It will be magical – spectacular natural phenomena on the Turkish Riviera

Holidays on the Turkish Riviera – I think first of dreamy beaches, turquoise waters, and a relaxing holiday experience. I never would have expected to find such breathtaking natural phenomena here when I began my journey. What awaited me here on the Turkish Riviera is truly incredible!

The spectacular Taurus Mountains, a 14-kilometre-long emerald-green river, and the 360-square-kilometre national park – you can experience all of these while on holiday in Turkey. So I set out into the greenery of the Turkish countryside and into one of the country’s largest nature reserves, the Köprülü Canyon National Park. Far away from the urban hustle and bustle in Antalya, before the imposing backdrop of the Taurus Mountains, there lies a vast natural paradise: the Turkish Riviera. From the TUI BLUE Palm Garden, you can discover these natural wonders individually by rental car or on an organised trip. I explored the diverse hinterland and the idyllic landscape of the Turkish Riviera. And I can tell you, the Turkish Riviera has a lot more to offer than just what caught my eye personally during my nature discovery tour. Learn more in this blog post!

view national park turkish riviera
A spectacular view of the National Park –, © Christian

Stretching between a varied coastline and the high peaks of the Taurus Mountains are dense forests that are simply ideal for a hiking excursion. Enjoy unlimited natural vistas on the full-day excursion to the Köprülü Canyon National Park, which is offered at the TUI BLUE Palm Garden. Just browse through the BLUE App or contact a BLUE Guide in the hotel directly. Of course, you can also explore the enchanting countryside and the National Park on the Turkish Riviera on your own. With the organised TUI BLUE excursion, you’ll also get an interactive cooking class to top off your experience, which will introduce you to the secrets of Turkish cuisine. You should definitely take a towel and bathing suit with you. You’ll learn why soon 😉

Amidst pristine nature and magnificent landscapes of the Turkish Riviera

The Köprülü Canyon National Park is located in the interior, northeast of Antalya. Even the wild and romantic drive through the picturesque landscape to the national park make my eyes shine. The first forest sections and the flowing, crystal-clear water of the mountain river cross the road. I whip out the camera immediately. I’m not too surprised at the striking rock faces and steep mountain formations.

During the walk through the national park, we hike past ancient remains in the middle of the green of the forest. I learn a lot about the flora and fauna from the guide, as well as the nomadic life here on the Turkish Riviera.
The Köprülü Canyon National Park is home to the largest cypress forest in Asia and has a rich collection of pines, cedars, firs, oaks, and wild olives. Mountain goats, bears, foxes, wolves, and many other animals also make their homes here. But don’t worry, the tour doesn’t go to these areas.

waterfalls national park turkish riviera
In the midst of untouched nature I see this splashing waterfall – fantastic!

The Green Canyon of the Turkish Riviera – like a picture on a postcard

We continue into the interior of the park area. The highlight of the approximately 366-squre-kilometre Köprülü Canyon National Park lies between the municipalities of Bolasan and Beskonak. I can hear the powerful rippling of the waterfall from afar. Only a short time later I stand before the breathtaking 14-kilometre-long and up to 400-metre-deep canyon cut by the river Köprüçay. The water shimmers in all kinds of fascinating shades of green. The high, impressive cliffs of the canyon make the Green Canyon a real picture-perfect idyll and a unique natural spectacle. You have to see it at least once – I was really impressed.

waterfall green canyon trees
Get more impressions – #greencayon –, © ehtiram

A total of 27 metres above the canyon soars the well-known second-century Oluk Bridge. The bridge was built using stone blocks over the canyon – true Roman engineering.
“The largest rafting centre in Turkey is also here in Köprülü Canyon National Park,” says the guide with a smile. We can all imagine what we will be doing now – whitewater rafting!

Pure Adrenaline! Whitewater Rafting in the Köprülü Canyon National Park

An adrenaline rush seems like a fitting grand finale. In the canyon a small but fast rafting tour awaits me. We fight with our dinghy through the whitewater waves and rapids of all sizes – pure adventure! The water is pretty cool, but also pleasant after the hike. So, if you dare to challenge the waves and waterfalls of the canyon, it will certainly be one of the highlights of your holiday. In addition to whitewater rafting tours in Köprülü, mountain river and canyoning tours are also offered. After the rafting adventure, I swim a relaxing lap in the Green Canyon. The spectacular backdrop of the gigantic Taurus Mountains is included.

whitewater rafting national park green canyon
Adrenaline kick? On the rafting adventure –, © dziewul

For me, the trip to the Köprülü Canyon National Park was a great success. I learned so much about the natural landscape and took some great pictures. If you, like me, want to experience the natural landscape of the Turkish Riviera up close, then go on an expedition through the picturesque countryside and be enchanted by the impressive mountain scenery. This trip will make your holiday on the Turkish Riviera something special that you will remember forever.


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