Smile! So you can take the perfect selfie.

Quickly pull out the smartphone, strike a pose, and hit the button – the modern self-portrait is done. In recent years, the selfie rapidly increased in popularity and took over our photo storage and social media accounts. It’s not just average, amateur photographers getting into the art; celebrities also post one selfie after another. If presidents and chancellors are photographing themselves along with their people, then maybe there’s something to this trend.

Strike a pose!

Group selfie

But how do you get the perfect selfie? It’s actually not that difficult: If you want to give an authentic impression, don’t adjust too much or hold unnatural poses. Cliche poses, like the pouty duck face, victory sign, or overhead perspective are now as worn out as the vintage filter. Instead, just relax and think of something that brings a relaxed smile to your face. This already looks good! Pay attention to the lighting and make sure that you stand either directly in front of or behind a light source; this is particularly flattering for a selfie. Watch out for the perspective! Photos from below make you appear wider and photos from high up make you shrink – neither is very advantageous. Choose an angle that’s from only very slightly above your head; eye-level is a good reference point. Also, you don’t want the background to be out of sight. You play the main role in a selfie, so a gentler background is best for presenting yourself as the subject.

Be true to the subject, and we can move on: Apps like Instagram and Snapchat already offer an integrated filter, which you can use to edit your picture. The rule here is: less is more. Most filters are used to discreetly augment the beauty of the image by, for example, smoothing out small bumps, dark circles, or blemishes on your face and bring about a soft, flawless appearance. Those who like it a bit quirkier can decorate themselves with masks or “panels”: a couple cat ears or a panda face are silly, fun looks for people who want to be a little goofy. But you don’t have to use these, obviously, because you are beautiful just as you are!

TUI BLUE Selfie Machine August WinnerMake a selfie and win

This is how you’ll find our colleagues in the TUI BLUE hotels. You’ll find Selfie Machines where you can photograph yourself whenever you want, right there in the reception areas. You don’t have to do this alone; you can bring friends, family, and anyone you want in the photo. Show us what your perfect selfie looks like by posting it from our Selfie Machine under the hashtag #tuiblue on Instagram. We will publish the best selfie with the most likes on our TUI BLUE Facebook page for everyone to see, and the winner will get a Bose Bluetooth speaker – turquoise like the branded ones in the TUI BLUE hotel rooms in Turkey! Now that you know how to take the perfect selfie, we’ll just say: There’s nothing like making selfies at TUI BLUE!

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