TUI BLUE Interview: Cansu Çiçek, BLUE Guide

Cansu Cicek - BLUE Guide
Cansu Çiçek

Those who check in at TUI BLUE Palm Garden in Manavgat will sooner or later encounter Cansu’s smiling face and bright eyes. Cansu is a BLUE Guide and thus something like the soul of the house. From the time you meet the guide at the front desk, to the TUI Bar or BLUEf!t Park: Cansu is “always somewhere near” to read guests, anticipate their needs, and ensure that they lack nothing. Whether you’ve locked yourself out of your room, want to book an experience, or feel sick and need a doctor: Cansu will help! Although she has an awful lot going on, she took the time to sit down with us and chat a bit about her job.

Cansu, you’ve already been here at Palm Garden for 7 years. What is different this season?

The new TUI BLUE concept has changed the target audience; we speak to a wider audience. Our guests are “open minders” of all kinds, which can be couples, singles, or families. The special thing is that everyone gets exactly the holiday they are looking for with TUI BLUE. Athletes can work out in our fitness studio or with the guided courses in the BLUEf!t Park, peace seekers can find many small places to retreat and relax on the spacious grounds, and families with children have the opportunity to take advantage of our childcare between 10:00 and 21:00 – so the parents can enjoy just a few hours to themselves, or take part in an excursion in the area.

Each BLUE Guide has different tasks. What is your job field?

work under the palm trees
Cansu’s workplace under the palm trees: TUI BLUE Palm Garden

It used to be that there were fixed times and hours for the guests. They could come to me during that time and I took care of inquiries, suggestions, and requests. Now I roam the hotel throughout the day and I am the first point of contact for all guest needs. And I’m sort of the interface between the guest and each department expert: If a guest would like to book a spa treatment, I contact the staff at the spa and make an appointment. If anyone needs an insider tip, then they can talk to me any time: I’m always somewhere nearby to answer questions and help guests.

What do you love most about your job?

I’m very sociable and really like to have many people around me – and to meet new people. And it’s fun for me to make people happy! When a guest at the end of his holiday comes to me spontaneously and says: “Cansu, it was a great holiday – many thanks” that’s the best for me!

In my job, it is extremely important to recognize: “What would this person like?” Do they like to be left alone, or is this someone who is in constant contact with us and wants me to be a part of their holiday? Someone who wants contact makes contact – whatever way they like. It’s easier to help each guest with designing the perfect individual holiday if you’re a good observer.

Daybed on the beach Cansu would love to spend a day here.

Do you have a favorite place in TUI BLUE Palm Garden? Where would you prefer to spend time on-site?

I quite like our daybeds on the beach. If I were a guest, I would treat myself to at least one day in the daybed: Spending the whole day lying comfortably on the beach, not having to get up for food and drinks while enjoying the view of the sea – super!

If a guest were to ask you which TUI BLUE experience they should not miss on their holiday, what would you tell them?

I would definitely recommend an excursion into the countryside. On a mountain bike tour, for example, they can experience the Turkish people and get to know some of the traditional Turkish culture. They can experience the “real Turkey”. The surroundings are beautiful and there is a lot to discover. That should not be missed.

Also, you should definitely be there at the beach barbecue: The ocean view and the sunset are simply gorgeous. But you can also indulge in a 4-course meal at the à la carte Levante restaurant. The sweet desserts are my favorite course. I could eat them every day!

Turkish dessert
Mmmmh! Turkish dessert with dough strands in the Levante restaurant

Then I like to recommend the BLUEf!t Park for a workout after all that food. You can get to know your own body or build up muscles again from scratch through the different courses, from individual training to group exercises. I like to do one or two exercises from the Bodyweight course myself, to keep myself fit.

How do you speak such good German?

I was born in Germany and grew up there. I lived in Heilbronn for 20 years. Therefore, I can speak fluent German and Turkish, which is of course very helpful.

Is there anything else you want to tell us about?

Yes! I would like to say that we’re like a big family here. Everyone meets you with a smile, everything is done as a team. We’re in our seventh year as a team, which is great. We grow fond of each guest – almost like a family member. Some regular guests have visited us for years and we always look forward to familiar faces. But, of course, we are equally happy to see all the guests visiting us for the first time in TUI BLUE Palm Garden!

Thank you, Cansu, for taking time to talk to us!

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