A greek dream – my tips for Santorini

With a glass of wine, I have found myself a shady spot. A light breeze envelops my thoughts, which are in total holiday mode. Dreamily, I gaze up at a royal blue sky. The colour of the sky is almost identical to the blue domes of the cottages all around me. The warming rays of the sun envelop the sea in a great veil of glitter. I close my eyes, because I want to keep this image in my mind forever. How can a single place seem so paradisiacal?

Today I’m taking you to one of the most beautiful islands in Greece called Santorini, a place that the ancient Greeks adored.

Santorini belongs to the Greek archipelago of the Cyclades and is located in the southern Aegean Sea, a part of the Mediterranean Sea. A special feature is the high cliffs, which are based on undersea craters. A volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC is responsible for this unique landscape. To bring you closer to this little corner of the world, I will now tell you the best tips for Santorini.

Beach highlight no. 1: Perissa Beach

Let me guess, you’re looking for some insider beach tips? The beaches of Santorini are hard to beat when it comes to uniqueness. A true bathing paradise is hidden here!

It is particularly convenient that the TUI BLUE Hotel Meltemi is right next to my first travel tip. The hotel is the perfect place to switch off and an ideal starting point for discoveries. Who doesn’t like to start their holiday with a glass of wine in their own hot tub? The TUI BLUE guides are there to help and advise you and plan your perfect day!

So I set off for Perissa Beach. A beach almost 7 kilometres long invites me to take long walks on the beach. There is one feature of the beach that you can particularly look forward to. The pebble beach is pitch black in colour and contrasts beautifully with the deep blue sea. If you need a little more action, you can keep your spirits up with lots of water activities like jet skiing, diving or kite surfing ;-). In fact, the water quality is so good that it is regularly awarded the blue flag.

From one of the many lively beach bars on the beach, you have the perfect view of the sea and the large mountain stone “Mesa Vouno”, which rises directly out of the water. Crystal-clear water, surrounded by a rocky landscape, in harmony with the colourful bustle of the beards, make my beach day a unique experience. I forgot all about the time because of all the impressions. How good that my hotel is just around the corner.

Perissa Beach Tip Santorini
Dreamlike evening atmosphere at Perissa Beach

Beach highlight no. 2: Red Beach

New day, new beach! And that brings me to my next Santorini tip. Red Beach is located south of the capital of Firá and stretches in front of a 200-metre-long lava cliff. Buses from the capital Firá leave at regular intervals and take you directly to the beach. The sun makes the rock shimmer in an intense red colour. The black and red pebble beach is so fine that you don’t need to wear bathing shoes. Among the locals, the Red Beach is called “Kokkini Ammos”, which means “red sand”. The small rocky outcrops and caves that used to be a hippie retreat are particularly eye-catching. I can literally see the colourful #hippie hustle and bustle before my eyes. Note: Red Beach is popular among nudists. So you don’t even need a swimsuit 😉

Red Beach Tip Santorini
The Red Beach with the famous red rock in the background

Beach highlight no. 3: Kamari Beach

Another Santorini beach stretches along the east coast of the island. Kamari Beach in the settlement of the same name. A small highlight is the car-free promenade. Finally, you can relax from the stress of everyday life and take a deep breath. Here, too, many restaurants and local pubs alternate on the long pebble beach. I strongly recommend that you have some flip-flops or slippers in your beach bag. The stone sand is not very fine-pored. Whether diving, snorkelling or simply relaxing, every type of swimmer will find a suitable change here.

Kamari Beach Tip Santorini
Beach loungers with direct sea view at Kamari Beach

The most beautiful sunset in the town of Oia

An absolute must and the next highlight among my tips for Santorini is the sunset in Oia. The coastal village in the northwest invites you to linger and stroll through the picturesque alleys in the old town. From the bus station, it’s just a short walk to the main square and the white church of #panagiaplatsani. There they are at last, the famous azure domes that make a picturesque backdrop perfect and enchant every photo lover. On the ruins of the Lontza fort and hopefully armed with plenty of provisions, you have a wonderful view towards the Caldera and the Aegean Sea. But remember: better early than late. The famous sunset is popular with many tourists and is a popular sight!

Sunset in Oia Tip Santorini
Golden sunset in the town of Oia

Wine tasting and enjoyment tour

A pleasure tour including wine tasting is particularly suitable for a day trip to Santorini. The island is considered a wine-growing region and produces sweet wines and especially dry white wines. The grape varieties grow on volcanic soil and are tied into small baskets on the ground. On a wine tour, you can visit different wineries and taste different types of wine. In the village of Vonthonas, there is even a wine museum built six metres below the earth’s surface. For me, a pleasantly cool change from the persistent sunshine! So my tip for Santorini is: go on a pleasure tour – cheese cubes, wine and a summer feeling always go well!

Wine Growing Tip Santorini
Santorini Vineyard

Sight on Santorini: the old harbour of Ammoudi

I return to the village of Oia and visit one of the most beautiful sights on Santorini. There is a quaint and beautiful harbour bay below the village. Many small steps lead to a picturesque harbour basin. Take your time for your visit, because the cute taverns around the bay invite you to eat in a cosy atmosphere #qualitytime. You can even spend a few hours longer here to switch off with your thoughts. I can promise you that you will get the best fresh fish on the island in front of this wonderful backdrop. Fancy a boat trip? Various sailing tours start from the harbour to the most beautiful beaches – absolutely fantastic!

Port of Ammoudi Tip Santorini
View of the picturesque port of Ammoudi

Emporio – the traditional village

In the south of the island is the village of Emporio. Right at the end of the village you will see old windmills, some of which only show their outlines. Further along the road you will catch a dreamlike view of the Akrotiri peninsula. Lovers of quaint alleyways will again get their money’s worth here. A tour of the old town is almost like a visit to a labyrinth. No matter how I turn, I always discover new photo motifs, churches and buildings that alternate through different colours and shapes. Many tunnels and arches within the alleys provide me with a shady spot and invite me to stroll extensively. An exciting sight on Santorini is the castle, which is one of the five castles on the island. Make your way to the next fantastic Santorini tip!

Alleyways in Emporio Tip Santorini
The winding alleys of Emporio

The archaeological site of Akrotiri

Akrotiri is a historical excavation site and is one of the oldest sights on Santorini. In 1627 BC, the prehistoric city was almost completely covered by the ashes of a volcanic eruption. You can see many finds, excavations and parts of the settlement in the exhibition hall. The finds have such great historical significance that it gives me goosebumps! Only 700 metres above the site is the village of the same name. Here stands one of the oldest and most beautiful lighthouses in all of Greece. You should definitely not miss a photo stop here. The golden light of the evening sun wraps around the lighthouse, creating a particularly beautiful motif. A dreamlike #photospot that every social media fan can only dream of. A Santorini tip especially for all history buffs.

Antique Finds Tips Santorini
Ancient finds at the excavation site of Akrotiri

Volcano tour through the caldera

My next tip on Santorini is fiery nature: Have you ever visited a real crater landscape? You can book a comfortable boat tour through the crater landscape of the caldera, for example, from Athinios harbour. A day trip on Santorini that I recommend to everyone. The first stop is the island of Nea Kameni. A small path leads you to the incredible crater landscape. The second stop is the island of Palea Kameni. In the bay in front of it are 45 degree hot springs. If you haven’t already sweated enough in the wonderful sun, why not try out this special kind of bathing fun!

Volcano Tour Caldera Tip Santorini
View of the volcanic island

Culinary diversity on Santorini

Culinary fans will of course also get an exclusive Santorini tip from me: whether Greek meze, freshly caught sea specialities or smoky fennel salami – everyone is guaranteed to find a suitable spot here. While the party people tend to get their money’s worth in the small town of Firá, you’ll find the super-sweet Melitini restaurant in a small side alley in Oia. On the small roof terrace you can enjoy meze (Greek tapas) of all kinds and let yourself be enchanted by the Greek flair. Even I’m about to start dancing sirtaki with joy 😀

The view of the cliffs and the endless expanse of the sea round off the perfect Greek dream for me. I could sit here forever and just enjoy the dreamlike scenery!

Griechische Tapas Tip Santorini
Just one of the countless culinary delights with a view of the sea

Discover Santorini with TUI BLUE

Santorini is so incredibly diverse. Whether it’s the paradisaical beaches, the volcanic landscape, individual day trips or the small taverns in the picturesque alleyways – it’s incredibly beautiful. Have my Santorini tips made you curious about the island? Then pack your bags and start your unforgettable journey!

Life can be so beautiful. I could spend weeks on this island and discover something new every day! Tell me about your impressions of the island. I’m curious to know if you like it as much as I do.

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