Breakfast with a View – Feasting at the Turkish Village Breakfast

Breakfast overlooking the sea at ​​Sarigerme, and very traditional Turkish things. At the village breakfast, the TUI BLUE Sarigerme Park offers: Turkish pastries, various egg specialties, coffee, and countless little treats… While the sun rises from behind the mountain, I’m served in the small gallery, the so-called “Sunset View” far away from the breakfast served in the restaurant. I tried out the village breakfast at TUI BLUE. How it tasted and which Turkish delicacies you can look forward to, you’ll find out in this blog post. Have fun reading; by the end, your mouth will be watering 😉


Fantastic sea view and unique atmosphere included

Getting to know the local culinary specialties is just part of my holiday. The à la carte restaurant Levante already won me over with Turkish dishes for dinner, so today I’d like to have a breakfast that’s typical for the country. Of course you’ll find some of the delicacies I talk about at the normal breakfast buffet too, buuuuut:
Nowhere else can you get such a grandiose view, such a unique atmosphere, and such classic treats served for breakfast as you can at the village breakfast. Believe me, it’s worth it!

My tip: Register for the village breakfast well in advance through the BLUE App or with one of the hotel’s BLUE Guides. The number of participants is limited, but the quiet, cordial ambience is what makes the breakfast special. This is the only way to guarantee that every breakfast guest will also receive their “all-round carefree package”.
So if you’d like to have breakfast with a beautiful view of the beach and the hotel area, and you want to be served at the table instead of the buffet, then this is the place for you.

Village Breakfast Sea View Turkish specialties
The beautiful view of the beach and the sea at the Turkish village breakfast


The Early Bird – Breakfast at Summer Morning Temperatures

The village breakfast starts early. From 7:00 am to 10:00 am, you can feast and enjoy. Shortly after seven, I leave my room and stroll through the still quiet and deserted hotel complex in the direction of Sunset View. No wonder, I’ve never been up so early while on holiday as I am today. But don’t worry; those who’d like to sleep longer, of course, can come a bit later – that’s up to you.

The Sunset View at the TUI BLUE Sarigerme Park is located on a hillside overlooking the sea and the whole complex. Once at the top, I sit down at a table. Immediately, a friendly and radiant employee comes up to me and brings me a glass of orange juice. Unasked – wonderful! I cast my gaze to the sea, take in the view, breathe in the summer morning air, and take a sip of freshly squeezed juice. It’s wonderful, a moment to remember when I’m back in the office next week.


So Many Goodies at the Turkish Village Breakfast

Slowly, a few other guests come in as well. The space of the gallery is small and intimate. In total, there’s space for around 20 guests here. Just a village breakfast as the name suggests. 😉
Here comes the food already – at least a part of it. Beautifully arranged small dishes with typical Turkish delicacies are placed in the middle of the table. There’s also a bread basket with wholegrain rolls, sweet puff pastries, Turkish bread baked with cheese, and a traditional sesame ring, the simit. “Would you like a cup of Turkish coffee?” asks the thoughtful staff member. But of course.

Simit rolls
Tasty bakery products of the Turkish cuisine


So, here we go: I grab the simit ring and look at the Turkish plate with its many specialties.
In addition to ham, cheese, olives, butter, a spicy tomato paste, sheep cheese, rocket, parsley, tomatoes, and slices of cucumber, melon, sweet orange peel, and nuts, there’s also kaymak, the Turkish butter.
I break off a piece of simit and coat it with the sheep’s cheese and a bit of parsley: deliiiicious.

Now I notice the slightly darker ham. I ask the waiter what it is. “This is pastırma, a spicy beef jerky,” he says. “And here we have reçel çeşitleri, different jam varieties. And of course our bal, the delicious bee honey,” he adds.
Since I feel like something sweet, I reach for the honey. It tastes amazing!

Turkish specialties bread spread
Typical Turkish delicacies for breakfast


A little later, I’m asked if I want a hard-boiled egg or a fresh fried egg. I opt for a fried egg. Incidentally, you can also get that with sucuk, the Turkish garlic sausage. The fried egg is served in a small pan. In addition, I also get gözeleme, a thin flatbread from yufka dough, which is freshly prepared by a lady in the background. The warm bread literally melts in my mouth. It tastes delicious!

Village breakfast fried egg pan
The fried egg, which the nice service employee prepared for me freshly in a small pit


While enjoying the view of the sea, I get coffee or tea on request. The server goes around every time fresh gözeleme is ready and asks every single guest if they want to try it. Gözeleme can be filled with very different ingredients. Whether with spinach, potatoes, or just plain, it all tastes way too good to stop! Although I’m already quite full, I can’t miss out on menemen. Menemen is a kind of omelette that can be prepared according to my wishes with fresh ingredients such as tomatoes, cheese, or sucuk. Again in a small pan, I get served the fresh omelette. Very, very tasty…


#Happyme – I’m Ready for the Day!

Meanwhile, it’s already 9:00 am and more and more people are moving through the complex. I take my last sip of coffee and take in the beautiful view once again. Freshly fortified for the day, I thank the staff for the à la carte village breakfast.

Beach sea village breakfast woman looking at the sea
Breakfast with such a fantastic view – I could get used to it 😉


I’ll definitely remember the village breakfast, and it’s a good alternative to the morning bustle at the buffet. I got to know the Turkish cuisine even better. So what are you waiting for? Look up in the BLUE App when the village breakfast takes place and sign up – it’s worth it. 😉 I’ll go for a walk on the beach before going back for lunch… There are just so many tasty Turkish dishes to try.

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