The BLUEf!t Camp – The Special Edition on the Beach at Sarigerme

Sprints, mountain climbers, squats, and push-ups – all barefoot on the sand and with a fresh Turkish sea breeze. This is the BLUEf!t Camp Special, an intense workout on the beach of the TUI BLUE Sarigerme Park. Sound exhausting? It is! But it also improves your strength, speed, agility, and endurance by training with your own body weight. I tried out the BLUEf!t Camp and you can read here how I liked it.

I’m Getting BLUEf!t

Since I do a lot of sports back home, I’d like to keep moving while on holiday and balance out the relaxation in the lounge chair. So I’m browsing today’s programme in the BLUE App on my smartphone and opting for the BLUEf!t Camp Special. The meeting point is the BLUEf!t Park. I throw on my workout clothes and I’m off.

Normally the BLUEf!t Camp takes place with the SYNRGY BlueSky training system. The outdoor training device allows specific, individual muscles to be intensively trained with or without aids. Today, however, it’s a BLUEf!t Camp Special. What does that mean? I’m excited and waiting for the trainer, the BLUEf!t Guide. And here he comes. “Hi, I’m Seyfi, and we’ll be doing the BLUEf!t Camp Special together today. ‘Special’ means that we’ll do an intense workout on the beach,” says Seyfi, our BLUEf!t trainer today. How cool is that!?

BLUEf!t Camp Seyfi fitness tracker training system
The meeting place: BLUEf!t Park. Seyfi explains the fitness tracker and today’s workout.


And How High Is My Pulse?

Since it’s the BLUEf!t Camp Special, Seyfi also gives us a fitness tracker from Polar. The watch measures the pulse and heart rate. It’s incredibly interesting to watch your own heart rate as you exercise – it increases when I work harder and drops again when I slow down. It also measures calories burned, which is motivation to go twice as hard – dinner is waiting for me. 😉

Fitness tracker polar 99 pulse
The fitness tracker from POLAR: With a pulse of 99, my heart is already working 😉


And here we go towards the beach. Once there, we take off our sports shoes – logically, because in loose sand it’s better to do a workout barefoot. Together, we head towards the sea. “So, first we warm up for 5-7 minutes – follow me!” Seyfi shouts and starts straight away. Phew, I notice my heart rate climbing and climbing. Of course, the sand is much softer than normal soil and yields much more, making it harder to run. Whatever, I take a deep breath. The fresh Turkish ocean breeze gives me new strength! Let’s go!

Jump, Run, Build Muscle – The Ultimate Workout

Back at our starting point, we stop and stand in a semicircle around Seyfi. We stretch briefly to get started right. The system is simple: Seyfi does an exercise, we follow his example. Here we go: I bend my knees, do squats, lunges, burpees, and push-ups. Phew, I’m really sweating. The workout is a mix of cardio and strength exercises, which gets the heart pumping. We run up and down the beach, always in short units back and forth. Side-shuffling, back-pedalling, or short sprints. In between, we stop. “And now down in the push-up position.” calls Sam. My hands are so sandy. Ah, what am I saying? My whole body looks like I rolled in the sand. But anyway, that’s really a minor matter.

BLUEf!t Camp Special workout trainer
BLUEf!t Camp Special in the sun at the beach of Sarigerme.


I hear Seyfi call out: “Sprint, this is the last exercise!” That motivates me. I give it everything I’ve got and try to go faster. “Three, two, one, stop!” It’s done! Completely spent and covered with sand, I get up. It was great and the feeling of such a workout is just awesome!
Finally, we stretch all the stressed muscles and breathe deeply again. A look at the fitness tracker: 600 burned calories. I’m thrilled! 😉

Now Sam has a little surprise for us. We go to the Purple Turtle Bar and get a drink mixed with apple juice, apple cider vinegar, honey, and water. This should help boost the fat burning after the workout. I try the first sip – it takes a little getting used to. But the more I drink, the better it tastes. Refreshing and sour!

BLUEf!t Camp Special drink
The fitness tracker from POLAR: With a pulse of 99 my heart is already working ?


#tuiblue – BLUEf!t Camp Done!

Before all the participants get back to their holiday, we take another picture. Totally sweaty and sandy, but with a big smile on our faces, we get together. Say cheese! This is the proof that we all stayed through to the end!

Team drink group BLUEf!t Camp
Totally spent, but smiling – we did it!


Incidentally, you can also find the photo on the TUI BLUE Instagram account in the Story Highlights. Take a look!
And if you feel like going to the BLUEf!t Camp, then take a look at the Blue App. There you’ll find the entire programme during your holiday. And for those who prefer a more relaxed approach, I can recommend the yoga class with a view of the sea. 😉

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