Food trends at a glance

We all know it: you open Instagram, Tik Tok or another social media platform and the first food video appears. Yes, I too belong to the masses who love to watch such food videos!

Exciting ways of eating, new delicious recipes or getting to know the latest food trends – social networks have all this to offer in terms of nutrition. In the time of the Corona pandemic and its lockdowns, I have become more and more interested in food trends and find it exciting to see where our diets are heading.

In this blog article, I want to share my excitement with you and give you the top 5 most popular and delicious food trends. Of course, I also have one or the other recipe with matching video instructions ready in this blog article. So be curious and be sure to try it out!


What do we mean by food trends?

Healthy, environmentally conscious, but still delicious – the importance of health is becoming more and more important when it comes to food choices. For example, more and more people are placing great value on regional, seasonal and sustainable foods. Plant-based and vegan food is also gaining popularity among many. But what exactly are food trends anyway?

For many of us today, eating means more than just getting our fill. It is no longer just about personal taste preferences, but usually a combination of health, ecological, social and religious criteria. Thus, over time, more and more food trends emerge that often show a change in eating behaviour in the population or in individual population groups. Mostly, nutrition trends have a common denominator: a conscious way of eating. This is because the change in eating habits usually arises out of a search for a healthier lifestyle.


What are the reasons for food trends?

I have listed a few reasons that show how different dietary trends can develop and, above all, what criteria they are often characterised by.


Oh wonder! Of course, globalisation plays an important role in food trends and is causing fundamental change. For example, food trends and the recipes or ingredients that go with them can be spread quickly via social networks.


Addressing one’s own health
Since the Corona pandemic, more and more people have taken time for their bodies and for their own health. During this time, I also consciously took a closer look at my nutrition and made some changes. After this time, I, just like many others, started to follow a healthy and conscious diet and I have to tell you honestly: I feel great!

Would you like to eat healthier and more consciously? Then take a look at our article on the topic of low carb. There we show you how you can find your way to a healthier lifestyle with fewer carbohydrates. Read it now!


Questioning meat consumption

For many people, the issue of factory farming and meat consumption is becoming more and more important. Especially nowadays, when there are more and more meat substitutes, more and more people are turning to these alternatives. I, too, am eating plant-based more and more often, because quite honestly: Do you taste a big difference? I certainly don’t, if anything it tastes super delicious!


Changing climate
Dealing with the changing climate is also causing a change in eating behaviour, especially among the younger generation. The consumption of foods that have a poor climate balance is being reduced. These mainly include, as mentioned above, meat and other animal products.


Food trends – Top 5 popular & delicious food trends

  1. Snackification and food to go

Snacks for on the go and in between
Snacks for on the go and in between


Snacks or mini-meals are part of many people’s daily nutrition routine and are completely replacing the traditional meal pattern of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our diet is adapting more and more to our mobile and flexible everyday lives, because we only eat when we have time, feel like it and, above all, are hungry – and this is largely independent of time and place. However, you should be aware of one thing: Snackification does not mean snacks such as crisps, chocolate or other snack items. Rather, it means quick meals such as bowls, wraps, bread with delicious dips or tapas. Mmmmh delicious!


Our recipe for the perfect snack between meals

Personally, I love to prepare a quick but delicious wrap after a hard day at work. Believe me: together with fresh vegetables, salad, hummus and falafel, it’s a real treat.

Are you, like me, a real falafel fan? Then I have just the right recipe for you!



For the falafel:

– Soaked chickpeas
– Chopped coriander leaves
– Chopped parsley
– Finely chopped onion
– Finely chopped garlic
– Salt
– Pepper
– Chilli
– Turmeric
– Cumin

For the wrap:

– Tortillas
– Hummus
– Avocado
– Tomatoes or vegetables of your choice



Place all ingredients in a blender and mix well. Form into even balls and press down lightly. Put about 1 cm of oil in a frying pan and heat to 160 °C. Fry the falafel until golden brown. Fry the falafel until they are golden brown.

Tip: Spread some hummus on the tortillas and decorate them with avocado, tomatoes or the vegetables of your choice. Finally, add your homemade falafel. Then slice the wrap and enjoy!



  1. Climate-neutral, sustainable and regional – Eating more consciously

Climate-neutral and sustainable nutrition
Climate-neutral and sustainable nutrition


As mentioned above, the changing climate is leading many to change their diet. No wonder, then, that an environmentally friendly lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. Organic shops, organic farmers and regional products are gradually becoming more and more in demand. Aspects such as greenhouse gas emissions during production and during transport, as well as the amount of packaging and the type of packaging are also of great relevance nowadays. They are particularly taken into account by the younger generation when buying food.


  1. Plant-based and vegan nutrition

Vegan and plant-based diet
Vegane und pflanzenbasierte Ernährung


The vegan and plant-based food trend is also becoming more present in the minds of some. The basis of a vegan and plant-based food consists of plant-based and unprocessed products that are seasonal and regional. The focus is on processing your own fresh ingredients.

Important: People who follow a vegan nutrition usually commit themselves to a way of life, as they do not only abstain from animal products when eating, but also in their complete everyday life. So it is more than just a way of eating!



Diverse superfoods
Diverse superfoods


In combination with vegan food, many people are increasingly turning to so-called superfoods. Many of you have certainly come across this trend in recent months: The term superfood is used to describe foods that have special health benefits and are therefore ideal for your own health and a balanced diet. Superfood foods have therefore become indispensable in terms of various nutritional trends.

Here are some foods that are considered superfoods:

– Various nuts and seeds, such as chia seeds.
– Greens, such as spinach or matcha
– Fruit, especially berries
– Oatmeal
– Ginger


Our vegan recipe – Baked Oatmeal

Would you like to integrate vegan dishes and superfoods more into your everyday life, but have no idea what to cook? I have a super delicious breakfast idea for you that can be easily integrated into your everyday life: The Baked Oatmeal.


For the Baked Oats you need:

– 300 g oatmeal
– 625 ml oat milk
– 125 g agave syrup
– 200 g wild berries
– 50 g grated coconut
– 5 teaspoons coconut oil
– 2.5 teaspoons cinnamon
– 2.5 teaspoon ginger
– 2 teaspoons apple puree



Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Then add the oat milk, melted coconut oil and agave syrup. Add the raspberries and mix well. Bake at 160°C for about 20 minutes.

Super delicious, vegan and easy to prepare. Watch our matching video now and bring the taste of TUI BLUE home!



  1. Intuitive eating – what does your gut say?

Intuitive nutrition - eating according to hunger
Intuitive nutrition – eating according to hunger


This food trend is subject to one important rule: listen to your gut. Eating according to intuition is theoretically the exact opposite of a strict diet. Because here the feeling of hunger and satiety set the tone. You only eat when your stomach wants it and you are hungry. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? Unlike many diets, intuitive eating focuses on the connection between body and mind. This clearly differentiates whether you really feel hungry or whether there is another reason to eat. Such reasons are usually emotional states, such as anger, sadness, boredom or mere habit.

Tip: In future, try to listen more to your body and consciously perceive your feeling of hunger as something positive. Because hunger is usually just a sign that your body will soon need an energy supply again so that it can function fully.


  1. Personalised nutrition

Personalised nutrition
Personalised nutrition


Personalised nutrition – you are puzzled by this term? Don’t worry, I was too! Even though this nutrition trend is still very unknown, personalised nutrition is becoming more and more important for many people in terms of health. Personalised foods are products that are personally adapted to you by food manufacturers. You have the possibility to individually name your taste, your ingredients and your preparation preferences.


Food trends in our TUI BLUE hotels

Our TUI BLUE hotels also focus on valuable and healthy nutrition with the culinary concept. Popular and delicious food trends can of course also be perfectly integrated on holiday with us. This way, you not only have the opportunity to taste delicious specialities of the respective country’s cuisine, you can also try out new nutritional trends at the same time.

Book your holiday now and get to know exciting food trends!



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