Croatia beach holiday: The five best hotspots for swimming in Makarska

Croatia and beach holidays – for me that is like the sea and the wind, like salt and pepper, like two sides of a coin. Without a doubt, the most beautiful beaches of Dalmatia are located on the Makarska Riviera. Stones, rocks, and striking cliffs form the landscape, decorated with fragrant pine forests. The Makarska Riviera stands out for its dreamy beaches and bays, which usually consist of golden to white pebble sand. And where there is a pebble beach, crystal-clear, turquoise-coloured sea is not far. Here are my tips for your Croatia beach holiday and the best hotspots for swimming around Makarska.

1. Colourful bustle on the Centralna Plaža

Aerial view of Makarska coast
Aerial view of Makarska – © Nadtochiy

As the name suggests, the Centralna Plaža is the main beach of Makarska. Lying not far from the city centre, this beach is one of the liveliest and most popular beaches in the area, which is certainly not just because of the many restaurants and bars nearby, but also because of the many sports and recreational opportunities that are offered here. From volleyball and beach tennis to water skiing, sailing, and our own entertainment programme, everything that will make your beach day fun and action-packed is on offer. The Centralna Plaža stretches for 1.5 kilometres – here everyone will find what thrills them.

2. Party people unite! …on the Buba beach

Group of young people jumps on the beach
Buba Beach is perfect for party people –, © luckybusiness

Northwest of the centre of Makarska, partygoers can find an ideal hotspot to combine their Croatia beach holiday with seaside revelry. Surrounded by small rock foothills, the 150-metre-long Buba beach is usually well-filled with young people dancing beneath the sun to loud dance and house beats, swimming in shallow water in front of the fine-gravel beach, or relaxing with delicious cocktails at the beach bar. At this beach it is quite easy to meet new people – this is where I made the most contacts during my Croatian beach holiday. Also advantageous: If you’re not a night owl, you can find the party on Buba Beach during the daytime.

3. The natural jewel: Punta Rata in Brela

Punta Rata Beach in Brela
Punta Rata Beach in Brela –, © JuliaNaether

If you are nature lover, this beach will blow you away! It was chosen by Forbes in 2004 as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world, and if it was up to me, the Punta Rata in Brela would definitely take first place. This impression seems rather unusual at first glance; the beach is neither very long nor wide and has no real entertainment programme. But you can find here, just 20 kilometres outside of Makarska, one of the cleanest beaches on the Makarska Riviera. The Punta Rata has been awarded the Blue Flag, which certifies the highest degree of ecological purity of the sea. The crystal-clear water doesn’t leave any doubts about its purity, and even the bright white pebbles – the whitest you will ever see on a beach during a Croatian beach holiday – put the icing on the cake. The underwater eddies in the sea are what make bathing in this place a special experience. After only a few metres, you can relax in the natural whirlpools and pay nothing extra for this special bathing experience.

4. Paradise on the Nugal Beach

Nugal Beach
Nugal Beach –,
© lukaszimilena

Nugal Beach is located about 2 kilometres southwest of Makarska, and can best be reached on foot or by boat. I recommend the walk through the Osejava Forest – so you can add just a little nature experience to your Croatia beach holiday, and get an impression of the wonderfully pristine natural environment. The beach is located in a secluded bay halfway between Makarska and Tučepi, and is considered a little Eden by those in the know. The latter should be taken literally, because the beach is nudist friendly. Another special feature of the Nugal Beach is that it’s situated at the bottom of a waterfall from a river in the nearby Biokovo mountain range. This beautiful detail blends seamlessly into the idyll of the place, making it one of the top beach spots on Makarska’s Riviera.

5. Croatia beach holiday on Jadran Beach

Jadran Beach
Jadran Beach – our home beach

Why look in the distance, when there’s plenty to see up close? If you walk from Nugal beach towards Tučepi, you will come to Jadran beach. Jadran Beach is the beach of our hotel, the TUI BLUE Jadran, and is nestled in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of the Makarska Riviera. A small but fine pebble beach, secluded from the much larger and busier beach in Tučepi, with shady pine trees and gorgeous, transparent water. Immediately behind Jadran Beach rise the rugged Biokovo Mountains, which frame the entire coastline. The beach gently slopes into the almost “Caribbean azure” of the sea, and is therefore well suited for younger bathers. In the evening it’s especially romantic. As the sun turns red-hot towards its fall behind the islands, the entire stretch of beach is bathed in warm light and a unique atmosphere – certainly the most romantic (and picture-perfect) moment of the day.

So pack your swimming trunks, because these hotspots for swimming around Makarska are worth it. But I have a bonus tip for your Croatian beach holiday – after all, no one said you can only swim in the sea, right? In our swim-up suites at TUI BLUE Jadran, you can enjoy the luxury of your own private pool without having to miss out on the views of the Croatian Adriatic.

I wish you lots of fun while swimming and splashing!

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