Select your preferred room – is it worth it?

Really, the holiday should be perfect. So you’ve booked a room with sea view. Well, you can see the sea, somewhere between the trees on the ground floor. That’s not how you imagined it. The room facing the garden turns out to be the one next to the driveway and the noisy ventilation shaft. Somewhere in the background you can make out a garden. Something like this wouldn’t have happened if you’d selected your room beforehand.

What is the “select your room” option?

Hotels such as those at TUI BLUE have recently started to allow guests to select a requested room at the hotel for a fee. In principle, just like how you can select a particularly comfortable seat on a plane for a fee. Similarly, you can reserve the exact location and even the exact room number with a “select your room” booking. You’re guaranteed to have a top-floor room with uninterrupted ocean views or the room next to the pool – your preferences dictate which room will be your dream room.

Example “select your room” booking

You can see what the selection of a preferred room can look like with an example of the “select your room” booking at TUI BLUE. For 10 euros per night per room, you can book your dream room.

Select your room - TUI BLUE

After clicking, the map appears – in this example, the person booked a Duo Extra double room at the Hotel TUI BLUE Palm Garden. All available rooms of this category are shown in blue.

Show available rooms

Select your room step 1

The site is vast. Therefore, you can zoom in on the map to see the individual rooms better. Let’s say you’re travelling as a family of three, so parents with a toddler. Because of that, you’d like to select a room on the ground floor. As properties of your preferred room, you choose “Near Kids Club”, “Near Beach”, and “Near Pool”, so the walks are as short as possible. Wellness lovers can select a room close to the spa, people with reduced mobility can see immediately where the barrier-free rooms are, and so on. A dream room according to your needs and preferences! So just check the desired options and see which rooms are available.

Filter and select

Select your room step 2

Now you can see which rooms meet these criteria. All blue rooms are available. The room next to the pool (red box) speaks to you. Click on the desired room and you’ll see the room number. Since you have selected the room, the color of the room has changed from blue (available) to red (selected). The grey rooms aren’t available due to the room category or the selected filter criteria, or they’re already occupied.

Select your room step 3

Select and save selection, done! You’ve reserved the perfect room for you!

Select your room pros and cons

Of course, you have to pay for it. Some guests, especially regulars, write to the hotel prior to arrival and ask for a specific location or would like to return to room 312 because it was so nice there last year. The hotel can never guarantee such requests. With the “select your room” booking, you buy yourself the right to a room and you can look forward to the sea view, sunset view, panoramic view, or whatever you want to see from the balcony even more. Again, the hotel can’t 100 percent guarantee that you’ll get that exact room (e.g. because it suddenly has a water damage and is uninhabitable). The fee for the “select your room” booking is paid on-site. Of course, if your selected room isn’t available, you won’t be charged.

Select your room: Direct booking is worthwhile

How long before arrival can I select my room? This depends on the hotel and may be possible at the time of booking (direct booking on the website of the hotel) or one week after booking (if you have not booked directly with the hotel, e.g. a package holiday through a tour operator or another hotel reservation platform). The hotel or the tour operator will remind you of the option by email two weeks before arrival. In any case, be quick and secure your preferred room before someone else snatches it up!

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To select your preferred room, log in with your booking number on the “Select your room portal or register for it.

Tip: The most comfortable way to select a room is in the desktop version.

Gradually, more and more TUI BLUE hotels are adding the option to select your room. We’ll be updating this article again and again.


    1. Hi Andy,

      TUI BLUE Falesia will be available for desired room booking beginning of September at the earliest. Keep an eye on the hotel’s facebook page for the latest news.
      Have a great holiday in Portugal!

  1. Good Morning,
    My husband and I have reservations for 5 nights next May 12 -May 19. Our reservation is for a Deluxe double room. I would like to take advantage of the “Select a Room” feature for location and style. Is that possible? Please let me know how to do that on-line.
    Diane Cardinalli

    1. Dear Diane,
      are you talking about the Il Castelfalfi? At the moment the selection of the room for this hotel is only possible at the time of booking (for technical reasons). We hope that in one or two weeks you will be able to log in to your booking details and select your room. There is still plenty of time, don’t worry. You can select your room here: Select your room booking.
      Kind regards

  2. Hi I am trying to select a room for Rui blue marmaris Sep 19
    It won’t recognise my booking ref or let me select
    I rang tui store I booked with and they could not do it either
    Please help

    1. Dear Debbie,
      please write an email to with your details such as name, booking reference and what problem occured in what stage of the booking. My colleagues are glad to help you.

    1. Hello Trudi,
      the TUI BLUE Jadran is supposed to introduce the room of your choice option this season. To know about the exact date watch out for news on our facebook page.

    1. Dear Rob, the new TUI BLUE hotels don’t have this option yet, but we are working on a solution. Keep an eye on our facebook page or subscribe to the TUI BLUE newsletter for the latest updates.
      Cheers, Miri

    1. Dear Karen, the new TUI BLUE hotels don’t have this option yet, but we are working on a solution. Keep an eye on our facebook page or subscribe to the TUI BLUE newsletter for the latest updates.
      Cheers, Miri

  3. Will the Tui Blue Ochadia in Gran Canaria have this option? Just booked for August but couldn’t see the choice of room.

    1. Dear Emily,
      we are working on it but it will take a while. You will see the option in the BLUE App once it’s available.

      Cheers, Miri

  4. I am going to the sensimar Riviera next June 2021 we went to morroco last year it was fabulous the staff couldn’t do enough for me and my husband he is not very steady on his legs and can not walk far I would like to choose our room with a view but near the lift how do I sort this please x

    1. Dear Sue,

      we’re happy to hear that you chose TUI BLUE Riviera for your 2021 holiday. You can reach the hotel at +34 952 44 1240 to tell them about your requirements for the room. They don’t offer the “select your room” option yet.


  5. we have booked tui blue victoria in menorca in may 2023, so not long now. it is not on the tui blue app so we cant reserve ,book, or upgrade our room. we find this app very useful so hopefully it will be there soon, can you confirm this please.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      I hope they informed you about the new opening date of the Victoria Menorca (May 22nd). The hotel will be available in the BLUE App latest a couple of days before the opening.
      Have a wonderful holiday in Menorca!


  6. j’ai choisi une chambre pour notre séjour du 1er au 8 septembre 2023. Sur le site tout c’est bien passé , il m’a été dit que la chambre de mon choix a bien été réservée. Cependant je n’ai reçu aucune confirmation par mail, sur l’application ma chambre n’apparaît pas pour mon séjour et me propose même de toujours choisir une chambre. j’ai essayé, la chambre que j’ai choisi n’apparaît plus et celles proposées ne me conviennent pas. j’ai appelé l’hôtel pour savoir si la chambre choisie m’avait bien été attribuée, mais ils ne savent pas me répondre. Ils me disent que j’ai 95% de chance d’avoir la chambre choisie ! Comment être sûre que j’aurais bien la chambre choisie ? les chambres proposées à présent ne correspondent pas à mes critères de sélection : proche du spa, calme, dernier étage, pleine vue mer, grand lit, balcon ou terrasse.
    Merci pour votre aide

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