The Top 10 Beaches in Mallorca

Mallorca – the favourite island of the Germans – is the largest of the Balearic Islands. With almost 180 beaches and a total length of 50 kilometres, there are certainly those typical “tourist beaches”. But if you have the insider knowledge, you can discover beautiful bays, natural beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and Mallorcan beach bars. You just have to know the right spots. I’ve searched around the island and I’ll tell you my top 10 beaches in Mallorca far away from the typical clichés.

#beachvibes – The Most Beautiful Beaches in Mallorca

Turquoise blue waters, fine white sand beaches, and hidden coves. The Mallorcan beaches have much more to offer than lying on a towel next to other holidaymakers. There are still beaches on Mallorca where you can relax undisturbed in the sun and walk barefoot in the sand.

Choosing the Perfect Location

The starting point of my explorations was the TUI BLUE Rocador hotel in the southeast of the island, the ideal location from which get to know the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca. From the south to the northeast, there are a variety of breathtaking beaches and coves. Extensive, long sandy beaches can be found more in the south and east of the Mediterranean island. Entry into the water is often very easy and the long beach invites walks along the shore. If you’d rather visit a small bay, look for the word “cala” on the map. Cala is the Spanish word for bay. Surreal calas are found mainly in the southeast of the island. The cosy coves with their rocky landscapes and the turquoise-blue waters provide the perfect backdrop for a photo or two. Das sind die schönsten Strände Mallorcas:

1. Cala Gran – The Little Daughter of Cala d’Or

Cala d’Or is certainly a household name. But have you heard of the sandy beach of Cala Gran? You’re certain to get to know it if you explore the environment around your hotel. It’s located close to the TUI BLUE Rocador. The beach section is equipped with every amenity, such as a cosy beach bar, a delicious restaurant, comfortable lounge chairs, and a trendy diving school. The special feature: the beach is particularly interesting for for cliff diving, as there are countless opportunities to jump straight from the cliffs into the crystal clear water.

Sea bathers house beaches on mallorca
On the doorstep of the hotel: Cala Gran


2. Cala Llombards – Idyllic Holiday Atmosphere

Definitely one of the most beautiful bays in eastern Mallorca. Cala Llombards is almost undeveloped and scores points with unique water quality and moderately high waves. With the cliffs and green-clad rocks, the bay looks totally idyllic. My tip: Spread out a towel and listen to the lapping waves with your eyes closed 😉

Beach rock sea people
View of Cala Llombards –, ©cristianbalate


3. Cala Sa Nau – Legendary Beach Parties

It’s a secret tip from the locals, the bay of Cala Sa Nau. Less than 10 minutes by car from the hotel, the beach is encircled by forests, caves, and cliffs in the southeast of the island. Sunning by day, partying by night. The beach is popular with Mallorcans on the weekends for its beach parties at Chiringuito. A good alternative to the Ballermann pub crawl.

Beaches on mallorca sea people trees bay
A day on the beach: Cala Sa Nau –, © Simon Dannhauer


4. Cala Pi – The Place for Rest and Relaxation

Cala Pi is the oldest, most famous settlement in the southwest of the island and is still one of the most pristine beaches on Mallorca. What makes the beach, which is only 50 metres wide, so fascinating is that it flows fjord-like into the sea. Embedded in a rocky backdrop, it brings that Mediterranean flair. Next to the beach is the village of Cala Pi, which invites you to stroll and watch the luxurious yachts in the harbour.

Sea Bay Rock
One of the top 10 beaches in Mallorca: the secluded cove of Cala Pi


5. Alone under the Palm Trees – Caló des Moro

My absolute insider tip: Caló des Moro. This unique, natural beach in rocky surroundings is found in the southeast. The hidden location of the beach isn’t so easy to reach and also offers no catering or lifeguard supervision, but you’ll hardly encounter any tourists here. The water is more crystal clear than you’d expect to find on a party island. The steep coastline encloses the fine sandy beach, making it a breathtaking lagoon. My tip: Pack solid shoes for the walk from the rocks to the cove.

sea bay swimmers
Swim out into the sea: Calo des Moro


6. Playa es Trenc – The Longest Natural Beach on Mallorca

Welcome to paradise! In the south, the longest natural beach on Mallorca extends over 2.5 kilometres, reminiscent of a Caribbean beach. This beach is ideal for sunbathing on the fine, white sand. Playa es Trenc is also particularly suitable for families, since the entry into the turquoise blue water is very shallow. It’s the versatility that distinguishes this beach. There are sections with restaurants, lounge chairs, or beach bars, and other areas where the beach is surrounded only by picturesque dunes. Beach walkers can easily walk from one place to the next.

Sandy beach sea people
The long sandy beach of Playa es Trenc, one of the most popular beaches on Mallorca


7. Cala Mesquida – In the Midst of Untouched Nature

In the northeast, near the eastern community of Capdepera, lies Cala Mesquida. About an hour by car from the TUI BLUE Rocador, the protected beach is surrounded by a vast dune landscape. If you look closely, you can even see rare bird species that have made their home here. By the way, this includes one the biggest gull and cormorant colonies in the Balearic Islands! You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see this and snap a few photos!

Dunes beach people sea houses
Dune landscape at Cala Mesquida –, © Odluap


8. Cala Agulla – The Beach for Water Sports

My absolute favourite in the northeast of Mallorca, near the party resort Cala Ratjada, is Cala Agulla. Why? You can relax undisturbed here despite the developed tourist resort. The bay of Cala Agulla is surrounded by dunes right on a nature reserve and in a fantastic landscape of pines. The windy bay attracts many water sports enthusiasts to jump on a board. Even I, a total sports grouch, had my fun on the waves. Every type of beach-goer will get their money’s worth here – it’s never boring at Cala Agulla! 😉

Sea dunes beach
The most beautiful beaches on Mallorca: Cala Agulla beach in the northeast of Mallorca


9. Varied Beach Holidays – Playa de Muro

In the northeast of Mallorca, in the southern part of the Bay of Alcudia, lies Playa de Muro. Together with the neighboring beaches Can Picafort and Playa de Alcúida, they form the longest sandy beach in the Balearic Islands. Playa de Muro is divided into four stretches of beach, which could not be more versatile. In the outer sections, you can enjoy chilled drinks in the sun with excellent infrastructure and a beach promenade. In the middle part of the Playa de Muro, you’re in a protected dune area, which invites you to sunset strolls. Simply gorgeous!

Beach sea bathers cliff
Cooling off in the sea at Playa de Muro


10. Pure Romance – Playa de Formentor

Love is in the air! Near the municipality Pollença in the north of the island is Playa Formentor. Here you have to plan for a good hour and a half drive from TUI BLUE, but it’s worth the trip. The fantastic mountain panorama invites you to a romantic beach day, especially for couples. The bay is surrounded by pine forests and small houses that make it easy to relax. Did you know? The Hotel Formentor at the end of the beach has already hosted guests like Winston Churchill and John Wayne.

Beach palm trees sea shade yacht
Shadow cookies at Playa Formentor –, ©Balate Dorin


So, have you fallen in love with one of the dream beaches? If you’re looking for have a great beach hotel on Mallorca, I can recommend the TUI BLUE Rocador in the southeast of the island. From here, you can easily explore the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca by car and dive into the crystal clear water.

P.S. Are beaches not really your thing? Then a jeep safari might be for you.

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