Pure Relaxation: A Day in the Daybed

The daybeds at the TUI BLUE hotels are small oases of peace, rest, and relaxation. Those who really want to treat themselves spend their time there. We came for a day to enjoy the daybeds – and really didn’t want to leave.

Daybed on the beach The daybeds stand there, white, soft, and large, in the TUI BLUE hotels Sarigerme Park and Palm Garden. The tied-back curtains move in the breeze; the pure white cushions and beds shine in the sun. A heavenly oasis right on the beach, overlooking the sea – surreal. In the morning it is calm on the beach; occasionally you see some swimmers who have already plunged into the waves for an early dip. Shortly after 9 am, the thermometer shows almost 30 degrees Celsius and the sand seems to glow. There’s a small footbridge leading from the wooden planks of the main hotel grounds to the beach section with the daybeds. Before going on a leisurely walk to the daybeds, we stopped at Purple Turtle, the beach bar & restaurant, to discuss the menu and order food, which is served to us at a fixed time. After that, there was nothing keeping us from a day of blissful peace and tranquility – at last!

Quality Time in Daybeds – Relax and Enjoy

Once you’ve made yourself comfortable on one of the daybeds, time seems to stand still. On the cozy and generous padding, you can stretch out without a problem and even take a short nap. The frame of the daybed keeps you from being exposed to direct sunlight and creates a shady spot. Our valuables are in good hands in the safe and our drinks are stored, well-chilled, in the small minibar. If you want to sunbathe, there are two beds in front of the daybed on mini terraces. The daybeds are a bit away from the main beach of the hotel, so every guest can enjoy a little privacy and seclusion.Daily menu at the daybeds, on a tray This quality time is interrupted only periodically by a waiter serving small culinary delights. The snacks are beautifully presented and are a real treat! There are refreshing drinks and cocktails of your choice – you’ll savor the day to the fullest! The friendly waiters withdrew discreetly, leaving us to ourselves once more. We watched some brave paragliders floating around in the air and listened to the rhythmic sound of the waves, which was occasionally interrupted by the whirring of a motor boat. It was gorgeous, without a worry in the world!

The day will never end!

Daybed at nightA good book and a little music provided variety – we also ventured in the water for a refreshing dip. The day came to an end much faster than we had imagined, and we could hardly tear ourselves away from the view before us: the sky was bathed by the setting sun in burning red and gold, which was reflected on the ocean’s waves. But it was time to go – our daybed day was over. With sun-kissed faces and more relaxed than ever, we returned to our hotel room to get ready for the show to be held that evening. When we took a look at the beach afterwards, we saw, in the dark of night, the brightly lit daybeds, now freed from the activities of the day and prepared again for the next day’s guests; we got the immediate desire to book another day in them. We’ll be back, I promise!

If you want to get a day in daybed like us, you can book this relaxing experience through the BLUE app or you can contact a BLUE Guide. The daybeds can be booked with or without service; You can find prices and further details in the BLUE App in the details of the hotel you’re staying at.


  1. Please can you tell me if extra sunloungers can be brought to the bed so all four of us can lay in the sun. Also is it a long walk to get drinks if we have the daybed without service. Thank you

    1. Hi Karim,
      I don’t know which of our hotels you are talking about but it’s best to contact the hotel directly. You can find the hotel’s email address on the TUI BLUE website under the respective hotel’s “info” page. Alternatively you can contact them through their facebook page or the BLUE app. I hope this helps. Have a great holiday!


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