Get BLUEf!t with the SYNRGY BlueSky Training System

“Phew.” That was my first thought as I stood before the large, blue frame in the Fitness Park at the TUI BLUE Palm Garden as the BLUEf!t Guide, Lars, explained how many exercise combinations were possible. I was still standing in front of the device called the SYNRGY BlueSky Training System, thinking about how TUI BLUE is one of the few hotels worldwide (!) that owns this machine. Shortly after that, I was sweating. Learn here how my workout with the SYNRGY BlueSky Training System went.

Before I could even set foot on this exercise machine, I had to look at it in more detail. I recognised some elements from the gym; others looked totally alien to me. Because the SYNRGY BlueSky System is designed to be used outdoors, we were logically outside where it was deeply anchored in the training platform on the ground. On an area of 4 x 4 metres, the device offers five different training stations and six transitions that work in several combinations. How many is that exactly? I did the math: 15,625. And that’s not including the possible workouts with additional bands, balls, or ropes. Phew – I tell you.

Why the SYNRGY BlueSky workout makes you happy

Two women train on the SYNRGY BlueSky unit at TUI BLUE Palm Garden

I didn’t let this ridiculously large number deter me and I started in with light warm up exercises. I did shoulder and arm circles, sprinting in place, and some jumping jacks. After a few minutes, I was ready for the big workout. Fortunately Lars, as the BLUEf!t Guide was available with help and advice. I still saw no additional equipment – except for the frame – and I still didn’t get it. “You work only with your own body weight,” Lars said, pointing to two step platforms fitted at two different heights above the ground. Here, I began with jumping squats — I jumped from one stage to the next and back again, doing a squat between jumps. After about 20 reps, I was slightly out of breath, but Lars only laughed and showed me the handles attached along the upper crossbar of the SYNRGY BlueSky system. Here, I had to shimmy myself along, which I managed well. I arrived on the other side and groped for the large mesh net, which was tensioned between the two pillars. “Try climbing up one side as quickly as possible and then down again on the other side,” said my confident BLUEf!t Guide. “Easy,” I thought, just to take it back a minute later. Who would have thought it could be so hard to climb a net? But it was also incredible fun: throughout the entire exercise, I wasn’t bored for a minute. The sometimes monotonous fitness programme we Germans know as the “Muckibude” doesn’t stand a chance against this. The SYNRGY BlueSky Training System promises pure variety and can actually keep that promise. After another 20 minutes of bridges, push-ups, and crunches, I was done, but happy. And that’s saying something! Compared to Lars, the BLUEf!t Guide who trains everyday doing exercise classes for the guests, I still have a long way to go. But the good news is that the SYNRGY BlueSky System is made for people with different levels of fitness. Also, age and stature are irrelevant, because the training intensity can be determined by each person individually.


Signs on the SYNRGY BlueSky Training SystemSome days and training sessions later, I was completely convinced by this wondrous training system that taught me the fun of fitness – well, almost. My time at TUI BLUE Palm Garden was over and the treadmill was waiting at home for me. But before I went, I quickly got the best workout tips from the professional: Lars revealed how you can get BLUEf!t.

1. Without warming up, you get nothing!

You can’t get around a good warm-up. The risk of hurting your “cold” muscles when you go “from zero to 100” is too great. Therefore, start with a few simple exercises and increase slowly to the more intensive training.

2. Drink plenty

Yes, this tip is as old as the world, but no less important. Your body loses – at a medium workout intensity – approximately one and a half litres of water per hour! So, do yourself a favour and take small breaks between cycles to drink.

3. For a motivational boost, add music to the workout

You know those catchy songs that immediately make you want to dance? Those make for a great fitness playlist. Use your favourite music to motivate you to achieve excellence. It’s much easier to train to the rhythm of music, I promise!

4. Looking good: suitable workout clothes

Put on your favourite workout outfit. Well-fitting garments with breathable, soft materials ensure that you feel good during training. After lacing up the sneakers, you’ve already won half the battle 🙂

5. Celebrate yourself

Be proud of yourself! Track your progress – with photos or a fitness journal – and keep reminding yourself how far you’ve already come. This will motivate you to “stay attuned” to your training goals in the long run.

And before you know it, you’ve got an hour of fitness behind you – with motivation and a lot of fun.

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