

Inhale ——- exhale —— inhale ——– exhale ——— fall asleep.

Fleesensee winter garden hotel
If the waterbed is too undulating for you, you can relax on comfortable lounge chairs with a lake view.

A loud snore startles me. I sit up. Was that me? There are three other guests in the room with me. No one stirs. Hm, sleep well… Wow, I’m completely submerged in deep relaxation. I didn’t notice anything at all. That’s how I imagine my wellness holiday. Now I hear the soft music again. What time is it? I hope I haven’t missed the sauna infusion that I really wanted to join.

I try to get up quietly from my waterbed so as not to disturb the others sleeping, but it’s like I’m on a puff pastry. How do you get out of a waterbed, please? The mattress sinks deeply everywhere, no matter where I put my weight. I carefully glance right and then left to see if anyone stirs. When I’m sure no one’s watching, I roll right out of the waterbed.

Wellness Weekend to My Taste

I’m in luck. The infusion is in 17 minutes. Since I have time, I make my way through the pools of the Kneipp grotto. Brr, the water is cold, but it’s reviving. I do the rounds until my feet are completely red and I get a little restless, keeping my eye on the sauna entrance so I can secure my spot.

woman kneipp pool fleesensee
The Kneipp pool, getting my circulation going.

The organic sauna is filling up slowly but surely, so I prefer to be on my way. The spots around me are quickly occupied and everyone is looking forward to the sauna master, who doesn’t keep us waiting long.

Marc the BLUEfit Guide is the last to enter the sauna, and he comes in with a filled bucket, a ladle, and a fan. Yes, really, a very nice fan with Chinese patterns.

Feel like an infusion?

“Who ordered a sweat?” With this question, he thaws out all the guests, including me. “Us!” we respond unanimously without fear. “Wonderful. Then we’ll start in a few seconds. A little about me: I’m Marc, the BLUEfit Guide at the hotel. If you feel like doing fitness, come to me. To drain the sauna infusion, there will be 3 rounds of 3 ladles. Today, with the fragrance “Christmas cookies”. Enjoy the flavour. Another important note: everyone needs to pay attention to their health. If it gets too hot, go out and have a drink. If it’s not enough for you, you’re welcome to ask for seconds And finally, since we’re sweating together, there’s no need for formality.”

Fleesensee hotel sauna infusion
For a real wellness weekend, you shouldn’t miss out on the infusion in the sauna.

There’s chuckling and a murmur of approval from all sides, and then Marc pours the first ladle of “Christmas cookies” on the glowing stove. The unmistakable hiss of the infusion sweetens my wellness weekend on the Fleesensee.

First one, then two, then three, then four?

Mmm, it smells like delicious gingerbread and cinnamon. With light strokes of the fan, Marc wafts the “Christmas cookies” around our ears. The aroma is so intense that I can taste the gingerbread. I close my eyes and take a deep breath of the hot, fragrant air.

woman outside fleesensee
The fresh winter air is especially nice to breathe in.

After three intense infusion rounds, Marc announces: “If you want, you can cool off in the Fleesensee via the access to our bathing jetty.” We clap enthusiastically to thank him for the great and well-moderated warm-up. Everyone is satisfied and nobody asks for a 4th round. I would be out anyway. I’m among the first to leave the sauna and cool down in the sauna garden. I don’t need to go into the lake in December; I’ll leave that to the die-hard spa holidaymakers.

Sleeping in the Salt Grotto

When I come back from cooling off in the winter air, there’s an available lounger in the salt grotto. At the door, a sign lets you know that you should enter the salt grotto on the hour or half-past the hour and spend at least 30 minutes breathing the salty air. Here I put my feet up and continue enjoying my spa weekend on the Fleesensee. Good thing I packed plenty of time to relax.

woman salt grotto spa fleesensee
And I’m gone…

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