E-Biking in Austria? Good Idea!

Riding an e-bike through the countryside in Austria… Well, many would say this is unsportsmanlike. But I’m here to tell you, it’s not so! The advantage is obvious: With the e-bike, you can reach the most beautiful corners of our region without being a professional cyclist, and without exhausting yourself. You can cycle comfortably, let the Austrian landscape pass by, and take in your surroundings. Our destination today is the Schwarzensee in the Kleinsölk, a valley near the Ennstal. A real natural gem. Said and done… The e-bike is charged and off we go! The first part of the route leads us along the Ennstal cycling route in the direction of Liezen (coming from Schladming) to just before Stein an der Enns. Here we take a right into the Kleinsölk.

e-bike Austria
The e-bike pays off especially uphill.

Simple, with the E-Bike

The further I go into the valley, the more beautiful the panorama presented to me. Oh Austria, I love you! And all the more on the pedelec, which supports my pedalling. My tip: It’s best to do this tour in the morning. In the morning, the light in this area is particularly gorgeous and gives the entire valley a fairytale atmosphere.

landscape austria
Views like these are everywhere on the bike tour.

Even with the e-bike, a little effort can’t be avoided, because the first few kilometres go uphill. If it’s too hard, you can switch the pedelec to a higher level. If pedalling is too easy, you can reduce the motor’s workload. So I continue on to the village of Kleinsölk, after which I’m rewarded with a great view and can cycle comfortably.

entrance kleinsoelk
The entrance to Kleinsoelk

After about an hour and a half, my companion and I reach the Breitlahn Hütte. This isn’t the destination, but on the return trip you should definitely stop here. I’ll just say: wonderfully down-to-earth delights.

breitlahn huette
The Breitlahn huts invite you to linger.

Provisions on the Pedelec

Of course, you can take a backpack with provisions or a snack, as is common in Austria. However, there are some inns and lodges along the route, which is why we deliberately dispensed with a packed backpack for our ride with the e-bikes. But what’s very important is that you can’t go without a drink! A full water bottle should always be part of your standard equipment during a bike ride in the Alps, whether on a pedelec or manual bike. But you don’t have to worry about finding a place to fill it up. As is usual in Austria, there are some filling stations along the way. And apart from that, our streams and lakes are pure enough to drink. Supplies are taken care of!

Fresh water on the Alpine pasture
A refreshment along the way is always provided.

The Most Beautiful Alpine Lake in Austria

From the Breitlahn Hütte, we now go about 20 minutes to our daily destination – the Schwarzensee. I’m always surprised how impressive this last stretch is. When you leave the last peak behind you, you get that wow effect. Now it’s time to stop, descend, and let the landscape take over.

schwarzensee 2
A beautiful view even in moderate weather.

The Schwarzensee is one of the most beautiful and largest mountain lakes of the Lower Tauern. I would even argue it’s the most beautiful alpine lake in Austria. I can literally feel the energy radiating from the lake with its impressive tranquillity and natural landscape.

Chapel on the Schwarzensee
The chapel at the Schwarzensee.

Depending on the time of day and weather conditions, this lake presents itself in different shapes, colours, and reflections. Truly a place to linger, dream, and enjoy. And easy for everyone to reach with the e-bike!

Homeward with the E-Bike

I take in the view for a while, and then it’s time to head back. Of course, not without the already-hinted-at stop at the Breitlahn Hütte… As already mentioned, here you can expect cosy Styrian hospitality and – above all – a good and hearty snack. Definitely a crowning finale to a successful day. And with the support of the e-bike, you can also get back to the TUI BLUE Schladming on a full stomach without any problem!

e-bike austria 2
If no support is needed, you can simply deactivate it.

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