The Most Beautiful Cycling Tours through Tuscany

Untouched nature, idyllic landscapes with gentle slopes, and – of course – the ideal climate for riding – the picturesque landscape around Castelfalfi invites you to long bike rides through Tuscany. The hotel offers a wide range of bikes to hire. Whether city bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, bicycles with training wheels, or children’s bikes – the perfect bike is available for each of you.

Jump on the seat and put your feet on the pedals. Explore the estate with its vineyards and fields on a cycling tour through Tuscany. I’ll show you different tours that you can comfortably start from Castelfalfi. Difficulty level, route length, and duration differ minimally. If you wish, you can also be accompanied by experts on your bike tours through Tuscany.

countryside biking through tuscany
The unique, green landscape…a dream.


Over Hill and Dale – Cycling through Tuscany

Castelfalfi is located in the tranquil village of Montaione. Exactly the right place in Tuscany to live out your passion for cycling and start some thrilling excursions on two wheels. The idyllic landscape will captivate you on your bike tour through Tuscany: past picturesque vineyards, through medieval villages, to high hills that reward you with a view over the beautiful and diverse environment.

cyclist tuscany
Get on your bike!


Tour 1: Castelfalfi, Torrente Roglio, Via di Monti


  • Length: 21.7 km
  • Duration: 2h 10 min
  • Difficulty: Moderately easy
  • Variant: “Il Poggione” to extend the route

You start your Tuscan bike tour in Castelfalfi. From here, you cycle along the golf course, on the valley road to the brook “Roglio”. After you’ve passed the creek, turn right. Take a look up – can you guess what’s next? Things are looking up! The first third of the climb is very steep, but fortunately also short. You can also take the hill gently, because, you know, anyone who loves their bike walks it. 😉

golf course tui blue castelfalfi landscape
Past the great golf course in Castelfalfi, continue through the idyllic landscape.


Take a little breather and take a look inside the old, vacant farmhouse you’ll encounter on the way up. After that, the climb will get easier, so get back on the bike and pedal. Once you get to the top, you’ll be rewarded with a dreamlike panorama that stretches all the way to Volterra.
Now comes the fun part, because if you ride, you can zip down the mountain again. Yippeee! It goes down again into the valley of the “Roglio” brook to the “Via di Mezzo”. Up to the opposite side to the “Via Poggetta”, it goes uphill again. The entire region around Montaione is marked by inclines and slopes. This is evident in the next stretch of your cycling route. However, this route continues the path between slopes and gradients on pleasantly navigable forest roads. And that’s surrounded by stunning, hilly scenery.
Finally, you’ll get back to the paved main road. Here, you turn right to return to Castelfalfi.

Want another challenge?
After passing the “Via di Mezzo”, you can ride to the high hill “Il Poggione”. The incline isn’t much fun. It goes up extremely steeply, which even forces professionals to walk the bike for a bit. The little detour is worth it, because the view – when you finally arrive at the top – is stunning and even more beautiful than the mountain at Roglio. Here, you’ll be presented with fantastic views of the entire area. #picoftheday

cycling tuscany
It’s just fun to cycle through Tuscany 😉


Tour 2: Castelfalfi, Torrente Carfalo, Castellare, Sughera


  • Length: 17.6 km
  • Duration: 2h 40 min
  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Possibility to shorten the route

Starting point: Castelfalfi. This time you’re heading west. The first leg of your Tuscan bike ride takes you through the interior of the forest, which is parallel to the main road. Climbing gently uphill and downhill past the “Capella del Lupo” to the valley of the creek “Carfalo”. From here, continue uphill until you reach the paved road Via Cerroni. This bike tour takes you past the beautiful vineyards to Tonda. If you’re a wine lover, you should definitely take part in one of the excellent wine tastings. Once in Tonda, you have two options. You can shorten your route and cycle casually around Lake Tonda, straight back to the hotel, or you make a detour to the two villages of Castellare and Sughera.

From Tonda, a steep but short route takes you to Castellare. In this lovely village, you can take a break and enjoy pizza and pasta in an Italian trattoria. Fortified, you can jump back on the seat and ride on the paved road towards “Sughera”. Here it’s the same game: get off the bike for a while and walk a bit through the narrow streets and alleys between the town’s brick houses. From Sughera, the bike path leads you to the lake of Tonda. From here, it goes over the slightly hilly landscape back to Castlefalfi.

hill sunset tuscany
Take in fantastic views and unique sunsets.


After a long bike ride, you can indulge in culinary delights at the hotel restaurant with Tuscan specialties and delicious wines. Refuel for further discoveries in Tuscany.
Prefer your hiking boots? The beautiful landscape around Castelfalfi is, of course, also excellent for hiking through Tuscany.

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