Best beaches in Fethiye: the complete guide

Whether you’re looking for a quiet cove to yourself, a flat fine-sand beach for the whole family, or a wide beach full of water sports and entertainment: The popular seaside resort of Fethiye has beaches for every taste. We present the beast beaches in Fethiye in this article.

The best beaches in Fethiye city

Fethiye is one of the larger towns on Turkey’s Aegean coast and one of the region’s most popular holiday destinations. The drive from nearby Dalaman airport is short and the sheltered bay ensures calm waters on the beaches in the town area. In the centre of Fethiye you will find everything your tourist heart desires in terms of shopping and restaurants, as well as smaller hotels and guesthouses.

Karatas beach: lots of space and away from the hustle and bustle

If you are looking for a little more luxury, such as a hotel with its own hot tub on the balcony or even a swim-up pool room, the spacious hotel complexes on the northern outskirts of the city, such as the TUI BLUE Sensatori Barut, are the right place for you. On the doorstep you will also find one of the most beautiful beaches in Fethiye: Karataş Plajı. A little Turkish excursion on the side: the Turkish word Plajı for beach comes from the French word Plage and is pronounced exactly like it. The last ı remains silent. So you know how to make yourself understood when you ask locals for directions to the beach! By the way, Karataş means “black stone”.

The small, fine-sand beach of Karataş merges in the west with the completely undeveloped Fethiye beach of Akmaz, where you will always find a quiet spot and lots of trees.

Çalış Beach has it all

To the east, the opposite awaits you: the long, lively Çaliş Plajı, one of the most touristy beaches in Fethiye and Turkey. Calis Beach stretches over 4 kilometres towards the city centre and offers deckchair rental, water sports such as surfing, kite surfing and water skiing, beach bars and restaurants. If you don’t have much time but want to enjoy the beach life, Çalış Beach is the right choice. A tip: Be sure to stay until evening, when you can watch a fantastic sunset from Çalış Beach.

Çaliş Plajı in Fethiye, Türkei, ein Kiesstrand am Meer
The long beach of Calis

Sövalye island: laid back paradise

Less for the beach and more for the great view, a trip to the small offshore island of Sölvaye is worthwhile. From here you can see the city centre on one side and the beach of Çaliş on the other.

Hotels with swim-up pool in Fethiye

TUI BLUE Sensatori Akra Fethiye
For All
Turkish Aegean . Turkey
The Residence at TUI BLUE Sensatori Akra Fethiye
For All
Turkish Aegean . Turkey

Fethiye beach insider tip: Boncuklu bay

There are beaches in Fethiye that hardly anyone knows about because they are hidden in small bays. For example, take the Dolmuş (minibus) to the Oyuktepe peninsula. A circular hiking trail runs through the peninsula, leading you to enchanting bathing bays such as Boncuklu.

Beyond Fethiye: Beaches in the surrounding area

When asked about Fethiye’s most beautiful beaches, the name Ölüdeniz inevitably comes up. The smaller neighbouring village only a 30 minute drive away is famous for its picturesque sandy beach, which almost completely separates the so-called Blue Lagoon from the sea. Öludeniz Beach, which is pictured in countless Turkey brochures, is indeed fantastically beautiful with soft sand, but it pays a price for that: especially in summer, it is often hopelessly overcrowded. If you love the hustle and bustle, you will enjoy the popular beach of Ölüdeniz. Otherwise, we recommend booking a boat trip in the Turkish Aegean instead and admire the beach and the Blue Lagoon from the water. Or take a short hike on the Lycian Way that ends here and admire the Caribbean-style bay from the mountain.

For a day of swimming, you can visit the quieter beaches around Fethiye. You can find the following from Ölüdeniz in a south-easterly direction:

  • Belcekiz beach right next to the Blue Lagoon, a hotspot for paragliding. There is no entrance fee because it’s a public beach.
  • The quiet Kidrak beach a really short drive from Ölüdeniz away in a secluded bay with blue waters
  • The long stretched bay of the Butterfly Valley (Kelebekler Vadisi)
  • The hidden pearl of Kabak beach with its child-friendly shallow beach
Beach in the valley of butterflies
The long-stretched bay in the valley of butterflies

Sightseeing and beach: Kayaköy and Gemiler beach

Finally, a tip for a day trip: first drive by rental car to the ghost village of Kayaköy, whose approximately 3,500 house ruins tell a sad story: The Greek-born inhabitants of what was then Levissi had to be resettled in Greece as part of the population exchange with Turkey after the First World War, and the Turks who settled in their place preferred to live deeper in the plain where they could farm.

Today, Kayaköy, which is one of the highlights of the region of Dalaman, is considered a protected museum village. From here you continue to the beach of Gemiler, where you first take a boat to the tiny island of Gemiler Adası, the island of St. Nicholas. You won’t meet Father Christmas, but you will see the ruins of the St. Nicholas monastery from the 5th century. Back on Gemiler beach, you can enjoy a few relaxing hours.

lost places kayaköy
Morbid charm of the past – Lost place Kayaköy

Fethiye: Best beaches to the northwest

It doesn’t always have to be the area around Ölüdeniz, because Fethiye also has beaches worth visiting in the other direction. These are, in order:

  • The coarse sandy beach of Karaot
  • The rugged Katrancı peninsula with hiking trails and bathing coves
  • The quiet beach of Inlice with a highly recommended beach restaurant
Sunset at the coarse sand beach of Karaot near Fethiye
Sunset at Karaot beach

What is the best beach in Fethiye?

With so much to choose from, every holidaymaker in Fethiye will find the most beautiful beaches: The beach beach in Fethiye depends on what you are looking for: Jump into the waves with your surfboard at Çaliş Plajı, play with the kids on the shallow beach of Kabak or find your own private paradise in a tiny bathing bay before returning to your cosy hotel and ending the evening in your own whirlpool on the balcony!

Practical info about Fethiye’s beaches

Many beaches have no tourist facilities such as deckchair rental or sanitary facilities, at least not the public beaches. So take everything with you that you absolutely need for your day at the beach, or deliberately choose private beaches in Fethiye with appropriate facilities.

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