BLUE App – the mobile know-it-all for your holiday!

The BLUE App has been a faithful companion for many travelers at TUI BLUE hotels, both during their stay and after they leave. We’ll tell you why the app is so great, and what it can do, in this blog post!

With the BLUE App, your holiday is as easy as going anywhere else: Gone are the times when you had to fill out long registration forms for planned activities and rush from place to place, only to find the course fully booked. The BLUE App is an organizational platform, information tool, and social network all in one!

TUI BLUE from A to Z

When you first open the BLUE App, the first thing you’ll see is the current daily program. This shows all the activities in which you can participate, listed by the day and time. With the small funnel icon up in the corner, you can filter the agenda by interests; activities that you marked with a star appear in the watch list under the star symbol, up in the blue bar. The search function helps you find specific activities, for instance: keeping an eye out for volleyball. A small slider at the bottom tells you about the weather and how the temperatures at your holiday spot will develop throughout the day. So you can plan outdoor activities better with the weather conditions in mind. On the agenda, you can see the exact place where your activity will take place; hungry individuals can see in the overview that the restaurant is open. Table reservations for our à la carte restaurants can be made in the BLUE App, so you can take her to dinner without delays and feast on!


Detailed information about each area of TUI BLUE hotels are stored in the A-Z tab; tips for excursions and attractions can be found here as well. In the menu item BLUEf!t – Sport & Spa, you can learn more about the holistic fitness and recreation concept of TUI BLUE. Short texts explain our concept for you: Sports equipment, fitness classes, and spa treatments. So you can get good insight into the local variety before even booking a reservation.

It’s very easy to book activities in the BLUE App

Many tour activities and fitness classes and be reserved at any time via the BLUE App. To do this, simply select your desired activity in the daily overview (e.g. archery, taster course, surfing, cooking class), and then click on the “Reserve” button (if a reservation is required) – or the “Login” button. Then you will be asked to enter your name and room number. After submitting the request, a confirmation will appear directly on your screen and you will see your booking under “Reservations” in the app’s main menu. Here you can find your booking number, booking time, and all other information on the activity. Particularly practical: If you want to make a reservation for more than one person, you can easily book the desired number of people if you have their room numbers.

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The menu options under the tab “Services” will help you if you need support or have a special request. Need extra hangers, a blanket, or a taxi? Is there a burned-out light bulb in the room, or do you need your favorite shirt cleaned quickly? – No problem! Through the BLUE App, you can inform the hotel staff, who will fulfill your wishes in no time. It’s also possible to exchange information with other guests. In the main menu bar, you will find a bulletin board where guests can post articles on different topics and comment, in addition to calling the front desk.


The BLUE App is always there for you – so are our BLUE Guides

And the best thing about the BLUE App? All of the functions can also be used before and after your holiday. The BLUE App is absolutely right for anyone who wants to plan out a daily program in detail prior to arrival. Those who want learn about the BLUE App personally or have questions about how to use it can get an on-site introduction with specialized BLUE Guides who can patiently explain all of the app’s functions. And even after departure, the app is worth another look: There are constantly new features being added, and there’s a contact wall where you can find new friends or answer questions from newcomers. We look forward to seeing a growing community at TUI BLUE!

P.S. You don’t need your own devices to access the app content; there are also iPads and info displays in the TUI BLUE hotels.


  1. Hi, how long after booking can I register with Tui Blue app? It is not recognising my booking ref yet? Thanks

    1. I have this same issue. FAQ says wait 6 days, but my booking has been longer than that now and it won’t recognise my booking ref. Did you work out how to access?

      1. Dear Nicola, please write to the hotel. They will give you the TUI BLUE booking reference and with that it should work.
        Cheers, Miri

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