Three Boat Tours You Should Do in the Mecklenburg Lake District

The Mecklenburg Lake District is Europe’s largest inland area with a wide variety of water sports such as sailing. It offers a branching network of rivers, locks, and canals that can be navigated on a boat tour. There are various providers that offer thrilling aquatic excursions for both sailors and landlubbers, and you can discover some great cities around the lakes. Whether you want to explore the Mecklenburg Lake District with a passenger boat or a houseboat: I picked out three routes for you, which you can experience from the TUI BLUE Fleesensee. Have you been wanting to see the Land of a Thousand Lakes? Then read on and enjoy.

Water view Rheinsberg Castle
Rheinsberg Castle is situated right on the water

Adventurous trip by houseboat – boat tour from Fürstenberg to the Fleesensee

The first boat tour is the longest and requires a little planning. But it’s worth it! You’ll start your little expedition with a houseboat in Fürstenberg am Röblinsee and make a one-way trip to the Fleesensee area, where you can check in after a week on the water to the TUI BLUE hotel and spend your holiday in relaxation and wellness. The houseboats can be used license-free and will provide a thrilling ride on the water for the beginners among you.

After detailed instructions on the rules of the lakes and the handling of the houseboat, your journey will begin at Fürstenberg an der Havel, then take you to the Ziernsee and the large and small Pälitzsees. Literature lovers can visit the Tucholsky Memorial here and make a detour to Rheinsberg Castle. The main route continues via Mirow, where you can visit Love Island, Röbel, and the Müritzsee, before you reach your destination port on the Fleesensee. At the base, you can return your boat and spend the rest of your holiday on dry land.

Town of Waren church tower from the water
The town of Waren offers different types of art in public spaces

Your day trip to Waren am Müritzsee

The next tour is a 4-lake trip, which you can book as a day trip to Waren am Müritzsee. You can either start your journey in Malchow or from the Untergöhren pier on the Fleesensee. The boat will pass through the Kölpinsee, one of the large lakes in the Mecklenburg Lake District, which is far away from the villages and has thus preserved its untouched atmosphere. As you continue your journey, you’ll arrive at the spa town of Waren via two channels, where you’ll have time to explore the city on the Müritz during a two- or three-hour stay. An ascent to one of the churches, whose towers offer a magnificent view over the surrounding landscape, or a visit to the natural history museum Müritzeum are all recommended.

Malchow Church from a boat tour
The island town of Malchow is a true gem of the Lake District that you can see on your boat tour

Plauer See and the island town of Malchow

Malchow and the small town of Plau are always worth a visit. From the Fleesensee in the direction of the Plauer See, you can take a hired boat or passenger boat trip to Germany’s only island city. Malchow is alluring with its historic old town, a monastery, various museums, and its romantic location on the lake – the city has secured a warm and fuzzy place in my memory. From the city centre, a bus can take you to the Malchow Monkey Forest, where you can see Barbary macaques in a special outdoor enclosure and get your adrenaline pumping on the adjoining summer toboggan run. After a ride on the Plauer See, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the climatic health resort of Plau. During the shore leave, you can visit the castle and take in the view of the town, the countryside, and of course the Plauer See from one of the three main towers of the city: the castle tower, the church tower, or the Plauer Lighthouse.

The various berths on the lakes are visited by passenger transport, so you can book scheduled tours and be relaxed while experiencing the different areas and towns. Additionally, there’s the possibility to borrow a houseboat or even a raft almost everywhere in order to navigate the rivers and canals on your own. Whatever you decide on, of course, the BLUE Guides at the TUI BLUE hotels will gladly assist you on-site in finding the perfect leisure activity on the water and help you plan your personal boat tour.

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