Down through the Clouds – My Paragliding Adventure in Turkey

I’ve got a tingling in my stomach – it’s that typical feeling you get when you’re excited, a mix of joy and slight nervousness. No wonder. I’m standing on a 2,000-metre-high mountain and will float just above the lagoon of Fethiye in Turkey. Pure adrenaline flows through my veins – it’s my first paragliding flight. If I make it to the bottom – you’ll read about it 😉

During my vacation at the TUI BLUE Sarigerme Park, I enjoy the sun, the mild climate, and some relaxing time on the beach. As a bit of an adventure junkie, I need a real adrenaline kick, an experience that I’ll remember forever. I’m looking for a challenge! From the BLUE Guide on site, I learn about the paragliding excursion in Turkey. Flying over the Turkish coast? That’s exactly what I’m looking for!

joy paragliding turkey
The smile on my face says it all, right?

Let’s Go Paragliding in Turkey

The morning before the big adventure, I fortify myself with a delicious Turkish breakfast overlooking the sea. Then I go to the reception desk, where my transfer is already waiting for me. Ready to go!
My tip: It’s better to wear long sleeves on the flight – at 2,000 metres high, it can be quite brisk and windy.
The paragliding flight on my Turkish holiday takes place in Olü Deniz, Fethiye, just under an hour and a half from the hotel. Another girl, Sarah, will jump with me. During the drive, we start chatting – I think we’re both happy that we’ll experience this together and won’t have to jump alone 😉

Arriving in Fethiye, the driver, who’s also looking out for us during the trip, takes us to the paragliding organiser’s office. After signing up, we have to wait a bit longer for our pilots to get ready. In the meantime, we walk to the beach. Here, I’m not surprised to see dozens of paragliders floating above me. I can even see the 2000-metre-high mountain from which I’ll soon jump. The craziest thing is that the paragliders just land in the middle of the beach promenade. “Oh, paragliders land in market stall here – that happens,” our guide says calmly. Well, composure is relative 😀

promenade Fethiye paragliders
There’s another paraglider on its approach.

A Daring and Adventurous Ride up the Mountain

We return to the office of the paragliding organiser. Here we go! Together with Sarah and some other tourists, we get into the minibus, which will drive us up the mountain. Our pilots are still packing the equipment for the approximately 25-minute “daring” ride. The drive up is already an adventure in itself and not for the faint of heart. Close to the edge of the cliff, we drive on a winding path to the top. But don’t worry – the drivers are professionals and they drive this route several times a day. Nothing has ever gone wrong here.

ali pilot paragliding equipment
My pilot Ali is preparing the equipment.

Once on the mountain, everything happens very fast. We leave enough room for a running start, where every pilot prepares his equipment. I put on a helmet and walk over to Sarah again to take a selfie – this moment must be captured.

selfie sarah anna
Peace – let’s go!

3, 2 ,1 – I Float in the Air

My pilot, Ali, sets up the parachute and explains the procedure and how to begin. There’s no turning back now! With shaky knees, I run – 3, 2, 1 – we’re flying!
Gradually, I can relax and settle into the seat. It’s an indescribable feeling to be able to float in the air.

“Ready to fly through the clouds?” Ali asks me. I nod and already feel the slightly moist air around me. At this moment, I’m definitely happy about my long clothes. In the clouds nothing is visible, only white shadows around me – madness! We fly out of the cloud again. Now Ali pulls out the selfie stick: “We’re going to take some cool photos,” he says, asking if he should take my helmet off. I take the selfie stick and he clips my helmet on the harness. With a big smile, I look into the smartphone camera. CLICK! 😀

paragliding selfie stick mountains rock

We take photos and videos in different poses – Instagram sends its greetings 😉

After about ten minutes, I can see the beautiful lagoon and the beach in Fethiye better. Now you can even take the lines of the paraglider yourself and fly for a short time. Depending on the wind, I have to balance pretty well. It’s primal fun and of course it’s all on video.

paragliding turkey picture from above lagoon
Eyes on the beautiful lagoon!

Roller Coaster Feeling – “Action” in the Air

“Are you ready for some action?” Ali asks mischievously. “Action” means that he flies downward in a spiral. I feel the tingling in my stomach again. Ali counts down from three – the steep drop begins. I feel like I’m on a fast roller coaster and start screaming. After a few seconds, Ali brings the paraglider back to a level plane. Take a deep breath.

paragliding turkey ali and anna
With this great flight I can only grin. ?

We’re approaching the bottom of the beach promenade in Olü Deniz. “Would you like more action or would you rather enjoy the flight?” Ali asks me. I don’t need to think long about that. “Action” of course! This time I film our adrenaline-rich conclusion with the selfie stick. I already love paragliding!

After about 30-35 minutes, we arrive safely on the ground. Once there, I meet Sarah again. We’re both still full of adrenaline and want to go again right away. That was really a great experience! By the way, the duration of the flight time depends on how the weather and wind conditions are, and of course on how much “action” you have during your flight. Spiralling downward means you reach the ground much faster. But it’s worth it!

thumbs up paragliding turkey
Thumbs up!

A Delicious Pomegranate Juice as a Reward

We go back to the team’s office, where the pilots download the photos and videos from the flights directly to our smartphones. I thank Ali for the great flight and say goodbye. Together with our guide and driver, Sarah and I get a delicious pomegranate juice from one of the stands on the promenade.

pomegranate juice
I deserve it! A delicious pomegranate juice.

On the way back to the TUI BLUE Sarigerme Park, I look at the pictures. They came out really well! I’m really glad that I dared to fly. I can only highly recommend the trip to you. Especially sports enthusiasts and adventurous people who want to create unforgettable holiday experiences while paragliding in Turkey.


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