Water Skiing on the Fleesensee: Get Wet!

The temperature is 27 degrees, the sun is shining: perfect weather for a dip in the beautiful Fleesensee. But that’s not enough – a bit of action doesn’t hurt. Like the TUI BLUE Fleesensee, the Golf & Country Club Fleesensee belongs to the Hotel & Sport Resort Fleesensee. Contrary to what you might expect, this not only offers golf for our guests, but also various water sports, including water skiing. For me, this means getting into a wetsuit and out on the water!

Into the boat, into the fun

Just 100 metres from our hotel is the marina resort. Skipper Marcus is already waiting for me there. The boat is ready to go, the things are packed – so we embark and unmoor. The ship, which is specially designed for water sports such as water skiing or wakeboarding, can accommodate up to seven guests. Everyone gets their money’s worth here and skipper Marcus likes to cater to every individual. Of course, he has a few tips in stock to make it worth it for total beginners (like me).

Fleesensee speedboat
With this fast boat we go out on the Fleesensee.

Off on a Wild Ride

Hardly in the boat, I’m already feeling recovered. For me, water is always associated with relaxation and although it’s clear that this is only a short excursion on the lake, it feels like a holiday. The fresh air, the wind rushing by the boat, the nature, the water, the blue sky: just wonderful. After only five minutes of driving, we arrive where we get down to business, because the Fleesensee has an area specially marked for water sports. Slowly, I get a little nervous, but also an enormous appetite for what lies ahead.

water ski fleesensee man in the water
Optimal conditions for water skiing.

Now it’s time to put on water skis and life jackets and get into the cool water. At just under 21 degrees, the Fleesensee has a fairly pleasant temperature for its conditions. Nevertheless, the jump into the water isn’t quite easy for me, because the water temperature could have been still two to three degrees warmer. But after the first shock, it’s quite all right.

Waiting for the Start

Now that I’m in the water with full gear, Marcus throws me the tow rope and then brings the boat slowly into the right starting position. I concentrate on the impending start and keep Marcus’ voice and his valuable tips in my mind. It’s important to lie back in the water in a kind of squat and stick the front of the water skis a bit out of the water.  The start is not so easy and there’s a danger of “snagging” on the water.

Peter with water skis in the water
I am ready…

After Marcus has the boat and me in the starting position, then we get started. The boat engine roars and I shoot out of the water. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s how you go water skiing on the Fleesensee! Marcus’ instructions seem to have helped. At barely 20 km/h, we drive over the lake. During the trip, I take in a gorgeous view of the lovely TUI BLUE Fleesensee. If only I had a hand free to take pictures – maybe next time!

Relaxation on Water Skis

Once you get the hang of it, the ride on the water skis behind the boat is pure pleasure and almost relaxing. I let my mind wander and enjoy nature. The stress of everyday life vanishes in no time. After just 10 to 15 minutes, I’m already well recovered and done in. I wouldn’t have been able to go much longer since water skiing is physically exhausting. When I let go of the tow rope out of fatigue after almost 15 minutes and sink into the water, I get a feeling of happiness that I only get after jogging or a demanding session in the gym. Slowly, Marcus returns with the boat and invites me back in.

water skiing man fleesensee
Glide over the water and enjoy the view.

Water Skiing: A “Must Do”

Dried off and rested, it’s back to the jetty and then to the TUI BLUE Fleesensee. Although it was only a short morning trip for me, I’m now full of energy and looking forward to my duties at the hotel.

tui blue fleesensee viewed from the water
Best view of the TUI BLUE Fleesensee.

Water skiing on the Fleesensee is a great experience, which I can fully recommend. The great mix of action, relaxation, and nature is something very special. I wonder why I haven’t tried it before, but one thing is certain: that was certainly not my last round of water skiing on the Fleesensee!

Water ski marcus peter
Many thanks to Marcus for the great experience!

If you’re interested in giving water skiing on the Fleesensee a try during your stay at the TUI BLUE Fleesensee, just contact me or one of the other BLUE Guides at the hotel.

Cover photo: © danieldeakbardos – Fotolia.com

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