Snackification – The mini meals for your everyday life

We all know it: in the morning after getting up, we quickly go to work, then one appointment follows the next and in the evening we would like to do something with our friends. Oh yes, and of course you also want to eat something tasty. So it’s no wonder that many people are integrating more and more snacks for in-between meals into their everyday lives and that the topic of snackification is becoming more and more important these days. But let’s be honest: Who of you doesn’t immediately think of delicious crisps, jelly bears or your favourite chocolate when you hear the word snack? Yes, it was the same for me! But believe me: if you take a closer look at the topic of snackification and know a few delicious recipes, it quickly becomes clear that there is a lot more behind these mini-meals.

In this blog article, I would like to try to give you an understanding of the term snackification and explain why snacks are becoming more and more of a trend. For even more inspiration on the topic of snackification, I also have a suitable recipe with video instructions for you. Super easy and super delicious!


Snackification – The traditional eating culture in flux

Our everyday lives are becoming more and more hectic and, above all, more flexible and mobile – so it’s no wonder that our eating habits are also changing more and more. The trend is increasingly away from our traditional principle: breakfast-lunch-dinner. Often there is not enough time to eat at regular times. The term snackification therefore follows the lifestyle: flexible, light and healthy eating. Yes, you heard me right. Healthy eating also plays a role in snackification. Just a few years ago, snacks were mostly just a quick fix for those famous food cravings. Nowadays, snacks are increasingly turning into small meals that are, at best, healthy and enjoyable.


4 key benefits of snackification

1. flexibility

As mentioned above, one of the most obvious benefits is that snackification allows you to eat when you want. The trend is super easy to integrate into your lifestyle. In addition, you don’t always have to cook elaborate meals, but can always have small meals for a change.

2. great variety

Because of the great variety of dishes, it never gets boring and the constant question of what to cook today practically disappears into thin air. Snackification offers you many new flavours and an easy way to eat healthy.

3. healthier eating

If you follow the Snackification trend, you will quickly notice that you automatically tend to use healthier foods. Since traditional meals often require a long time in the kitchen, many tend to buy ready-made meals. Since smaller meals and snacks require much less effort, snackification is the perfect way to fight ready-made food.

4. wellbeing

We all know the famous food baby or food coma after you’ve eaten so much that you feel like you’re bursting – snackification finally puts an end to that too. With small but regular snacks, you won’t feel overstuffed and you won’t go hungry at the same time.

Important: Of course, you should keep the number of snacks in moderation. Try to listen to your body and only eat when you feel hungry.


Snackification – These are the most popular snacks

The incredible success of these mini-meals signals a striking change in eating culture: the snackification trend, which originated in the USA, is now also conquering some countries in Europe. Here in Germany, too, snacks are becoming increasingly popular and have become an integral part of everyday life for many.

To give you an overview of snackification, I have listed the most popular and best-known snacks:



Avocado bowl snackification trend
Vegan bowl with avocado


Whether you’re a meat lover, a veggie junkie or a vegan, bowls are the perfect mini-meal for everyone. So it’s no wonder that they are currently conquering hearts all over the world. Not only are they in line with the healthy trend, they are also wonderful to enjoy while walking or standing. For me, they’re the perfect snack when I’m in a hurry!



Ramen with egg, tofu and vegetables
Ramen with egg, tofu and vegetables


The Japanese have something for you: the popular noodle soups not only warm you up in the cold season, they also give you the energy you need for a hard day at work. As with the bowls, you can put in whatever you like. You can choose egg, meat, crunchy vegetables or other delicious components for your ramen soup.

Are you in the mood for more delicious asian specialities? Then take a look at our blog post now!



Wraps with chicken and salad
Wraps with chicken and salad


When I come home from a busy day at work, there’s nothing better for me than a quick but delicious wrap. I also like to reach for the delicious filled dough rolls during my lunch break, as they are super versatile and perfect to prepare. With meat, vegetarian or even vegan – filled wraps can be put together according to your mood. Personally, I like the classic version with lettuce, cucumber, tomato and fried chicken the best. If you don’t eat meat, you can also use vegetables, falafel or tofu – definitely give it a try!



Sushi Box as the perfect snack for in between meals
Sushi Box as the perfect snack for in between meals


Nigiri, Maki or California Roll – these Japanese specialities have been on everyone’s lips for a few years now. For me personally, sushi is one of my favourite midday snacks. They are super versatile, healthy and can be eaten quickly – so they are a perfect snack!

Tip: Sushi also makes a good snack between work and fitness. It’s not heavy on the stomach and gives your body some extra energy. Try it out!



Versatile tapas from Spain
Versatile tapas from Spain


The famous Spanish tapas stand for enjoyment and joie de vivre. Mmmmh the thought of these delicious morsels makes my mouth water. Whether tortilla, pimientos or calamari – tapas are unbelievably versatile and just perfect for the small hunger in between!


Snackification – our recipe for the perfect snack

Now that I’ve introduced you to some popular mini meals, let’s move on to my absolute favourite snack: bread with a delicious dip!

No girls’ night out without bread with dips. Even my boyfriend has become an absolute fan of it. I honestly couldn’t think of a tastier snack. For this reason, I would like to introduce you to my beloved Cauliflower Dip in this blog post. Many people cringe at the thought of making cauliflower dip – but trust me when I tell you, it’s a real treat!


For the dip you will need:

– 450 g cauliflower
– 10 g garlic
– 20 g tahini
– 1 squeeze of lemon juice
– 15 ml olive oil
– 5 g parsley sprigs



Grate the cauliflower and fry it in plenty of olive oil in a pan until soft. Put the fried cauliflower in a container or food processor with 10 ml olive oil and add the garlic, tahini, lemon juice, salt and pepper in a food processor. Chop until the mixture is smooth. Drizzle with olive oil if desired and sprinkle with parsley or sesame seeds.

Tip: I personally like to eat the cauliflower dip with fresh pita bread or vegetable sticks, but you can also eat it with meat or fish!


Snackification in our TUI BLUE Hotels

The snackification trend also plays a big role in our TUI BLUE hotels. During your holiday, you will of course also have the opportunity to enjoy small mini-meals for in-between meals. There’s nothing better than tasting small specialities of a country’s cuisine again and again. Enjoy your holiday in our TUI BLUE hotels with delicious snacks and mini meals for in between!

Do you attach great importance to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle? Our TUI BLUE Hotels also focus on valuable nutrition with the Culinary Concept. So of course you also have the opportunity to enjoy plant-based food during your holiday – even in the form of snacks! 😉

We look forward to seeing you!

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