TUI BLUE Palm Garden: Summer holidays among the palms

Do you remember the feeling of eagerly counting down the days until your long-awaited summer holidays? I got to experience that wonderful anticipation again this summer in the days leading up to the holiday I spent with my son and boyfriend as a family in the stunning, natural TUI BLUE Palm Garden in Turkey. My son Justus was particularly excited – the pool area full of slides and water features all around set his imagination aflame.

tui blue palm garden beach
Enough space for all guests

Holidays in the tropical TUI BLUE Palm Garden

We started our trip from Berlin to Antalya by a direct flight. After only three hours of flight time, we were already there. From the airport, it takes about one hour to transfer to the hotel complex in Kizilagaç. There’s a reason the resort is called the “Palm Garden,” as it is a true garden paradise intercut with an impressive, palm-lined avenue, tomato garden, beds of melons, as well has many herb gardens and beautiful flowers. I would have loved to have sampled some of the ripe fruits and veggies, or picked some fragrant bouquets.

tui blue palm garden
Palm trees and flowers as far as the eye can see.

Kids’ heaven: It’s pool time!

Personally, I’m more Team Sea, but I can easily understand that romping about in the pool – complete with a waterslide and inflatable toys – could be even more fun for kids than surfing in the ocean. There are two pool areas for toddlers and kids, and one for adults where children are also welcome. The TUI BLUE Palm Garden offers everything for those with a passion for pools, as well as plenty of beach chairs by the sea, to which there is also direct access from the hotel. The grounds are very spacious, so we had plenty of privacy and never felt packed in like sardines. At the same time, there is an extensive kids entertainment programme, so that even parents can take a little break.

tui blue palm garden pool
The extensive pool with slides

Oasis of culinary delights

I don’t know about youl, but I really like the variety of Turkish cuisine! Therefore, we were very pleased that in addition to classic food options, there were also many regional dishes. We also found our snack and drink needs particularly well cared for between meals, and we took advantage of the well-stocked water coolers many times. When you stay longer than five days in the TUI BLUE Palm Garden, visits to the à la carte restaurants Levante and Purple Turtle are included.

covered table with breakfast
Everyone is guaranteed to find something at the rich breakfast buffet.

Both restaurants are located right in the resort. At Levante, we were greeted by a delicious menu of Turkish specialties. From halloumi to garlic pastes and lots of fresh vegetables, it felt like we tasted a bit of everything. Grill fans will also get their money’s worth, especially at Purple Turtle. Even the classic buffet spreads left almost nothing to be desired. But if you spend half the day romping about in the water, you ought to treat yourself to something delicious in the evening – it is a holiday, after all.

tui blue palm garden daybed
For those who appreciate a bit more privacy on the beach.

Excursion tips in the region

It’s not my first trip to a TUI BLUE hotel, and as much as I love to unwind and do absolutely nothing, I knew how important it is to get out a bit to see more of the country and its people. In addition to the hotel tours, you can also explore the surrounding area on your own. Thanks to the bus stop just outside the door (or, alternatively, by taxi), we made our way to Side. The old port city of Side is best known for its impressive Greco-Roman ruins. The remains of a second-century theatre with up to 15,000 seats can be found in the city centre. The white marble columns of the Hellenistic Temple of Apollo stand near the harbour.

temple ruins side
You can reach the sights of the neighbouring city of Side in no time by bus or taxi.

We really enjoyed the trip and Side is only a 20-minute drive from the resort, so we weren’t on the road forever. Also not far from the TUI BLUE Palm Garden is the impressive waterfall of Manavgat. The waterfall crashes with breathtaking speed from the mountains, and – careful! – the water is incredibly cold! A great excursion, and a particularly cool experience for kids!

waterfalls of manavgat
The impressive waterfalls of Manavgat

Let’s stay in the TUI BLUE Palm Garden forever!

Ahh – wouldn’t it be amazing to always be on holiday? We’ve more than enjoyed this holiday, especially as a family. The sun, the gorgeous palm garden, the joyous sound of laughter from the pool, the afternoons spent reading on the beach, the sumptuous food, and the courteous staff have totally perfected this holiday full of peaceful relaxation. I’ll be glad to come back with my family again soon.

sunset turkey sea
We’re already missing these sunsets.

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