Beach Barbecue at TUI BLUE – pure enjoyment!

Everyone at the TUI BLUE Palm Garden will love the Beach Barbecue, guaranteed. Enjoy fresh vegetables, fish, and meat from the grill, a good glass of wine paired with selected local specialties at sunset – is there anything better? This blog is guaranteed to make your mouth water. See for yourself…!

You can smell it from a distance: The smoky aromas of the grill are in the air, making everyone who catches a whiff look forward to the upcoming Beach Barbecue at TUI BLUE Palm Garden on the Turkish Riviera. Shortly before 7:00, the waiter welcomes the first guests to the barbecue under the open sky. A reservation is required for the Beach Barbecue because the number of participants is limited. This creates an air of familiarity and almost intimate atmosphere. The tables are all gathered under a covered patio and are already spread with twinkling cutlery and fine wine glasses; the waiter escorts guests to their reserved tables, each equipped with bread baskets and spicy dips as a small appetizer. On request there are red, white, or rosé wines, if you like, but you can also order non-alcoholic drinks. A small path leads from the patio to the barbecue, where the grill-master has various pieces of meat, vegetable kebabs, grilled cheese, and other delicacies on a charcoal grill. Right next to the grill is a smoker: A large, enclosed barbecue cooks chicken pieces in the hot smoke. On a table, additional side dishes such as rice, vegetables, salad, and potato wedges are spread in an appetizing arrangement. On your marks, get ready, run to the buffet!

Delicious variety at the Beach Barbecue

Slowly but surely, the first guest dares to approach the buffet and get plates of choice food, fresh from the grill. The range of different meats, fish, and vegetable kebabs, all the way to grilled cheese. The meat is perfectly cooked, tender and juicy on the inside. The well-seasoned food is complemented by crisp, fresh garnishes that whet the appetite for a second helping. The grill masters place new skewers on the grill. While some guests nibble at a ribs or try a piece of grilled cheese, others are already on the way to the dessert buffet. Here, there are chocolate-dipped strawberries, colorful macarons, chocolates, fruit, dessert mousse, creams, and biscuits of all different varieties waiting: A land of milk and honey for the sweet tooth!

Grill Buffet all in Urlaub

While eating, the pleasant atmosphere suddenly strikes you: On this balmy summer evening, couples and families, friends and colleagues, they’re all sitting together in a relaxed circle at tables lit with lanterns. The mood is lively, but not wacky: everyone laughs, tells stories, and eats well. The time, you now realize, has been flying; the setting sun, which earlier bathed everything in her golden brown light, is now only barely visible and the evening glow slowly turns into darkness. But it is nevertheless still pleasantly warm outside, so after dinner there is still an opportunity for a walk on the beach, which is just before the patio. A wonderful beach barbecue evening comes to an end, and one thing is certain: None of the guests will quickly forget this evening!

The Beach Barbecue takes place every Tuesday and Friday at 19:00. Registration is required to participate; This can be done in person or in the BLUE App .

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