Makadi Bay Holidays: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever heard about Makadi Bay in Egypt? It’s a resort located on the Red Sea south of Hurghada and has everything one might want in a holiday. This article tells you everything about holidays in Makadi Bay, what to do and see, where to stay and when to go.

Why book Makadi Bay holidays?

Makadi Bay holidays offer a unique combination of culture, adventure and relaxation. With its stunning views, white sand and crystal-clear waters, Makadi Bay is the perfect destination for those looking to get away from it all and enjoy some quality time in the sun. There are also plenty of opportunities to relax and soak up the sun on one of the many beaches found in this area. And with plenty of shopping, luxury resorts, fun activities and dining options available, there’s something for everyone in Makadi Bay!

Where to stay in Makadi Bay?

Strand am TUI BLUE Makadi
The beach at TUI BLUE Makadi

Our pick are the adults-only TUI BLUE hotels in Makadi Bay. The all inclusive resorts TUI BLUE Makadi Gardens and TUI BLUE Makadi are located directly on a beautiful sandy beach with an offshore coral reef – a true paradise for all diving and snorkelling fans. With several swimming pools under palm trees they are the perfect choice for a Makadi Bay holiday as a couple.

For Two
Hurghada . Egypt
TUI BLUE Makadi Gardens
For Two
Hurghada . Egypt

Things to do on a Makadi Bay holiday: quad tour in the desert

Quad fahren Ägypten
Let´s goooo

From the sea to the desert: if you like adventure and action, you should definitely experience a desert safari by quad bike. Most of the excursions can be booked at the hotel with the BLUE guides. The tour starts early in the morning as the desert is too hot by midday. After a short safety briefing, you are free to ride through the desert to your heart’s content! The tours are usually done as a group. The group will be divided into ‘slow’ and ‘fast’. So you can decide how fast you want to go – or how brave you are 😉.

Makadi Bay Kamele
Ever ridden a camel? Let me tell you, it’s an amazing experience!

The tour stops for a break and visit an old Bedouin village. Here you can learn more about the exciting Bedouin culture over a typical sweet mint tea before returning to the starting point. If you feel like it, you can swap your quad for a camel saddle for a short free ride – it’s pure Egyptian fun.

Depending on the tour, the ride is combined with a final show and a delicious evening buffet. A great way to end an action-packed day.

Things to do on a Makadi Bay holiday: Boat Trip to Mahmya Island

Don’t miss out on a boat trip to Mahmya Island. A 40-minute boat ride from Hurghada, Mahmya Island is located in the protected Giftun Island National Park. The gently sloping golden sands with its thatched parasols and turquoise water is a picture postcard. Mahmya Island is also the perfect hotspot for snorkelling and discovering rainbow coral reefs. Hire some snorkelling gear, grab a GoPro and off you go to explore Egypt’s underwater world.

Tauchen in Kroatien
A glimpse of Red Sea underwater wild life

ack on the beach, you’ll enjoy the delicious lunch the crew have prepared for the group. Then lie down under one of the palm-covered umbrellas on the golden sands and enjoy the view of the open sea. This is paradise. In the evening watch the beautiful sunset over the Red Sea. It is breathtaking to watch the fiery red sun sink into the sea.

Makadi Bay’s number one attraction in general is its underwater world. Even a snorkelling trip gives you a glance into the magnificent wild life of the Red Sea. For spectacular diving in deep waters with reef sharks, around coral reef gardens, Ras Abu Soma for beginners, visit one of the water sports centres every hotel has and they’ll organize it for you.

Things to do on a Makadi Bay holiday: Watersports on the water

Preparation Paragliding Manavgat Side Turkey
Free like a bird: Paragliding

Sun, sand and sea – a holiday in Makadi Bay is a dream come true, especially for water sports enthusiasts! From classic surfing, catamaran sailing or canoeing, you can also try trendy sports like stand-up paddling or racing across the sea on a jet ski. I tried parasailing for the first time in Makadi Bay – as soon as I went up in the air, I felt a real tingle in my stomach! It was really fun and the view over the beautiful bay is amazing. Check with the water sports operators on the beach for great deals.

Submarine Adventure: Take a submarine tour on your Makadi Bay holiday

tauchen Ägypten Submarine Tour
The submarine tour is ideal for those who don’t want to swim and snorkel, but still want to discover the underwater world.

Captain Nemo and his Nautilus send their greetings: The Submarine Tour in Hurghada takes you to the magical depths of the Red Sea in a submarine. On this fantastic underwater journey, large glass panels allow you to get up close and personal with the colourful hustle and bustle beneath the surface. From beautiful coral reefs to close encounters with a variety of marine life, you’re sure to have a unique adventure and take some great photos.

The submarine tour is ideal for those who don’t want to swim and snorkel, but still want to discover the underwater world.

Things to do on a Makadi Bay holiday: shopping tour in Hurghada

Even though there is some shopping in the town centre, Makadi Bay’s options are limited. It’s better to go to Hurghada, about 40 km away, for shopping of souvenirs and bargains in the souk, the typical Egyptian bazaar and combine it with a day trip to see all of Hurghada’s highlights and how it developed from a small fishing village into one of the most known holiday resorts. From oriental spices, traditional handicrafts and papyrus paintings to handmade jewellery, Coptic dresses, scarves and carpets, the bazaar is as fascinating as it is tempting.

Basar urlaub in Makadi
Shopping for some cool souvenirs and gifts to take home.

My tip: find out what’s on offer first and compare prices at the stalls. Haggling is part of Egyptian culture, and shopkeepers love to see tourists trying their hand at bargaining. And don’t be afraid of pushy vendors: A friendly “La shukran!” (“No, thank you”) is usually accepted and you are left in peace.

-> Find out if Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh is the right destination for you.

Things to do on a Makadi Bay holiday: Mini Egypt Park

Didn’t make it to the pyramids during your Makadi Bay holidays? That’s what you can experience at the Mini Egypt Park in Makadi Bay! Here you can get up close to sights such as the Pyramid of Giza and listen to your guide tell you about Egypt’s exciting history on a two-hour tour. With 60 lovingly designed scale models from all over the country, Mini Egypt Park is the ultimate day out – where else can you see all the famous sights in one day? Not only children, but also adults will get their money’s worth 😉.

Other things to do in Makadi Bay

  • Madinat Makadi Golf Resort: An 18-hole golf course next to the highway
  • Makadi Water World: family fun with slides and water games

Are holidays in Makadi Bay worth it?

From diving in the Red Sea to quad biking and shopping in Hurghada, Makadi Bay holidays are the perfect mix of action, sun and culture. A holiday in Makadi Bay really does offer something for everyone. Whether you prefer to relax on the beach, explore the coral reefs in the warm waters or conquer the desert. The perfect holiday is waiting for you!

Book your Makadi Bay holidays

For Two
Hurghada . Egypt
TUI BLUE Makadi Gardens
For Two
Hurghada . Egypt

FAQ about holidays in Makadi Bay

How far is Makadi Bay from Hurghada International Airport?

Makadi Bay is located approximately 40 kilometers from Hurghada International Airport. The transfer time from the Airport to Makadi Bay is approximately 45 minutes.

What district is Makadi Bay in?

Makadi Bay is located in the Red Sea Governorate of Egypt.

How is the nightlife in Makadi Bay?

Makadi Bay isn’t known for its nightlife, but there are some bars and restaurants which stay open late into the evening. Most of the resort hotels in the area also offer evening entertainment like live music and belly dancing.

How big is Makadi Bay?

Makadi Bay is approximately 18 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide. Being a hotel settlement it does not have any permanent inhabitants.

When is the best time to go to Makadi Bay?

The best time to go to Makadi Bay is between October and April, as this is when temperatures are most comfortable. The months of May through September tend to be very hot and humid, so it’s best to avoid these months if possible.

What are the best beaches in Makadi Bay?

The best beaches in Makadi Bay are Soma Bay, Makadi Bay Beach and El Gouna Beach. At Soma Bay you can enjoy a variety of water sports including snorkeling and scuba diving. Makadi Bay Beach is the perfect spot for sunbathing and relaxing, while El Gouna Beach offers stunning views of nearby islands and plenty of opportunities to explore its coral reefs.

How far is Makadi Bay from Soma Bay?

Makadi Bay is approximately 12 kilometers from Soma Bay. The transfer time between the two locations is about 20 minutes.

Can you walk along the beach at Makadi Bay?

Yes, you can walk along the beach at Makadi Bay. The beaches in Makadi Bay are open and accessible to the public.

What is the distance between Cairo and Makadi Bay?

The distance between Cairo and Makadi Bay is approximately 424 kilometers (263 miles). The travel time by car from Cairo to Makadi Bay is approximately 5 hours.

What currency is used in Makadi Bay?

The currency used in Makadi Bay is the Egyptian Pound (EGP). Most restaurants and shops accept both cash and credit cards.

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