Family holiday in Ibiza: the perfect choice

Ibiza is the third largest Balearic island and offers plenty of stunning beaches for a family holiday. Famous for its bustling night life and synonymous with party-going, Ibiza has much more to offer if you look beyond. The Mediterranean climate, white-sand beaches and blue skies make for the perfect island package to spend your next family holiday. When the crowds leave after the summer, autumn is a wonderful season to spend your next family holiday in Ibiza. The scorching summer sun is now more pleasant, the water is still warm enough for a swim and you can enjoy some tranquil moments with your loved ones. With plenty of direct flights to Ibiza from the UK, this Spanish island makes getting there easy, and its compact size means that you can dive into your holiday right away. Quite literally — apart from an abundance of perfect beaches and cosy towns, the clear waters make for amazing snorkelling conditions.

Best for snorkelling: Portinatx

With over 80 beaches in Ibiza, there are so many to choose from. The Portinatx area offers different beaches and bays for you to explore that are ideal for snorkelling. The rocky bottoms are a perfect hiding place for fish and octopuses, while still allowing easy water access to the shallow sea. If your children are up for it, there are also some caves to explore in the area. When you’re all tired out and hungry, Portinatx also offers plenty of amenities, some shops, bars and restaurants. Once you’re refuelled, you can take a walk to the nearby lighthouse to enjoy the view and then return to the beach for more underwater fun or relax by your hotel’s pool.

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Explore the world under water.

Best for amenities: Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia is centrally located on the east coast of Ibiza and offers all amenities that families could wish for. The nearby shops and supermarkets are ideal if you’re on a budget, and there are restaurants for every taste as well as some cosy cafés. And why not get an ice cream and check out all the boats in the harbour? The old town of Puig de Missa invites you for a stroll around the narrow streets while the city beach is perfect for a refreshment. Although it can get a bit crowded, especially in the summer, and you can still feel the city vibe, it’s still a great option for families. The wind conditions are ideal for the little ones and the lifeguard on duty provides peace of mind. Only a stone’s throw away by car, about 20 minutes to the north of Santa Eulalia, you will find Cala Llenya. This beautiful crescent-shaped beach is surrounded by nature, and you can smell the pine trees while feeling the sand below your feet.

Best for water activities: Ses Salinas

Ses Salinas beach is situated in a nature reserve and surrounded by pine forests and sand dunes. While there are not too many hotel options, the scenery is breathtaking and the turquoise waters invite you for a swim. With its shallow waters, this long stretch of beach is ideal for families with small children, and there is plenty of space to build sandcastles. Apart from the beautiful nature at the very southern tip of the island, families can enjoy sunbeds for some shade and all other amenities that are important for a perfect family beach day in Ibiza, such as parking, a choice of restaurants and a range of water sports. With a choice between kayaking, stand-up paddling, snorkelling and more, there’s sure to be an activity for everyone in the family.

Best for little adventurers: a cave aquarium

Ibiza offers more than crystal-clear water and picture-perfect beaches. If you‘re looking for some fun adventures with your family, you‘ve come to the right place. While the big sister and neighbouring island Majorca can be quite large to navigate for day trips, Ibiza‘s more compact size allows you to circle the whole island in no time to profit from everything it has to offer, making Ibiza an amazing location for a family holiday. With older children, why not take a Jeep safari as a mixture of sightseeing, adventure and a cultural experience? Or discover Ibiza on horseback at Horse Valley, a rehabilitation program for horses, to give back while you’re on holiday and learn about these amazing animals. The whole family is sure to squeal with excitement at one of the water parks in Ibiza, and there’s even an aquarium where the location itself is part of the adventure. The Aquarium Cap Blanc in the west of Ibiza is located in a natural cave, making it a perfect option for a rainy day in Ibiza and only a short drive away from family hotels like the TUI BLUE Aura.

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Enjoy one of the waterparks on Ibiza!

Have you booked your family holiday in Ibiza yet? With so many beaches to choose from, snorkelling opportunities and even some adventurous and insight activities, Ibiza is a great location for your next family holiday.

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While the Baleares are closer to mainland Europe, Spain‘s other group of islands, the Canaries, are also always worth a visit. Gran Canaria is perfect for hiking and green scenery, while Fuerteventura is more sandy with desert-like charm and wonderful beaches. Why not check out these little gems in the Atlantic next? Endless summer awaits!

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  1. Wow, my trip to Ibiza was absolutely incredible! I couldn’t have asked for a better vacation destination. The moment I arrived, I was immediately captivated by the vibrant energy that fills the air on the island. The nightlife scene in Ibiza is unparalleled – the clubs are world-class and the music is electrifying. Dancing until dawn with friends from all over the world was an experience I’ll never forget

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