Makarska Riviera: The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches

The Makarska Riviera is one of the most gorgeous and well-known stretches of coastline in Croatia. The area, named after the village of Makarska, stretches over 53 kilometres along the Adriatic coast. Crystal clear water in all imaginable shades of blue and pine-lined beach sections characterise the Makarska Riviera. But which of these beaches is the most stunning? And which should you not, under any circumstances, miss during your visit? I went ahead and tested the beaches for you, and here’s my selection of the most beautiful beaches on the Makarska Riviera! These are my most beautiful beaches of the Makarska Riviera:

10. Plišivac Beach – Podgora

In Tučepi’s neighbouring village of Podgora, there lies a thin, white beach called Plišivac. With only one restaurant and café, this area of Makarska is rather quiet. Nevertheless, it can get quite crowded here in the high season. So get there with plenty of time and make sure you get a spot on this beautiful pebble beach which, because of the way it’s situated, makes you feel in some places like you’re on an island.

plisivac beach makarska riviera
Plisivac beach

9. The Slatina, Ratac, Kraj, and Kamena Beaches – Tučepi

Four beaches at once? What’s that about? Since I come from Tučepi and live in Tučepi, I see these four beaches as one, because in the past it was actually like that. Before the construction of the marina, the beach in Tučepi was the longest beach on the Makarska Riviera – although not the entire Adriatic coast – at almost four kilometres! Clean and with countless restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, and boutiques, this beach looks so picturesque today.

tucepi beach makarska riviera
The beach of Tucepi

8. Garma Beach – Podgora

Between Podgora and Tučepi lies a piece of easily accessible wilderness. Popular with both clothed and unclothed bathers. There’s virtually no infrastructure in the immediate vicinity, so you should bring drinks and snacks with you. The adjacent pines and olive groves provide shade and make this beach a real piece of heaven on earth.

garma beach makarska riviera
Garma Beach

7. Cvitačka Beach – Makarska

At the northwestern end of the town of Makarska is the Cvitačka Beach. Although this beach has far fewer visitors than other parts of the beach in the centre of Makarska, there are many cafés and restaurants and a wide range of water sports. Again, friends of nudism find a designated area to pursue their passion

cvitacka strand makarska riviera
Cvitacka Beach

6. Igrane Beach – Djevičanska

This isolated beach between Igrane and Drašnice offers something you will rarely find – natural springs with clean drinking water just a few metres from the sea. A gravel road and a thin path lead to a pretty shore – sturdy footwear is recommended!

djevicanska beach makarska riviera
Djevicanska beach

5. Ramova Beach – Makarska

Between Makarska and Krvavica and in the immediate vicinity of the above-mentioned Cvitačka Beach lies the Ramova Beach. Since Ramova is still a little farther away from the well-known beach sections, you can spend a nice afternoon here in peace under the shade of the pine trees. A little farther towards Krvavica, there’s an area where you can also go swimming with your four-legged friends.

ramova beach makarska riviera
Ramova beach

4. Živogošće Beach – Plaža Velika Duba

The best way to get to this beach is from the northwest side, because the view will blow you away! The long cape with a white beach is reminiscent of a tropical island. One tip: Since there’s not much natural shade here, it would be good to bring a parasol.

velika duba strand makarska riviera
Velika Duba beach

3. Nugal Beach – Makarska

If you follow the right gravel road on Makarska’s Osejava peninsula in the direction of Tučepi, you’ll end up on one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Makarska Riviera. Hundreds of metres from the first houses is one of the most famous nude beaches in Croatia – Nugal. The beach is in the shadow of a huge cliff, from which a waterfall plummets into a small lake during the winter months. Lined with very tall and very old pine trees, Nugal is a true dream beach.

nugal beach makarska riviera
Nugal beach

2. Brela Beach – Punta Rata

In 2004, the American magazine Forbes named Punta Rata Beach as the most beautiful beach in Europe. This beach, lying on a wooded cape, is also famous for an unusual natural phenomenon – a pine tree that grows on a rock just off the coast. This mini-island is also featured on the coat of arms of the municipality of Brela, and you may have already seen it in many photos of the Makarska Riviera.

brela beach punta rata makarska riviera
The beach of Brela

1. Plaža Beach Jadran – Tučepi

Just below the TUI BLUE Jadran, a turquoise sea lapping at white pebbles in front of a shady cypress and pine forest awaits you. Equipped with a private jetty, a bar with delicious cocktails, and a location close to town, but also isolated enough to never be too crowded, this beach leaves nothing to be desired. For these reasons, Jadran Beach is, in my opinion, the most beautiful beach on the Makarska Riviera and thus deserves to be at number 1.

jadran beach makarska riviera 2
The beach in front of the TUI BLUE Jadran

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