Wedding on the beach: Make your dreams come true!

What do I like most about getting married? Apart from an elegant dress, gorgeous shoes, a lovingly decorated venue, an exuberant mood, and dancing until dawn? The significance of this life event. Two lives, two fates, two souls connected by dreams, hopes, and expectations. Never again will the newlyweds look happier, more beautiful, and more in love than at this very special moment, ready to walk the path of a common life together – for better or worse. Pretty cheesy, right? Maybe, but it’s the best foundation for an unforgettable beach wedding.

Beach wedding: A dream come true

For me, the journey began in Turkey. Not in my wildest dreams – and I tend to be rich in imagination – did I imagine that one day I would marry my former classmate on the beach in a small Turkish village called Sarigerme. I also never dreamed that as a future bride I would let someone else organise and prepare the wedding for me in the months leading up to the big day. One thing, however, met all my expectations: I have always dreamed of an unconventional wedding on the beach, elegant and simple. And that’s exactly what my husband Edwin planned for me.

bride and groom hotel grounds
In the lush, gorgeous hotel complex there are many beautiful photo locations.

Let the hotel do the work

The fact that we were both working at the TUI BLUE Sarigerme Park made the choice of venue much easier. The beach is beautiful, the view is romantic, and although we were the first couple to marry here, everything went like clockwork. The staff were helpful, enthusiastic, and enjoyed their part in our beach wedding. I only showed my Edwin and the team once how I imagined the setup, the seating arrangement on the beach, the aisle, and flower arrangements, and everything was implemented according to my wishes. Bridezilla? Not a chance! Nope!

wedding pavilion on the beach
The hotel takes care of the details

I couldn’t have wished for a smoother process. I really don’t know how and when everything was done, because the only thing I had to do was arrive on time and say yes on the beach. And I did just that. Everything around me looked fantastic and everyone was there – hotel guests, friends, colleagues, family. But the only thing I noticed was my future husband and the soft sound of the sea in the background.

bride with veil
You can still wear a classic wedding dress on the beach.

Of course, apart from us, the two Orthodox priests were the centre of attention of all participants. Firstly, because it is quite difficult to find priests in Turkey. Secondly, even if you find a priest in Turkey, he must agree to officiate the ceremony in a place other than a church. Additionally, Orthodox churches in Turkey are rather rare. Incidentally, our marriage on the beach was not only a first for the hotel, but also for the Orthodox Church in Turkey.

Getting married on the beach: What about the bureaucracy?

If, after reading this blog, you feel inspired to get married in this wonderful corner of Turkey, on the beach of Sarigerme, you should keep the following requirements and technical aspects in mind and plan accordingly.

A civil marriage ceremony is the only legally binding type of wedding ceremony in Turkey. In concrete terms, this means:


You marry in your home country before coming to Turkey and celebrate the wedding only symbolically on the beach. In this case, all you need decide is who will perform the ceremony. Be aware that finding a priest in Turkey is a difficult and challenging task, so it’s best to fly the priest in from your home country. All other organisational aspects of your beach wedding can then be left to the hotel.

Important: If you want to get married on the beach and perform a religious ceremony, you must first be legally married in a civil ceremony. The civil wedding ceremony can take place either in Turkey or in the respective home country.


You get married right here in Turkey, a fairly simple procedure, provided you have all the necessary documents at hand.

bride and groom with wedding party on the beach
Get married with a view of the sea

Paperwork needed for a beach wedding

Foreigners wishing to marry in Turkey must present the following documents:

– Certificate of Capacity to Marry/Certificate of Celibacy issued in your country of residence

– Birth certificate

– Valid passport

– Application form for marriage and other applications, to be submitted to the local Registry Office

– 6 colour passport photos

– If you are divorced or widowed, additional certificates/documents are required.

– Medical certificate (incl. regular blood tests)

If you plan to marry on the beach, I strongly recommend that you contact the appropriate embassy and consulate in your home country, whether you marry in Turkey or elsewhere abroad. There you will find more information about the legal requirements for marrying in that country, which apply depending on nationality. All documents must be translated into the local language and certified by the local government office.

bride and groom at the hotel pool
Anyone fancy a cool-down in the pool?

If you carefully prepare all the documents for your beach wedding in advance, the process is actually quite simple. You should arrive only one week before the wedding, to settle the necessary paperwork without too much stress. For the big day you only need the rings, two witnesses, and an authorised translator, if you don’t speak the language. At our wedding at the TUI BLUE Sarigerme Park, the responsible official in Ortaca was ready to come to the hotel, and we were able to marry in front of the stunning scenery on the beach.

get married on the beach
Priests on a Turkish beach, an unusual sight

Every wedding is unique, and you too can turn your wedding into a fairytale in paradise. You just have to find the right location. For my beach wedding this was the TUI BLUE Sarigerme Park. To conclude: You too can fulfill your dream and marry on the beach. Your biggest task is simply finding that one special person with whom you choose to take this step – for everything else, TUI BLUE is there to make things easy!

Info about getting married at TUI BLUE Sarigerme Park: Wedding ceremonies are only possible for guests of the hotel, not for external day guests. The minimum stay is 1 week.

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  1. Hello I am coming on holiday tui blu tropical next year in may and would like to marry my partner of q3 years I just want it to be me russ and our boys to be there, dont want expensive wedding is there anything you can do for us please? And how much?

    1. Hello Sophie,

      I forwarded your request to the hotel and they will contact you. All the best!

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