The Top 5 Scenic Viewpoints in Mallorca

Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, offers its holidaymakers beautiful sandy beaches and picturesque bays, charming towns and dramatic cliffs that give way to sweeping views over rocks, coves, and the Mediterranean Sea. If you enjoy the dreamy landscape of Mallorca – and you want to shoot some stunning photos – you’re in the right place.
If you are looking for scenic lookouts in Mallorca, you will come across the word “mirador”. The Spanish call their scenic lookout points miradores. And of these, Mallorca has a lot to offer. Some are well known, others are more hidden and can be reached with a little more effort. I’ll tell you my top 5 of the viewpoints in Mallorca that you can comfortably reach from the TUI BLUE Rocador, or combine with an excursion. A fantastic panoramic view over Mallorca is guaranteed. Have fun reading!

Experience Mallorca from a bird’s eye view

If you want to enjoy the most beautiful places with a wonderful view of Mallorca, it’s advisable to hire a car and explore the scenic overlooks of Mallorca on your own. The TUI BLUE Rocador also offers guided tours, where you also have the chance to experience the island from a bird’s eye view. For adventure seekers, I recommend the Jeep safari. Otherwise, let BLUE Guides advise you on site at the hotel about how to travel to each destination. Want to know which miradores are really worth a visit? Here are my top 5 scenic viewpoints in Mallorca.

#miradores – Mallorca’s most beautiful viewpoints

1. Santuari de Sant Salvador – a fantastic view over the island

After about a half hour drive you can reach the interior of the island. The Santuari de Sant Salvador monastery, located on the over 500-metre-high mountain, is visible even from afar. On a well-developed serpentine road you can drive up to the top by car. There are plenty of parking spaces available on site.
Once you arrive at the “Puig de Sant Salvador” monastery mountain, you’ll find multiple places from which to gaze across almost the whole of Mallorca:

The first thing to catch my eye is the Serra de Tramuntana. My gaze wanders along the east coast to Porto Cristo, across the north of Mallorca to the southeast. The weather is gorgeous. I can even see the archipelago around Cabrera. Here you really get a fantastic view over the whole island. Of course, you can also visit the monastery of Santuari de Sant Salvador. Inside, the monastery is a mixture of splendour and kitsch – this is to reflect the connection of the Mallorcans with God. Shortly before I enter the monastery complex, I catch sight of this gigantic stone cross on the side of the mountain, “Es Picot” – I definitely have to take a picture of it.

stone cross viewpoints mallorca monastery
The big stone cross is by the way only five walking minutes away from the Santuari de Sant Salvador. –, © Fotolyse


2. Mirador de ses Barques – The scenic lookout for hikers

You have to go a little further afield to get to the Mirador de ses Barques in the west of the island. The Mirador de ses Barques is especially well-known among hikers as one of the most famous viewpoints in Mallorca. After about 1.5 hours by car, you will reach the village of Sóller. At the Mirador de ses Barques you can enjoy a magnificent view of the harbour of Port de Sóller, the rolling coastline, and the mountain landscape of the Serra Tramuntana. From here you can embark on one of the most beautiful hiking routes in Mallorca. Past the olive groves and fragrant orange groves of Bàlitx up to the Coll de Biniamar, you will be rewarded with the magnificent view of Sa Costera’s steep coast and the deep blue sea.

port de soller viewpoints in mallorca
Fantastic view of Port de Sóller –, © Fotolyse

3. Castell de Bellver – View over Palma and the marina

If you are planning a trip to the capital Palma de Mallorca, you should definitely plan a visit to the Castell de Bellver. Bellver Castle dates back to the 14th century. It is Spain’s only surviving circular castle on a 112-metre-high hill on the outskirts of Palma. You can easily reach it by car or bus. The Castell de Bellver, which translates as “castle of beautiful views”, lives up to its name: Nowhere else do you have such an expansive view of the metropolis of Mallorca and the marina. Also definitely worth seeing is the beautiful courtyard of the castle with its two-story archway. Inside the castle there is a museum with interesting exhibitions that can be visited. As a tip: In the Castell there is free WiFi, so you can share the wonderful view directly with your friends on Instagram and Co. 😉

palma mallorca harbour view
What a view of Palma and the marina –, © Ugo Burlini


Way up high – more viewpoints in Mallorca

4. Mirador Ricardo Roca – View of the turquoise blue Mediterranean

A great panoramic overlook of Mallorca awaits you on the west coast of the island. If you exit the Andratx via the C-710, you will reach the “Mirador Ricardo Roca” a few kilometres from Estellencs.
You can park your car in the car park opposite the restaurant “Es Grau”, which is just a few metres from the observation deck. You can get there via some easily walkable steps. From the over 400-metre high rocky outcrop, you can then enjoy the stunning view from the steep coast to the Mediterranean Sea. The restaurant also invites you to enjoy a coffee and a piece of cake.
By the way: You will also find this insider tip in the BLUE App. Have a look.

tramuntana mountains mallorca
The Tramuntana Mountains –, © susanne2688


5. Mirador es Colomer – Mallorca’s most famous vantage point

If you take a closer look at the map of Mallorca, you might notice the narrow promontory, which extends far into the sea in the northeast of the island.
At Cap Formentor is the most famous and most visited vantage point of Mallorca, the Mirador es Colomer. Those with a fear of heights should be warned: the rocky cliffs drop from a height of more than 300 metres almost vertically into the sea. My gaze sweeps cautiously down the rugged cliffs of Formentor, where the deep blue sea thunders against the rocks. From here you can even see the neighbouring island of Menorca. However, this viewpoint is no longer an insider tip. But if you plan a trip nearby, a visit to the Mirador es Colomer is definitely recommended.

cap formentor mallorca
Like out of a picture book, the Cap Formentor of Mallorca.


Of course, that was not nearly all the miradores the island has to offer. Do you have a scenic overlook on Mallorca that you absolutely have to recommend? Then please write your tip in the comments.
I wish you lots of fun on your next holiday in Mallorca and I hope you enjoy the wonderful panoramas of the numerous overlooks.

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