Try It Out: Bouldering in TUI BLUE

Hands up: who has gone bouldering before? In the TUI BLUE hotels Sarigerme Park and Palm Garden in Turkey, you have the opportunity to try out this trendy sport. You can find out what bouldering actually is and how to get started in this blog post!

Admittedly, I couldn’t really imagine what “bouldering” meant. Of course, a boulder is a big rock – but that told me very little about the technique. This is crucial: You climb at jumping height without ropes or other fastenings. But fear not, the bouldering rocks at the TUI BLUE hotels are only about three to four meters high. You can easily jump off after climbing and land softly on the gravel, which is generously distributed around the rocks and absorbs shock well.

BLUEf!t Guide bouldering

Bouldering for beginners – how to conquer the rocks

In contrast to rock-climbing disciplines with the three-point rule, in which three out of four limbs must always have contact with the rock, bouldering has no such rule. Instead, the climber moves freely, using the momentum at his disposal to reach his next hold. The routes up the rocks are referred to as “bouldering problems” and have different levels of difficulty on the Fontainebleau scale.

BLUEf!t Guide on a bouldering rockBut it doesn’t just depend on the technique. There is a lot of physical strength required for this sport. That’s why it is well-suited to the training: Almost all the muscle groups in the body are used. In addition, it promotes coordination and problem-solving skills while climbing. “How do I reach the next handhold? Where should I place my foot to lift myself up?” If you want to, you can plan your “route” even before you start climbing the rocks, and then try it out and see if it takes you to the summit. And if your path doesn’t work, you can improvise or go back a few steps to try another way up. Experimentation here is perfectly allowed and encouraged – there’s no deep gorge beneath you, just soil, gravel, or mats in the hall.

A worldwide trendBLUEf!t Guide on a bouldering rock

Speaking of gorges: A professional bouldering course in the great outdoors. Famous and popular bouldering places are found throughout the world: In France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, the United States, South Africa, India, New Zealand, the Czech Republic…the list is long! The world’s single most famous bouldering problem is located in Yosemite National Park in the United States. Inexperienced boulderers should learn to move naturally in the hall or beginning rocks first. From there, the intensity and difficulty increase gradually until you become a genuine professional!

So take heart! At TUI BLUE, you can give it a try on the excellent bouldering rocks, and those who need a little more support can get detailed explanations and approaches from the BLUEf!t Guide. Enjoy climbing!

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