Turkish for Beginners – Small Language Course

Merhaba! Nasılsın? This is Turkish and means: Hello! How are you? If you didn’t understand that, don’t worry, because: Today we’re going to teach you the most important Turkish words and phrases in a quick language course that will definitely help you score points on your holiday in Turkey!

If you’re travelling to a foreign country and want to get to know the country and its people better, a few basic language skills can be very beneficial. At our TUI BLUE hotels TUI BLUE Sarigerme Park, TUI BLUE Palm Garden and TUI BLUE Grand Azur, our staff will help you in German and English as well as Turkish and you can even take a Turkish language course there for beginners. But learning a new language is always exciting and especially helpful on excursions and when interacting with locals, including haggling.

Not only polite phrases like “please” and “thank you” are required, but also phrases that you can use in an emergency to ask for directions, indicate pain or ask for help. Even if you can’t pronounce it perfectly, what you learn will show that you have studied your destination and have some appreciation for its culture and language. Local hosts will definitely appreciate your efforts! 🙂

Greeting in Turkish

Hoşgeldiniz – Welcome

Günaydın! – Good morning

İyi günler – Good day

İyi akşamlar! – Good evening!

İyi geceler! – Good night

Nasılsınız? – How are you?

Merhaba – Hello

Hoşçakal! – ByeTurkish City


Evet – yes

Hayır – no

Lütfen. – Please.

Teşekkür ederim. – Thank you.

Tavsiyen için teşekkürler. – Thank you for the tip.

Ne oldu? – What happened?

Özür dilerim, anlamadım – Sorry, I didn’t understand that.

Burada yabancıyım. – I am a stranger here.

Ben – I

Sen – you

Siz – you (salutation)

Bir – 1

İki -2

Üç -3

Dört -4

Beş -5

Altı – 6

Yedi – 7

Sekiz – 8

Dokuz – 9

On – 10

Time & PlaceClock with gold frame

Saat kaç? – What time is it?

Sabah – tomorrow

Dün – yesterday

Bugün – today

yarın – tomorrow

Pazartesi – Monday

Salı – Tuesday

Çarşamba – Wednesday

Perşembe – ThursdayHand with city map

Cuma – Friday

Cumartesi – Saturday

Pazar – Sunday

çok – a lot

nerede – where

Oraya nasıl gidilir? – how do I get there?

Acelem var. – I am in a hurry

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Eating & Drinking

Acıktım. – I’m hungry.TUI BLUE Restaurant

Susadım. – I am thirsty.

Şerefe – Cheers

Vejeteryan yemekleriniz var mı? – Do you also have vegetarian food on offer?

Menüyü görebilir miyim lütfen? – Can I have the menu, please?

Afedersiniz. Sipariş vermek istiyoruz lütfen. – Excuse me, we would like to order, please.

Afiyet olsun! – Enjoy your meal!

Ödeme yapmak istiyoruz lütfen. – We would like to pay, please.

Alerjim var. – I have allergies.

While shoppingClothes hanging in shop window

Onu alıcam – I will buy it.

Çok pahali – too expensive

Bu ne kadar? – How much does it cost?

Sadece bakıyorum. – I’m just going to look around.

Fiş alabilir miyim lütfen? – Can I have a receipt please?

Soyunma odalar nerede? – Where are the changing rooms?

O çok küçük. – It’s too small.

O çok büyük. – It’s too big.

HealthDoctor with stethoscope and patient file

Yardım! – Help.

Hastaneye gitmem lazım – I need to go to hospital.

Burada devamlı bir ağrı var. – I am in constant pain here.

Ateşim var.– I have a fever.

Yorgunum. – I am tired.

Hastayım. – I am sick.


Sen güzelsin – You are beautiful

Ismin ne? – What is your name?

Seni seviyorum – I like you


By the way: If you want to learn even more terms and phrases for everyday use, you can find helpful Turkish translations on the Internet. In the online dictionary dict.cc you can even have certain words and phrases spoken aloud to you and thus learn the sound of the language.

Got it? With a little practice, you’ll soon be able to exchange a few sentences in Turkish. Have fun learning!


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