Discover Top 10 Beaches on Rhodes

Rhodes is the fourth largest island in Greece and, with its 1407km² and beautiful nature, offers the perfect holiday destination for passionate explorers and connoisseurs. Warm rays of sun on your skin, listening to the sound of the waves and feeling the sand between your toes – that is pure summer for me! Rhodes always draws me back to the resort with its beauty and is definitely worth a trip, so I’ll tell you the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Rhodes for an unforgettable beach holiday including my insider tips.


Place 10 – Kalathos Beach

Let’s start with the 10th most beautiful beach on Rhodes: Kalathos beach on the east coast. The more than 5 km long beach stretches into endless expanses and is ideal for holidaymakers who like to keep to themselves and enjoy their peace and quiet. Even in the height of summer, you can definitely find a spot here. In addition, this beach leaves a remarkably clean impression – not only the crystal-clear water is an indication of this, but also the stone beach shining in the sun indicates cleanliness far and wide. For me, this is definitely a plus point! If you don’t just want to relax on the beach, but also want to add a bit of action to your holiday, you can rent motorboats and make the sea unsafe. The walks are very special: hand in hand along the sea, such a romantic idea. Kalathos beach is a beautiful beach, which nevertheless only makes it to 10th place here, as it might not be everyone’s favourite due to the rocky beach and is also a little further away from Rhodes town.

Kalathos Beach Rhodos
Kalathos endless beach for long walks


Place 9 – Ialysos Beach

Another gorgeous beach on Rhodes, in my opinion, is Ialysos Beach. Located on the northwest coast, the beach is a mix of gravel and sand – so pack your water shoes for that ;). As one of the three founding states of Rhodes, the town of Ialysos offers a wide variety of restaurants and bars and is considered an extremely popular place on the island. Here I feel an incredible hospitality of the locals. By the way, the pebble beach is also popular with families with children, as it slopes gently into the sea and you are very close to the town and other leisure and adventure facilities. If you would like to use sunbeds and parasols, you can easily rent them on site.

Ialysos Beach Rhodos
Sunbeds to relax and soak up the sun by the turquoise sea


Place 8 – Prasonisi Beach

Now it’s getting quite southern: Prasonisi Beach is located in the deepest south of the island and impresses with its beautiful sand dunes. The absolute highlight here is what I call the “magical path” of the sandy beach, which runs once across the sea to the other side of the beach – it’s great!

But be careful in wind and weather, because the waves can really go through the roof here. To the left and right of the sandy path, even the strength of the water differs: with the wind, waves can be up to two metres high on one side, while on the opposite side the water remains wonderfully flat – what a phenomenon and brilliant photo motif! #prasonisi
However, the beach is less suitable for relaxing and sunbathing, as the wind force is really higher than on the other beaches on the island and the beach gets very crowded during the high season. For a day trip, however, it’s an absolute experience!

Prasonisi Rhodes beaches
The phenomenon of Parasonisi Beach – swell on the left, shallow water on the right


Place 7 – Fourni Beach

The next top beach for Rhodes most beautiful beaches is Fourni beach: a somewhat hidden beach, also a romantic one in a way due to its beautiful, hilly landscape. It is perfect for a dream holiday for two, isn’t it? Small private spots between a few rocks – what more could you want? I was totally won over by the beach because of its soft, fine sand and the slightly cooled water due to the shading of the rocks. If you want to be a bit more adventurous, you can climb up the spectacular rocks and enjoy a fantastic view.

Fourni Beach Rhodos
Romantic bay for couples in love – a dream


Place 6 – Oasis-Beach

Moving on to another couples beach on the island of Rhodes, I present to you Oasis beach! An idyllic little beach made up of several bays could again be perfect for a couples’ holiday. Here you really are completely undisturbed and might at most meet a few locals who also want to lie down by the sea to relax and listen to the waves. So this would be my insider tip for you this time, as tourism is simply not that big here – but it should definitely stay that way. My hotel tip: the Adults-only TUI BLUE Atlantica Imperial Resort, only about 20 minutes by car from Oasis Beach.

Oasis Beach Rhodos
The magical sound of waves and fabulous nature


Place 6 – Grande Blu Beach

Let’s stick to breathtaking bays! Another bay is Grande Blu beach – simply an absolute dream. I could hardly believe my own eyes at the natural beauty this bay offers. Stairs built through the rock wall open the way to the beach. This incredible view takes everyone’s breath away – so the beach is totally suitable for every kind of holidaymaker. Especially for passionate snorkellers, the beach is optimal. And another insider tip: next to the Grande Blu bay, there is another bay that can only be reached by swimming there or by boat. A mega adventure that will certainly stay in my memory.

Grande Blu Rhodos
The beach lives up to its name – Grande Blu


Place 4 – Agathi-Beach

Agathi Beach is simply the dream beach of the east coast of Rhodes like a picture book. The beach is also known as “Golden Beach” because of its golden sand. Again, a dreamlike natural beauty, but a little further away from Rhodes Town. It takes about 40 kilometres to get there – but you have to see the beauty of this beach in your lifetime. The approach to the beach is very eventful due to mountainous landscapes and sights: for example, the Byzantine Feraklos Castle, from which you can enjoy a wide view of the sea. Agathi beach is also a great holiday spot for families with children, as the beach runs shallowly into the sea and there are no high waves, so it’s all safe! Here I also give you a hotel tip: the extra for Families TUI BLUE Atlantica Aegean Park is phenomenal and not far from Agathi Beach!

Agathi Rhodos beach
Picture book dream beach


3rd place – Faliraki beach

In third place for me is Faliraki Beach – here you will find the absolute summer holiday feeling! This beach is for everyone: families, couples, groups. Whether you want to relax or party, Faliraki Beach is the place to be. I think this beach is simply special, because life pulsates here and all worries remain far away. Of course, you can also plan excursions and have a great holiday. Check out the TUI BLUE Atlantica Aegean Park, definitely a recommendation from me for the perfect stay!

Faliraki Beach Rhodos
Far and wide only sea in sight and orderly, cute sunny spots



2nd place – St. Pauls Bay

Coming in at number 2, I present to you the indescribable St Pauls Bay – an absolute dream! A beautiful, deep blue bay on the south-eastern coast of Rhodes appears in its most wonderful splendour. The bay takes its name from the legend that Saint Paul carried the Christian faith to this place, which is why a church was built there that is particularly popular for weddings, but also for small discovery tours. I also visited the church and could only marvel at the breathtaking view – getting married with this view is certainly a dream come true. For relaxed holidaymakers, St Pauls Bay is simply perfect: never too many crowds, snorkelling and diving are a must here. You also have a choice of two beaches, so it’s never boring. My tip: Visit Lindos, one of the most beautiful places on the island and the perfect location for beautiful holiday pictures. #vacay

St. Pauls Bay Rhodos
The indescribable sea bay at St. Pauls Bay – you can only dream of it!



1st place – Anthony Quinn Bay

Finally we have arrived at number 1 and this beach deserves it. The Anthony Quinn Bay of Rhodes’ north-east coast is another bay that is perfect for almost everyone. Once we arrive, it really takes my breath away: crystal-clear, deep-blue sea invites you to cool off in a dreamlike way. Whether swimming, diving, snorkelling or simply letting yourself drift, here you forget all negativity. In addition, nature shines in its best colours, fish race through the water and the temperature is simply pure holiday. The beach is also not overly crowded, which convinces me 100%, because you can always find a place to spread out your towel and put up your parasol. What else is important for you: Anthony Quinn Bay is not signposted, so check the directions in your travel guide or use your sat nav beforehand 😉

Anthony Quinn Bay beaches Rhodos
The deserved first place, one of the most beautiful places on this wonderful island


Discover top beaches in Rhodes with TUI BLUE

Many of the beaches on Rhodes are beautiful. Simply rent a car and experience a kind of beach hopping.
Which beach is right for you depends, of course, on whether you are travelling as a family with children or want to enjoy some togetherness. Check out the location at your TUI BLUE hotel in Rhodes and see which of the beaches you can get to quickly and easily. The local BLUE guides will be happy to help you with your planning.

Do you already have a favourite of the Rhodes beaches or would you like to try out several beaches and bays? With the TUI BLUE hotels you will definitely make the right decision for your perfect holiday in Rhodes. I can’t wait to see which beach earns your number 1 spot!

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