Low carb: A healthier lifestyle with fewer carbohydrates

“I want to eat healthier and more balanced food.” – We all know this typical annual resolution. I also had this wish. With the help of a low carb diet, I finally managed to feel better and live healthier.

Are you interested in low carb and looking for some inspiration? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog article, I would like to explain the term low carb in more detail and give you an overview with my information and experiences. Of course, I also have a super delicious recipe for you!

Low carb – what is it actually?

Basically, it’s quite simple. The term “low-carb” comes from the English language and literally means “low carbohydrates”. Low carb thus refers to various forms of nutrition or diets in which the proportion of carbohydrates in daily meals is reduced. Since the low carb diet has moved from the USA more and more into Europe, there are always new and different approaches to the topic of low carb.

In this blog article, one thing is particularly important to me: low carb does not necessarily have to be a diet, but can also be seen as a long-term form of nutrition.
Of course, it is clear that if you eat fewer carbohydrates you will also lose a few kilos. Just keep in mind that it is not about eating as few carbohydrates as possible, but as many as are perfect for you.
After all, you want to eat healthy and give your body the nutrition it needs.

Which foods are low-carb

First of all, I want to make it clear that there is no general ban on certain foods when it comes to low carb. But, as you can probably guess, it doesn’t make sense to eat your daily carbohydrate intake in the form of chocolate or crisps, as they won’t fill you up or give your body enough nutrients. So it won’t work without letting go of one habit or another. Believe me, this was very hard for me too at first, but I can promise you: Over time, it will get easier and easier to give up your favourite treats!

In order to help you with your low-carb diet as best as possible, I have summarised a few foods with few carbohydrates for you:

– vegetables (except potatoes, parsnips, etc.)
– meat
– fish
– salad
– nuts & seeds

Low carb – How carbohydrates work in our body

But why exactly should you avoid carbohydrates in your low carb diet? To give you a better understanding of how carbohydrates work in our bodies, let’s take a quick look at their chemical composition. It is important to know that the human body gets its energy from simple sugars such as glucose or fructose. These types of sugar are found in many foods and are transported in the blood.

Carbohydrates are not simple sugars – they consist of longer chains. The body must therefore first convert them into simple sugars before it can use them as an energy source. It takes even more effort for our organism to obtain energy from fat molecules, which consist of very long hydrocarbon chains.
Carbohydrates are therefore “the easier way” to get energy quickly. And this is precisely the crux of the matter: if you deprive your body of carbohydrates by deliberately avoiding them in your diet, it is forced to fall back on its own fat reserves. This almost inevitably leads to weight loss.

So low carb helps you lose weight – but it also has other health benefits. A reduction in body fat relieves the organs. “Civilisation diseases”, which are often associated with the typical diet in western industrialised countries, occur less frequently. You will also quickly notice that you feel much fitter, as your blood sugar level no longer fluctuates so much and your own performance is maintained thanks to the regulated energy supply.


Low carb is delicious – Our Bluef!t recipe

Every beginning is hard: I think we all know the phrase. But unfortunately it is also the case with a low carb diet. To help you get started, I’ve brought along one of my favourite low-carb recipes: salmon mousse. Sure, mascarpone and co. Not exactly healthy, but still low carb. I have added a healthier alternative.

– 300 g smoked salmon
– lemon juice
– a pinch of wasabi paste
– 150 g mascarpone (alternative: 150 g low-fat cream cheese)
– 6 tablespoons whipped cream (alternative: 6 tablespoons low-fat natural yoghurt)

Are you looking for detailed instructions for this recipe? In our video, we show you exactly how to prepare this salmon mousse and give you more exciting tips.

Watch our video now and bring The Taste of TUI BLUE home!

Lose weight healthily with low carb – we will help you

To support your low carb diet, I recommend that you exercise and move more in your daily life to further boost fat burning. At TUI BLUE, we have put together fitness programmes for you that you can complete in our high-intensity workouts at our TUI BLUE hotels. Our BLUEf!t Bodyweight Course, for example, is perfect for this.

On request, one of our BLUEf!t guides will show you which exercises are useful for a low-carb diet and tailor an individual training programme to your needs. Our BLUEf!t guides know exactly how to make the most of the effects of a low-carb diet without having to sacrifice taste and enjoyment: For our low-carb breakfast, for example, we have a bowl of natural yoghurt with fruit instead of the usual muesli and the sandwich is simply replaced by a delicious omelette.

Believe me – the choice of low-carb dishes and recipes is huge – and you can eat your fill of everything.

So, head for the buffets at TUI BLUE and enjoy your low-carb meal!

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