My drive through the Serra de Tramuntana on Mallorca

Picturesque mountain villages, old, dry stone walls and terraces, as well as quiet beach sections – this is what distinguishes the wild beauty of the Serra de Tramuntana on Mallorca. The Tramuntana Mountains are Mallorca’s most famous mountain landscape and also form the largest nature reserve on the western side of the island. In 2011, UNESCO declared the majestic Serra de Tramuntana range on Mallorca, with its famous dry stone walls, a World Heritage Site. Rightly so, because whether by car, on a bike, or on an extensive hike – the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range is an absolute must on a holiday in Mallorca.

From the TUI BLUE Rocador, you’ll need about 1 to 1.5 hours to get to the Tramuntana Mountains by car. It’s best to hire a rental car to explore the west coast of Mallorca. In addition to the imposing mountains, the Serra de Tramuntana on Mallorca offer numerous excursion destinations and sights. Due to the numerous, well-developed roads, the mountain range is accessible for both cars and bikes.
Come along for my journey through the Serra de Tramuntana on Mallorca!

road tramuntana mallorca
Over the winding road through the Serra de Tramuntana.

Exploring the Imposing Mountain Landscape of Mallorca

The 15-kilometre-wide Serra de Tramuntana mountain range covers over a third of Mallorca’s territory and stretches 90 kilometres from Sa Dragonera in the southwest of the island to Cap Formentor in the north. In Catalan, Tramuntana means “northern wind”, which refers mainly to the cool north wind blowing over the mountain range. Due to the numerous developed roads, the Tramuntana range is accessible for both cars and bikes. The roads lead past steep limestone cliffs, countless fissures, and barren rocks. Crazy!

limestone formation tramuntana on mallorca
Limestone formations in the Tramuntana mountains on Mallorca.

The highest mountain of the Serra de Tramuntana is the 1,445-metre-high Puig Major. And believe it or not, despite the mild climate, snow can be found on the top of the mountain in winter.
The Tramuntana mountain range, with its excellent hiking trails, is the perfect counterpart to a long beach holiday on the island. Culturally and historically interesting communities and mountain villages are also located in the Tramuntana Mountains on Mallorca.

All these highlights are connected by the beautiful coastal road MA-10, which runs through the mountain range. I took the MA-10 from the southwest to the north of Mallorca.

From the Southwest to the North of Mallorca through the Tramuntana Mountains

My journey through the Tramuntana Mountains on Mallorca starts in the southwestern, traditional town of Andratx. Today there’s a weekly market in the city. So I buy myself a few provisions for the trip 😉

From Andratx I turn onto the MA-10 northbound. After about 13 kilometres, I reach one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Mallorca, the Mirador Ricardo Roca . From the rocky outcrop, you have a fantastic view from the cliffs over endless sea.

tramuntana mountains on mallorca
The Tramuntana Mountains on Mallorca –, © susanne2688

We continue on to the ancient village of Estellencs. Because of the narrow streets, you might want to park the car right at the entrance of the mountain village and enjoy its special flair with a walk to the fishing port and the secluded bay of Cala Estellencs.

My next stop in the Serra de Tramuntana on Mallorca is the village of Banyalbufa. Translated, the name means “built by the sea”. No wonder – unique here are the fields and crop plots, which were cut as terraces into the slope.

Also worth seeing is the Torre de ses Animes, formerly known as Torre de Verger. The watchtower was built right on the cliff and will make a good subject for your next Instagram post. #torredesesanimes

Banyalbufa mallorca terraced
The place Banyalbufa – terraced in the slope.

The coastal road MA-10 through the Tramuntana Mountains

From Banyalbufa we go to Valdemossa. The place became famous for the visit of the famous composer Frederic Chopin and his lover George Sand, who spent the winter of 1838/39 here. Even today, the dreamy charm and romantic flair of the city run through the alleyways.

Valdemossa alleyways mallorca
On foot through the romantic streets of Valdemossa.

Farther down the MA-10, I’m drawn to the artists’ village of Deià. In the past, numerous well-known artists such as Pablo Picasso, actor Peter Ustinov, or writer Robert von Ranke-Graves have retreated to this picturesque place. Charming terraced gardens run through the landscape of Deià. Enjoy the fantastic view between wild streams, olive trees, and holm oaks.

Inland, the MA-10 takes me to Sóller, one of the most beautiful towns in the Tramuntana Mountains on Mallorca. Nestled in a valley surrounded by orange trees, lemon and olive groves, and the magnificent mountains of the Tramuntana, the scenery is guaranteed to captivate you. An absolute highlight is the tram ride to Port de Sóller.

tram soller
The highlight in Sóller – the tram ride.

The next stop is the beautiful, listed, and protected mountain village of Fornalutx. The village, with its narrow streets and stone houses, has twice been voted the most beautiful village in Spain. It’s best to park the car just outside Fornalutx and explore the village on foot.

Fornalutx narrow alley between houses stairs
Fornalutx – one of the most beautiful villages on Mallorca.

From here we continue uphill through the gorgeous mountain landscape of the Tramuntana Mountains. Slowly, Puig Major approaches with its imposing 1,443 metres. The MA-10 continues north, past the two reservoirs: Embalse de Cúber und Gorg Blau.

reservoir mallorca
One of the two reservoirs in the middle of the Tramuntana mountains on Mallorca.

The next highlight of the tour is Lluc Monastery (Santuari de Lluc). Inside the monastery, you’ll find a black Madonna statue, the “Mare de Déu de Lluc” (Madonna of Lluc), who is revered as the patron saint of the island.

Lluc Monastery on Mallorca
The monastery Lluc on Mallorca.

After some time I reach the final stop on my journey through the Tramuntana Mountains on Mallorca. The village of Pollenca is a typical Mallorcan town with picturesque alleyways. But I recommend that you continue a bit farther to Port de Pollenca. From here you can also reach the northernmost tip of Mallorca, Cap Formentor. Here, you have a magnificent view of the rugged cliffs and the deep blue sea. A dream!

Cap Formentor mallorca
What a view from Cap Formentor, the northernmost peak of Mallorca.

Hiking in the Serra de Tramuntana on Mallorca

Hiking enthusiasts, take note:
The longest hiking trail in the Balearic Islands runs through the Tramuntana Mountains. The approximately 140-kilometre-long “ruta de pedra en sec” or “Dry Stone Route (GR221)” consists of 8 stages and extends from Andratx to Pollenca. The hiking route owes its name to the numerous stone walls, which shepherds have piled up on the side of the road. The GR211 takes you through various zones of Mediterranean vegetation, over chalky rocks, past olive groves, and over 1,000 metres of elevation that promise fantastic panoramic views.

Which mountain villages in the Serra de Tramuntana have you visited and fallen in love with? Let me know in the comments.
On a day trip from the TUI BLUE Rocador, you of course can’t visit all the cities from the southwest to the north in the Serra de Tramuntana on Mallorca. My tip, then, is to pick out your favourites and don’t just look at the cities on your route from the car window. It’s worth it!

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