Travel diary: Our favourite TUI BLUE destinations

In our minds, we’ve been sitting on packed suitcases for months. Revelling in old holiday memories has not only sweetened the winter for us, but also puts us in a good mood. Not only via Instagram and Co we think back to our fantastic holidays on Djerba, in Turkey and Mallorca in the TUI BLUE Hotels. A glance at the TUI Blue App every now and then also awakens great anticipation for the holiday season 2021. We take you once again to our already visited TUI Blue trips, because we also want to finally get out again!

Pool Djerba TUI BLUE
A place to relax 😉


Djerba: A Palm Island to Dream On

Among many destinations we have already traveled to, Djerba and Tunisia definitely counts as a favorite with us. Djerba and Tunisia are back! We stayed at the TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace once in the fall and it was wonderful.

TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace Facade
Like a palace from 1001 nights


One week beach and pool and all inclusive. Who knows us, knows that we are not classic hotel chillers who can only lie by the pool for hours, but we were happy to soak up the sun here and especially to use the strong excursion offer to see more of the country and people.

country and people Djerba
Get to know the country and the people


The car safari on the island was top, also our day trip to the mainland to Douze the gateway to the Sahara remains simply breathtaking.

Douze Tunisia Excursion Camels
Our trip to Douze and the camels. Say cheese!


With its 514 square meters, the Tunisian island of Djerba is the largest in North Africa. About the so- called Roman dam, you can also easily come by car to the Tunisian mainland. In just under three hours you can fly from Berlin directly to Djerba, no special visas or similar are required. On the island itself live mostly Berbers, the many employees in the hotel complexes come mostly from the mainland and commute or live only seasonally on the island. The town of Houmt Souk is the largest on the island and invites you to shop with its lush bazaar. One thing we can anticipate: Djerba and Tunisia are really incredibly cheap. The bargaining must of course be skillful, otherwise you just quickly pay double.

The hotel complex of the TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace offers pool facilities as well as direct sea access with plenty of sunbeds and beds, and those who like can even ride a dromedary on the beach or just let their hair down.

Djerba holiday Tui Blue Pool
You want to jump right in here 😉


If you’re in the mood for something new in terms of culinary delights, try your way through the sumptuous buffet of Tunisian cuisine. European standards aside, there’s also local cuisine. The tajine dishes and fish dishes are so delicious, we’d stop by again even for that.

cook TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace
The staff cook delicious Tunisian food for us.


Family Holiday in Turkey

Oh man! What we would give for this garden area, the pools and water slides and of course the sea now! Of all the TUI Blue hotels we visited, this is perhaps the greenest. All those tomato beds and palm trees are just gorgeous. If you haven’t planned anything for your summer holidays, the TUI Blue Palm Garden Hotel in Turkey should definitely be looked at.

TUI BLUE Palm Garden hotel complex
We love it!


By plane we go to Antalya, and from there with a driver to the hotel in Kizilagaç, about an hour away. This hotel complex has remained in our memory alone the palm tree avenue, the delicious and fresh food and above all the complex is very spacious. Here, one can celebrate the idleness with a clear conscience, chilled water and juices are available everywhere. The people are super friendly and the kids can let off steam here.

Buffet Tunesia TUI BLUE
First of all, a delicious breakfast from the buffet.


The TUI Blue Palm Garden is an all-inclusive hotel that offers a huge buffet three times a day, with lots of fresh fruit and salads from the region. There’s also a traditional tea station with ever-changing specials. Let’s say, there is nothing missing and it never gets boring. Night cats get their money’s worth here, a TO- GO buffet is available to everyone around the clock and there is fresh water for everyone everywhere on the premises.

tee Tunisia
In Tunisia, tea is part of the tradition!


Various activities can be booked via app or easy to contact the staff. We have also made a trip to the nearby Side. No boredom if you do not want.

Side Ancient Türkey
Ancient excavation site in Side


Besides pool and sea and excursions, there is a wide range of leisure activities from mini golf, chess, outdoor fitness area, tennis, basketball…. Everything can, but nothing must. We love the activities at the TUI Blue concept, as we haven’t quite learned how to chill out and chill non-stop by the pool yet, but that also works well here.

Pool TUI Blue Palm Garden
Time for action and relaxation


Postcard from Mallorca’s white town of Cala d’Or

No idea how many times we have looked through the photos from our Mallorca holiday in the last few months alone. Like many, we’ve been to the Germans’ favourite island a few times as they say, however the TUI BLUE Rocador in Cala d’Or was a big surprise. The TUI BLUE Rocador is located right on Cala Gran and is typically painted bright white. This is in keeping with Mediterranean tradition, and the building style also refers to the cubist architecture that is actually typical of Ibiza. In this case, it’s no coincidence, as architect Josep Costa Ferrer planned the place in the early 1930s, drawing inspiration from his Ibizan homeland.

TUI BLUE Rocador Facade
A dream in white!


This can be discovered especially during a walk through the villa area and in the generously designed pedestrian zone of Cala d’Or. We had not only a huge balcony, but also the perfect view into the so typical bathing bays.

Cala d’Or
The dreamlike bathing bay in Cale d’Or, Mallorca


The spa area with massage and wellness is also best remembered here. For late risers there are even breakfast times that come to Berlin brunch places. This is a really good place to spend a holiday!

However, the TUI BLUE Rocador is Adults only, perfect for the next getaway with your partner or friends. If you fancy bars and more restaurants, you only have to walk a few metres outside the door. Despite the hustle and bustle of the town, it is restfully quiet and just insanely beautiful. Those who are in the mood for evening entertainment will also get their money’s worth in the Rocador. Our tip:

be sure to explore the side streets and winding squares of the city center, here are hidden picturesque spots and small bars that invite you to linger.

Restaurant Mallorca food
Great tasty food in the side streets of the city centre


Of course we have also booked an excursion in Mallorca via the app. We had the craziest guide Vivi, who made with us an island trip by train and bus and much on foot, so that we have also seen more sides of Mallorca, but who has no bumblebees to get out of Cala d’Or yet, but also there will come at his expense best. Promised!

discover Mallorca
Discover Mallorca


Waking up & dreaming on: holiday cravings are on the rise


Three destinations that could hardly be more different, but all TUI BLUE hotels have one thing in common: Here there is pure relaxation! Everything is taken care of, the food is always delicious and varied and the sun is always shining. There’s no guarantee for that, but for good vibes, and relaxing and letting your soul dangle. We all need that now. As said the suitcases are packed in mind, we like to travel again!

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