Visiting the Palm Paradise: TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace

What’s a better way to say goodbye to the summer than refueling under the most beautiful palm trees on a fine, sandy beach or sunbathing in one of the coveted lounge chairs by the pool? The TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace, which opened at the beginning of the year, offers everything needed for relaxation and sunbathing. After just 30 minutes, we arrived at the wonderful and especially spacious hotel complex. From the start, it’s clear that the hotel’s name isn’t baseless. Djerba and the entire hotel grounds are full of beautiful palm trees! It’s like a dream!

tui blue palm beach palace pool
A nice spot can always be found by one of the two sprawling pools.

Sleeping Like in 1,001 Nights

From the canopy bed to the fresh fruit and drinks, the room offers plenty of comfort and, above all, space. Almost every room has a balcony, some rooms have swim-up pools – even small bungalows can be rented. All rooms are modern and decorated with a slightly North African touch. Of course, there’s WiFi, and for those with a sunburn or who just want to cool off in the air-conditioned rooms, there are almost as many TV programmes as there are back home.

tui blue palm beach palace room
The rooms are impressive with their attention to detail.

Spoiled for Choice: Beach or Pool

The smaller pool is located at the Palm Bar, while the large pool is the centrepiece of the complex. In the large pool you can swim some great laps. If you stroll past the grasses and palm trees, you can also head directly to the sea, where camel rides, banana boats, parasailing, or even a trip in a pirate ship await you. The sunrise on the empty beach is especially stunning.

tui blue palm beach palace hotel
Beach or pool?

Tagine, BBQ, or Salad Bar?

From a culinary point of view, the TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace leaves no gourmet unfulfilled. We were big fans of the typical Tunisian stews from the tagine. If you like it less fancy, you’ll be surprised every day by the many cooking stations from freshly roasted fresh fish and pasta dishes to the many meat options. Also BBQ fans will get their money’s worth, since freshly grilled fish is offered daily. There’s also a large pool dinner on a regular basis, where all guests dine by the pool in the evening.

Expedition Time: Island Trip vs Sahara Sahara

Culture and excursion enthusiasts will also find varied offerings at the TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace. The day trips can be viewed and booked in the BLUE App . We did two excursions. On the second day after our arrival, we drove an off-road vehicle on a tour of Djerba. We went from the pottery operation with dromedaries in the front garden to the Guellala Museum and the so-called Djerbahood, a place of full of street art. If you fancy a longer tour and aren’t afraid to get up early, you should definitely book the Matmata Douz day trip. It’s just after sunrise on the Tunisian mainland, right in the Sahara. An oasis visit, as well as a stop in a Berber village and an original Star Wars shooting location, are unique. If you like, you can also ride through the desert on a camel. In any case, the vast desert landscapes and barren mountain deserts are more than impressive!

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