TUI BLUE Interview: Sandra Cetin, BLUE Guide

Sandra, you just spent your first season at the TUI BLUE Palm Garden. Have you settled in okay?

Yes, definitely! My colleagues took me in immediately and I got used to it quickly. Previously, I worked in the automotive industry – that was something else entirely. At my current job as BLUE guide, I especially appreciate the close contact with the guests. It makes me happy when I can make our visitors’ stay as pleasant as possible and immediately respond to their wishes or requests.

Tablet with BLUE App: Which Sandra Cetin handles as a BLUE GuideEach BLUE Guide has his or her field of expertise. What is yours?

I am primarily responsible as a BLUE Guide for our BLUE App. I take care of content and update the existing information so that our guests are always up to date. I also manage the social media areas like Facebook, our Whatsapp Messenger, HolidayCheck, and the wall of the BLUE App. But even here locally, I answer customer inquiries and accept bookings for daybeds, table reservations at Levante, or registrations for the Beach Barbecue. For those who are interested, I even offer app-training, where I explain how to use the BLUE App.

What do you love most about your job?

I really like the contact with our guests. It’s fantastic for me as open and sociable people – I get to know new and interesting people all the time. And the cooperation with my colleagues is excellent; it’s important to have a good work flow. We often take excursions together on our free days, in the beautiful surroundings of Manavgat, for example. That’s really fun! And last but not least, I’m lucky enough to work under the Palm trees, of course!


What advice do you have for guests of TUI BLUE? What should they not miss?

I find our cuisine sensational. From regional specialties, to vegetarian and vegan meals, to the low-carb selection
, everything is tasty and freshly prepared here. The food is varied and healthy without sacrificing the enjoyment. This corresponds to our high standards, which you don’t find very often. Each guest should definitely go through the beach buffet and treat themselves to a cup of coffee from our barista machine. There’s nothing that good! And the evening Beach Barbecue, which is held once per week: Watching the sunset after feasting to your heart’s content – what’s better?

You came here to Turkey as a German only recently. How are you so good at Turkish?

That’s right, I was born in Germany and grew up there, so German is my native language. I married a Turkish man and learned Turkish for his sake. Since then… I’m now fluent in Turkish after 7 years and can express myself and entertain in it. That comes in really handy here locally, either in contact with guests or locals.

One last question: You work where others vacation. But where do you like to spend your holidays?

When I have more free time, I like to go see my family in Germany. I think Germany is a great and varied holiday in itself: You can go to the seaside or into the mountains, and the cities have plenty to offer. I especially like to go to Germany at Christmas time. Everything is festively decorated, the smell of gingerbread wafts through the house, and the family comes together, which is very special for me.

Sandra, thanks for your time!


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