Sunset Boat Tour in Turkey

From yellow to orange to fiery red – sunsets are a breathtaking natural phenomenon that are always fascinating to watch. Especially on holiday, when the sun seems to sink into the sea and the light creates that special atmosphere, we feel a feeling of harmony, romance, and happiness.
On your holiday at the TUI BLUE Sarigerme Park in Turkey, you can enjoy the sunset to the fullest on a Sunset Boat Tour. The tour is organised by the water sports provider down the beach. As with the rest of the water activities, you can sign up for this trip for a small fee. Of course, you can also stop by spontaneously and ask if there’s still a spot available 😉

I did the Sunset Boat Tour in Turkey. I describe my impressions and experiences in this blog post. One thing I can say: Whether with family, friends, or as a couple – the Sunset Boat Tour here in Turkey is definitely a worthy experience.

catamaran boat tour in turkey sun
Always after the sun 😉

True to the Motto: Always After the Sun

Equipped with a towel, sunglasses, and the camera, I go to the water sports station on the beach in Sarigerme. The sun is still blazing from the bright blue sky. Good thing I applied sun cream beforehand.

Once at the beach, all the participants gradually wander in. We’re an eclectic group of couples and families, young and old. Just before we start, we get a little briefing from the crew. Then we walk together to the dock, where our boat is already ready. More specifically, the Sunset Boat Tour in Turkey takes place on a catamaran.

jetty boat tour in turkey sarigerme park
From the dock, we board the catamaran.

Before it goes out to sea punctually at 5:00 pm, the last preparations are made by the crew.
I take off my flip-flops and enter the catamaran. Quite shaky! The crew is so friendly and helps me out.

preparations catamaran

The catamaran consists of two hulls, which are firmly connected. The trampoline netting between the hulls provides sufficient space for sitting and lying. I look for a cosy place near the helm and spread out my towel. Meanwhile, the sail is pulled up and the rope is untied from the dock. We’re off!

sailing vdws turkey sarigerme park
Of course, the small Turkish flag shouldn’t be missing from our sail.

We Chase the Sun Until It Sets

On this Sunset Boat Tour in Turkey, you can admire the sun going down behind Sarigerme three times. How’s that possible? Quite simply, we’re chasing it.
The sailors explain the course of the boat tour. Here at the Sarigerme Park in Turkey, you can watch three fiery red sunsets behind the rocks from the water. You just have to be in the right place at the right time.

Until the first stop, I enjoy the ride and let my mind wander.
Slowly it starts to set, and the colour of the sun changes from white to yellow and from yellow to orange. The sky is clear and blue – ideal conditions for the perfect sunset.

sunset number one
Sunset number 1

Sparkling Wine and a Fiery Red Sunset

After our first stop, we sail west and move around the rocks so we can watch the sunset again. There’s another little surprise for us along the way. Everyone is passed a champagne flute (plastic, for safety). Corks pop – one of the sailors opens one of the bottles of sparkling wine from the cooler. Alternatively, there’s beer and orange juice to choose from. Together, we lift our glasses and toast the Sunset Boat Tour. A speaker is turned on and begins accompanying the tour with relaxing music.

sparkling wine sunset

Meanwhile, the sun is already shining orange. I sit on the outer edge of the catamaran and let my legs dangle.
Chill music, sparkling wine, and a magnificent view – that’s what I call pure holiday feeling!

legs sunset turkey
Isn’t it gorgeous?

Now everything is going very fast. Around the sun, the sky turns bright orange – a stunning image that’s barely captured in photos.

anna flimm with sparkling wine on katamaran
Once smile for the camera ?

Sunset No. 3 – What a Romantic Boat Tour in Turkey

Anyone who has ever watched a sunset until the end knows that the sun goes down faster than you think. That’s why we’re speeding up now. The catamaran accelerates and we sail into a small bay. The last photos are taken as long as it’s not completely dark yet.

The fire-red sun now sits directly between two rocks. Now it’s time to set aside the cameras and phones and enjoy the moment. I take another sip of sparkling wine and enjoy the last rays of sunshine until the giant fireball is submerged in the sea. Wow!

sunset sea boat tour in turkey
And just like that, the sun goes down behind the small hills.

We stay at the spot for a short time and listen to the sounds of the sea. The sails are set and the boat picks up speed towards the TUI BLUE Sarigerme Park. With the light wind, I notice it’s slowly getting cooler. No wonder – the sun here in Turkey is really powerful.

We dock again at the jetty, where the water sports crew is already waiting for us and moors the boat again. They accompany us from the catamaran and hand us our shoes.
Teşekkür ederim – Thank you, as it is said so nicely in Turkish.
With beaming smiles and a big round of applause, we all thank the crew. I’ve seldom seen such a dreamlike sunset before – and in a three-pack, no less.
By now it is 7:45 pm – time for dinner! I’m thrilled about this Sunset Boat Tour here in Turkey. A definite recommendation for you!


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